Raya Preparation

Current Mood: Mix of happy and sadness

Current Song: Sesuci Lebaran by Datin Seri Siti Nurhaliza

Hey all. Today is the last day of puasa. I and Nini decided to ‘kemas’ our house a bit even though we are not really perfectionist as Liyana and Jiji in house cleaning 😛 It turns out to be ok tho. Haha. Sekam and Aju shops for ‘memasak’ malam raya. We going to have rendang ayam and kuah kacang with nasi impit on the raya morning, which is tomorrow 😀 Kak Jam is preparing a cheese cake right now. Nini and Shahul shops for raya shoes and samping. Puan Hashimah is going to ‘bakar lemang’ tonight, so does Makcik. We gonna have alot of foods later on. Haha.

the kuih raya...banyak kan =)

the kuih raya...banyak kan =)

I rest alot during most of the day. Haha. So much of study huh. Last night, i’ve finish study 1 chapter of Heat Transfer. Another 3 chapter to go. Havent started anything on Chemistry and Process Principle. Huhu. Hakim was with me all night long. Thanx Mi Novio. Nini went out to ‘sungkai’ at Park Everly Hotel, buffet style. I went to Muara with Mau, Chong, Shafiq Afifi and Miqdad.

On the sadness part, my mom call me early this morning. She told me that Ayah Busu had stroke yesterday evening. He’s in hospital right now. NOW, I REALLY WANNA GO HOME. I met him during my June holiday bah. Still sihat like he always do. I siap joke with him, asked him to come to Miri. He’s my mom’s brother. Their family have history of heart attack and stroke. I lost Ayah Long and Ayah Chik due to heart problem long time ago. Now, Ayah Busu had stroke. My mom even told me that Ayah Ngah is unwell too. Huhu. I just met all of them on my June holiday bah. I get really scared if any of my mom’s family get sick or something. I afraid that my mom will be affected later.


On the other hand, i am 70% sure that i will not go to celebrate raya in Brunei. Swan already finish most of the Heat Transfer Project Matlab coding. She asked me to figure out something else. Huhu. I need to sit at home and study. I know this sounds so silly but i guess i am going to do that. 1st day raya is enough for me.

till next entry


p/s: hope everything goes smoothly for this raya

One comment

  1. abdusfauzi · October 1, 2008

    selamat hari raya!

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