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Current mood: unsteady state condition with heat generation πŸ™‚

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Hey all. I just realise that i didn’t wish Malaysia a happy birthday. Happy 51st birthday Malaysia! (to be exact only for Tanah Melayu πŸ™‚ ).

Ramadhan is on right now. Its only been 4 days of fasting but i already miss my first ‘terawih’ prayer. Damn.

School stuff is less hectic this week. I just had my Chem Lab Report due and its done. Haha. I love friday without i have to think about it. Hehe. From next week onwards, its gonna be a hell for me. Heat Transfer project is already due. I get to be in group with the most hottest girl in the class and the best part is i’m the only Malay in the group. I don’t think that Miss Tan is trying to play with fire. Haha.

The other part of my life is pretty interesting because i get to do all the stuff that i wanna do. I have fun this week by just being normal and happy πŸ™‚

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Ramadhan Jokes

doa tahan puasa:

doa ini sesuai di baca di siang hari-

allahuma baringsana wabaringsini wadahlapar wamaumati
wamasukdapur belumada apapa walihat jam masihlama lagi wakena tahanlagi


selepas 5 minit kalau masih lapar

doa kedua

wataktahan wamakan


just a joke πŸ˜›

courtesy by Mohammed Ashraf Mohammed Sabri