Current Mood: Resting and preparing for Raya and 3 mid terms

Current Song: It Must Be Love – Roxette

Hey all. It’s weekend again!. Yeay!. I have reason why i am happy. Done most of my major assignments.

PSA mid term – checked (the exam was really sucks. Careless! Idiota)

PP 2nd assignment – checked (harder compared to the 1st assignment)

Heat Transfer Lab – checked (not sleeping for whole nite to finish it with Larry)

Weekly Chem Lab and tutorials – checked (i hate this assignments)

On the other hand, i still be able to steal a tiny portion of my busy time to have fun and hanging out.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008Big dinner at Taman Awam. Steamboat. Nice crowd. Thanx to Sedut, the organizer. 35 people were there. Feels like happy family.

some of the people on that day (courtesy to Andy for the pic)

some of the people on that day (courtesy to Andy for the pic)

After all the suffering part, i had my relax time on Friday and Saturday.

Friday evening, 26 September 2008 – should go to Brunei with Mau and the troops but they wanted to go earlier. I havent finish my Chem lab yet. So, i have to pass. I went out to ‘sungkai’ with Kak Syu and Liyana at Rasa Segar. Ate ‘nasi lemak’ with fried chicken. After Isya’, went shopping with Nina and Syabil. Bought a pair of red kitten heels from Vincci at Bintang and a dress at Boulevard (courtesy from Syabil’s and Nina’s opinion). Had dessert at Desserts. I ate a simple vanilla cone ice cream because i am so not into desserts. Took a really ‘nice’ picture tho.



Went back home around 10 sumthing pm. ‘Lepak’ing myself at house of 22 until 3 am. Went back home and sleep soundly. Haha.

Saturday, 27 September 2008 – woke up due to a phone call from Curtin Housing. My parcel has arrived!. Yeay!. So freaking happy. Inside the box ada ‘Rendang Ayam’, ‘Daging Masak Kicap’, Kuih Raya’s and my ‘Baju Raya’. Haha. I was scared at 1st to try the ‘baju’ because takut sik muat bah even though i lost 4 kg during this ‘puasa’. But turns out to be wrong. Haha. Of coz the ‘baju’ muat with me. I diet for the baju u know. Will not gonna reveal it now. Tunggu raya ok. Hehe.

Well, most of my friends already went back to their hometown since Thursday. To all, i just wanna wish ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri’. Maaf Zahir n Batin.

This is my 2nd time raya di sitok. If u ask me, i REALLY wanna go home but…haih. I cant wait for the end of the semester. I wanna go home man.

Till next entry


p/s: will post more stories later on okie 😉

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