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Hey all. Today is the last day of puasa. I and Nini decided to ‘kemas’ our house a bit even though we are not really perfectionist as Liyana and Jiji in house cleaning 😛 It turns out to be ok tho. Haha. Sekam and Aju shops for ‘memasak’ malam raya. We going to have rendang ayam and kuah kacang with nasi impit on the raya morning, which is tomorrow 😀 Kak Jam is preparing a cheese cake right now. Nini and Shahul shops for raya shoes and samping. Puan Hashimah is going to ‘bakar lemang’ tonight, so does Makcik. We gonna have alot of foods later on. Haha.

the kuih raya...banyak kan =)

the kuih raya...banyak kan =)

I rest alot during most of the day. Haha. So much of study huh. Last night, i’ve finish study 1 chapter of Heat Transfer. Another 3 chapter to go. Havent started anything on Chemistry and Process Principle. Huhu. Hakim was with me all night long. Thanx Mi Novio. Nini went out to ‘sungkai’ at Park Everly Hotel, buffet style. I went to Muara with Mau, Chong, Shafiq Afifi and Miqdad.

On the sadness part, my mom call me early this morning. She told me that Ayah Busu had stroke yesterday evening. He’s in hospital right now. NOW, I REALLY WANNA GO HOME. I met him during my June holiday bah. Still sihat like he always do. I siap joke with him, asked him to come to Miri. He’s my mom’s brother. Their family have history of heart attack and stroke. I lost Ayah Long and Ayah Chik due to heart problem long time ago. Now, Ayah Busu had stroke. My mom even told me that Ayah Ngah is unwell too. Huhu. I just met all of them on my June holiday bah. I get really scared if any of my mom’s family get sick or something. I afraid that my mom will be affected later.


On the other hand, i am 70% sure that i will not go to celebrate raya in Brunei. Swan already finish most of the Heat Transfer Project Matlab coding. She asked me to figure out something else. Huhu. I need to sit at home and study. I know this sounds so silly but i guess i am going to do that. 1st day raya is enough for me.

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p/s: hope everything goes smoothly for this raya


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Hey all. It’s weekend again!. Yeay!. I have reason why i am happy. Done most of my major assignments.

PSA mid term – checked (the exam was really sucks. Careless! Idiota)

PP 2nd assignment – checked (harder compared to the 1st assignment)

Heat Transfer Lab – checked (not sleeping for whole nite to finish it with Larry)

Weekly Chem Lab and tutorials – checked (i hate this assignments)

On the other hand, i still be able to steal a tiny portion of my busy time to have fun and hanging out.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008Big dinner at Taman Awam. Steamboat. Nice crowd. Thanx to Sedut, the organizer. 35 people were there. Feels like happy family.

some of the people on that day (courtesy to Andy for the pic)

some of the people on that day (courtesy to Andy for the pic)

After all the suffering part, i had my relax time on Friday and Saturday.

Friday evening, 26 September 2008 – should go to Brunei with Mau and the troops but they wanted to go earlier. I havent finish my Chem lab yet. So, i have to pass. I went out to ‘sungkai’ with Kak Syu and Liyana at Rasa Segar. Ate ‘nasi lemak’ with fried chicken. After Isya’, went shopping with Nina and Syabil. Bought a pair of red kitten heels from Vincci at Bintang and a dress at Boulevard (courtesy from Syabil’s and Nina’s opinion). Had dessert at Desserts. I ate a simple vanilla cone ice cream because i am so not into desserts. Took a really ‘nice’ picture tho.



Went back home around 10 sumthing pm. ‘Lepak’ing myself at house of 22 until 3 am. Went back home and sleep soundly. Haha.

Saturday, 27 September 2008 – woke up due to a phone call from Curtin Housing. My parcel has arrived!. Yeay!. So freaking happy. Inside the box ada ‘Rendang Ayam’, ‘Daging Masak Kicap’, Kuih Raya’s and my ‘Baju Raya’. Haha. I was scared at 1st to try the ‘baju’ because takut sik muat bah even though i lost 4 kg during this ‘puasa’. But turns out to be wrong. Haha. Of coz the ‘baju’ muat with me. I diet for the baju u know. Will not gonna reveal it now. Tunggu raya ok. Hehe.

