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Hey all. Weekend has just passed. At least for me. I REALLY NEED TO STUDY for PSA. Damn. Heat Transfer Lab Report and Chem Lab Report will due this Friday. Damn. Chem tutorial due this Wednesday. Damn. Damn. Damn.

Enough of the damn part.

Anyway, my weekend is a bit tiring plus i on my ‘vacation’ time (if u know what i mean 🙂 )

Saturday (20 September 2008)

CIS held the Grand Iftar. ABSOLUTELY GRAND. I mean the foods. Too many food for that night. Plus we expected 150 people to come but turns out to be less then 100. Can u imagine the amount of leftovers that we had? I had my job for the first time ever since my resignation took place early of this semester. Funny bah. There are some other people who can do the coordinator job better than me. I was planning not to come at first, due to the description of my job. So simple. Until i had my meeting with Kak Jameela. She told me that i’m in charge. I was thinking of going hiking with Nina and Larry. Huhu. But i had fun tho. It’s been a while since i have this type of commitment.

Sunday (21 September 2008)

Ground Zero match against Machanz. To me, this is one of the best game ever from GZ so far eventhough the score is 6-0. They are so energized for the 1st half. Machanz only scored 1 goal. But they cant make it for the 2nd half. Puasa ma. Even Hoe @ Megat Johan Iskandar Syah also ‘pancit’. WTF!. He supposed to be the most fit player on the field for my team. Haha. Anyway, KUDOS to the defenders side for the 1st half (Afiq, Hafiz, Amer and Koyot). Well played GZ. Our next game is after Raya. We will try our best ok 🙂

till next entry


p/s: i’ll be extremely busy. hope i still have time for blogging and Elven Bloods 😛

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  1. taz · September 23, 2008

    babe. ade tag lagi :p

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