Current Mood: Missing my dearie friends 😦

Current Song: Missing You by Diana Ross

Hey all. Today, i just realise how much i miss my old friends. 2 of them furthered their studies overseas. Most of them is still here, in Malaysia. 1 thing that always get to their nerves is why they have to wait for a long time to meet me and have gathering even though i still in Malaysia. Haha. Funny bah. But i can’t do anything at all about that.

Me and Arina

Me and Arina

*Sharifah Arina Syed Muhd Hanafiah

She entered my circle of friends when i was in form 3. We had our Islamic class together. She is one of my most brilliantly genius friend. Scored 12A1 in her SPM. She was a heck of a girl. Seriously. If u dont really know her, u might think that she’s a bimbo. But it is TOTALLY NOT TRUE. She is one of the ‘IT’ girl if u can classify it that way. She leaving Malaysia for England. Manchester to be exact. A pharmachist going to be. Hope she is happy over there and all the best babe. Love u alot.

Me and Alia

Me and Alia

*Siti Nur Aliyah Zambri

She’s one of the earliest people that i met during my 1st time at SMK USJ 13. Since then, we became a really good friend. She’s one of the ‘IT’ girl and the brilliantly genius as well. If u dont really know her, u might think that she is snobbish. Leaving Malaysia for Ireland. Dublin to be exact. Gonna miss u alot babe. Havent see u for quite a time. All the best for everything u do. Love u alot.


p/s: I miss Gorgeous as well but he’s having a good time with someone else.

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