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What’s up everyone?. It’s been 10 days since the last update of my life. Haha. Nothing much actually.

I am going to have my busy week starting tomorrow. 2 weeks before free week, these are the list of my assignments.

1) PP 2nd Assignment – due 19 Sept 2008

2) Heat Transfer Lab Report – due 26 Sept 2008

3) PSA mid term – 23 Sept 2008

4) Chem mid term – 25 Sept 2008.

5) Chem Lab Report – weekly

A lot huh?. After free week, 1 mid term, 1 quiz and 2 project to due. All of these are practically my MAIN reason of not going back for Raya. My mom called just now. She really asked me whether i wanna go back for Raya or not. To tell u guys the truth, i REALLY WANNA GO BACK FOR RAYA. I mean seriously. But, all of these workload is started to kill me eh. Haha. Well, i asked for it huh.

On the other hand, i can’t remember a lot what i’ve been through for the past 10 days of puasa. I keep on missed my ‘terawih’ prayer. Huhu. Not good 😦

* opened fasting with Nina and her mother at Siamese Secret

* hanging out a lot at House of 22 due to housemates’ busy of tests

* Had the housemates night out last 2 days at Siamese Secret again

* Bought a cupcake from Coffee Bean for Gorgeous’s birthday. Thank God he liked it (Happy 21st Birthday)

I happened to be a bit emo lately due to myself. Funny right?. I know. Well, to tell u the truth, i played my game wrongly. I been too emotionally attach, which is not good for me. Haha. Gotta wake up and brush all that. Keep hoping it will turn out different 🙂

till next entry


p/s: Mom told that she going to parcel ‘kuih raya’ and my baju raya next week. Can’t wait 😛


  1. Asfanz · September 15, 2008

    busy busy busy. wat da heck la kita ni. busy sgt2.

  2. abdusfauzi · September 17, 2008

    raya raya raya… :p

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