Well, most of my friends already went back to their hometown since Thursday. To all, i just wanna wish ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri’. Maaf Zahir n Batin.

This is my 2nd time raya di sitok. If u ask me, i REALLY wanna go home but…haih. I cant wait for the end of the semester. I wanna go home man.

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p/s: will post more stories later on okie 😉

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Dibawah adalah serba sedikit tentang diri saya.

SOALAN 1: 7 fakta tentang diri anda.

– saya HANYA ade seorg adik lelaki
– saya mewarisi sifat fizikal abah saya tetapi mentaliti dan emosi saya adalah seperti ibu saya
– saya sangat mudah jadi GEMUK!
– saya sangat suka berkhayal dan bermimpi
– saya seorg ulat buku 😀
– saya seorg yg mempunyai personaliti ESTJ
– saya sayang sume org yg sayang saya sebanyak mana mereka sayang saya 😀

SOALAN 2: Zaman persekolahan anda.

2(a) 5 tabiat buruk anda waktu di sekolah rendah.

– selalu ponteng skola agama…nama sentiasa naik dalam rekod skolah 😛
– suka dtg skola lambat…skola depan rumah…plus i’m assistant head prefect
– suka jalan2 skola…xde kerja
– basuh kasut gune mesin basuh…pemalas betul
– study last minute

2(b) 3 subject kegemaran anda disertakan dengan sebab

Kimia- the ability to make a new substance really facinates me

Sejarah – people learn from history to make a better future

Geografi – there are four seasons of weather but not all the places in the Earth experience it.

2(c) 3 subject bukan kegemaran disertakan dengan sebab

Bahasa Arab – too complicated on the grammar part
Pendidikan Seni – i am not an artistic person

Biologi – became my least favourite unit due to the teacher…haih

SOALAN 3: Tentang anda.

3(a) menarik pada kamu;

saya jarang tertido di dlm kelas walau mengantok mcm ane sekali pun

3(b) anda tak boleh hidup tanpa;

keluarga. duit. handphone. planner. (in order)

3(c) malam sebelum tidur siapa anda hubungi;

hmmm…usually i dont call anyone before sleep. but if i feel like wanna call sum1, it would be any of my scandal or my friends who i need to know the update of their life

7 manusia yang anda tag selepas ini.

– i dont have anyone in my mind right now…anyone should be ok 🙂


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Hey all. Weekend has just passed. At least for me. I REALLY NEED TO STUDY for PSA. Damn. Heat Transfer Lab Report and Chem Lab Report will due this Friday. Damn. Chem tutorial due this Wednesday. Damn. Damn. Damn.

Enough of the damn part.

Anyway, my weekend is a bit tiring plus i on my ‘vacation’ time (if u know what i mean 🙂 )

Saturday (20 September 2008)

CIS held the Grand Iftar. ABSOLUTELY GRAND. I mean the foods. Too many food for that night. Plus we expected 150 people to come but turns out to be less then 100. Can u imagine the amount of leftovers that we had? I had my job for the first time ever since my resignation took place early of this semester. Funny bah. There are some other people who can do the coordinator job better than me. I was planning not to come at first, due to the description of my job. So simple. Until i had my meeting with Kak Jameela. She told me that i’m in charge. I was thinking of going hiking with Nina and Larry. Huhu. But i had fun tho. It’s been a while since i have this type of commitment.

