Current Mood: Extremely tired and busy

Current Song: Dua Dunia by Too Phat feat Datin Seri Siti Nurhaliza

Quick update on my life:

* LOST WEIGHT!. Haha. Another 3.5 kg more to go before i have my ‘maintainable’ weight 😛

* So into SLEEPING LATELY. Damn. I just can’t figure out what i wanna do even i have A LOT of WORKS to do. Huhu.

* Bumped into Nina this morning and Mea on the evening. I miss both of the girls. Nina, a childish 21 years old. I like to be around her. She always give me a really good aura. Mea, who is going to celebrate 1st year anniversary with her bf, is one of my best wing man. I trust her with all my secrets 🙂

till next entry


p/s: hope i shall get through this week with insanity. My weekend has been ‘raped’ away from me 😦

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