Sunday (21 September 2008)

Ground Zero match against Machanz. To me, this is one of the best game ever from GZ so far eventhough the score is 6-0. They are so energized for the 1st half. Machanz only scored 1 goal. But they cant make it for the 2nd half. Puasa ma. Even Hoe @ Megat Johan Iskandar Syah also ‘pancit’. WTF!. He supposed to be the most fit player on the field for my team. Haha. Anyway, KUDOS to the defenders side for the 1st half (Afiq, Hafiz, Amer and Koyot). Well played GZ. Our next game is after Raya. We will try our best ok 🙂

till next entry


p/s: i’ll be extremely busy. hope i still have time for blogging and Elven Bloods 😛


Current Mood: Missing my dearie friends 😦

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Hey all. Today, i just realise how much i miss my old friends. 2 of them furthered their studies overseas. Most of them is still here, in Malaysia. 1 thing that always get to their nerves is why they have to wait for a long time to meet me and have gathering even though i still in Malaysia. Haha. Funny bah. But i can’t do anything at all about that.

Me and Arina

Me and Arina

*Sharifah Arina Syed Muhd Hanafiah

She entered my circle of friends when i was in form 3. We had our Islamic class together. She is one of my most brilliantly genius friend. Scored 12A1 in her SPM. She was a heck of a girl. Seriously. If u dont really know her, u might think that she’s a bimbo. But it is TOTALLY NOT TRUE. She is one of the ‘IT’ girl if u can classify it that way. She leaving Malaysia for England. Manchester to be exact. A pharmachist going to be. Hope she is happy over there and all the best babe. Love u alot.

Me and Alia

Me and Alia

*Siti Nur Aliyah Zambri

She’s one of the earliest people that i met during my 1st time at SMK USJ 13. Since then, we became a really good friend. She’s one of the ‘IT’ girl and the brilliantly genius as well. If u dont really know her, u might think that she is snobbish. Leaving Malaysia for Ireland. Dublin to be exact. Gonna miss u alot babe. Havent see u for quite a time. All the best for everything u do. Love u alot.


p/s: I miss Gorgeous as well but he’s having a good time with someone else.


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Quick update on my life:

* LOST WEIGHT!. Haha. Another 3.5 kg more to go before i have my ‘maintainable’ weight 😛

* So into SLEEPING LATELY. Damn. I just can’t figure out what i wanna do even i have A LOT of WORKS to do. Huhu.

* Bumped into Nina this morning and Mea on the evening. I miss both of the girls. Nina, a childish 21 years old. I like to be around her. She always give me a really good aura. Mea, who is going to celebrate 1st year anniversary with her bf, is one of my best wing man. I trust her with all my secrets 🙂

till next entry


p/s: hope i shall get through this week with insanity. My weekend has been ‘raped’ away from me 😦

Stories =)

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What’s up everyone?. It’s been 10 days since the last update of my life. Haha. Nothing much actually.

I am going to have my busy week starting tomorrow. 2 weeks before free week, these are the list of my assignments.

1) PP 2nd Assignment – due 19 Sept 2008

2) Heat Transfer Lab Report – due 26 Sept 2008

3) PSA mid term – 23 Sept 2008

4) Chem mid term – 25 Sept 2008.

5) Chem Lab Report – weekly

A lot huh?. After free week, 1 mid term, 1 quiz and 2 project to due. All of these are practically my MAIN reason of not going back for Raya. My mom called just now. She really asked me whether i wanna go back for Raya or not. To tell u guys the truth, i REALLY WANNA GO BACK FOR RAYA. I mean seriously. But, all of these workload is started to kill me eh. Haha. Well, i asked for it huh.

On the other hand, i can’t remember a lot what i’ve been through for the past 10 days of puasa. I keep on missed my ‘terawih’ prayer. Huhu. Not good 😦

* opened fasting with Nina and her mother at Siamese Secret

* hanging out a lot at House of 22 due to housemates’ busy of tests

* Had the housemates night out last 2 days at Siamese Secret again

* Bought a cupcake from Coffee Bean for Gorgeous’s birthday. Thank God he liked it (Happy 21st Birthday)

I happened to be a bit emo lately due to myself. Funny right?. I know. Well, to tell u the truth, i played my game wrongly. I been too emotionally attach, which is not good for me. Haha. Gotta wake up and brush all that. Keep hoping it will turn out different 🙂

till next entry


p/s: Mom told that she going to parcel ‘kuih raya’ and my baju raya next week. Can’t wait 😛