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Current Mood: Missing my mom

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*My post gonna be personal today. Read it if u want to*

Yesterday night, i received a new from Asfan that one of my friend’s mom passed away due to stomach cancer. I was stunned when i heard the news. I’m speechless for a moment. Today, me and most of my friend went to my friend’s house for ‘kenduri tahlil’.

When i got the news, 1st thing that come to my mind is my mother. I just don’t know why lately i am so emotional towards anything that related to mother. I called my mother just now. Talk to her. Update her on what happen over here. To tell u the truth, i am scared of losing her. I wanna be by her side most of the time.

I was never really an emotional person before i came to Miri. I cried of coz. Miri teach me 1 thing for sure. Family. I’ve never been away from my family since i was a toddler. When i decided to go Miri, one of the reason is to be away from my mother becoz indirectly, i blame my mom for my breakup with Zarul. She doesn’t like him at 1st place. I remembered i told her that i wanna travel far away from her, so she wont be able to control my life. I wanna leave away from my family. I wanna proof to her that i can leave my life better without her becoz she always said that i will never forget all nagging towards me when i do sumthing wrong.

But, everything turns out to be different. I missed her badly. When i was at home, i usually quarrel with her becoz of our different prospective in some issues. I never agreed to most of her advices or thoughts. I was a very stubborn person, 1 of the characteristic that i inherited from her. She say sumthing to me in the phone just now. Why am i so worried about her, so cared about her when i was far away from her. When i was with her for my 18 years of life, i never cared that much for her. It really hit me just now.

I know i was never an obedient daughter to her. I am not like my brother. I had so much fight with her, sumtimes on small matters. When i remembered back, most of the fight happen becoz of me. I’m too stubborn and ego towards my mom. I wanna proof to her that i was right n she was wrong. I never thought being away from her makes me missed her alot.

One of the reason why i push myself so hard in my studies is becoz of her. She sacrifices everything for me and i never appreciate that when i was with her. I owned to her to be a better person in everything.

*Dear God, please protect my family wherever they are*



Current Mood: Thought about the last project and approaching nerding

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Hey all. Sorry for not updating anything for past few days. The wireless connection had problem. AGAIN. I have lost count on how many times i had encounter this problem. Yet, i do feel good about it because at least i can concentrate with my work. Haha.

Well, i dont know where i should start on the update. Let me think….hmmm…..just realize that the last time i updated about myself is 12 days ago. Haha. SO LONG AGO 😛

Nothing much i guess. Been busy with the assignments. Last Friday was the due day for Heat Transfer Project. I kinda felt unsatisfied with the project because i didnt know what’s going on, especially on the calculation and the coding part. THANK GOD that i have a very understanding group mates, BEN, SWAN and WINDY. Thanx alot u guys. If u reading this, just wanna say good job and it was a nice experience working with all of you 🙂

On the other hand, the football league. We lost. AGAIN. I cant barely accept this anymore. I know people keep on blaming me. I KNOW I AM NOT A GOOD MANAGER. That’s why i need Gapam besides me. But when Gapam said i made wrong, i was so down. Totally down for that particular match. So sorry 😦

My life still remain ordinary. Nothing unusual. Plain old me, which i love 🙂

Britney’s Womanizer video clip is out, the Director Cut version. Extremely sexy, naughty and bitchy.

Kata2 Pujangga dari Fariq =)

Current Mood: Pushing the limits of doing Heat Transfer Project

Current Song: Until The End of Time – Justin Timberlake

Hey all. I’ll update myself later k. This is something that Fariq wrote in the Notes Application of Facebook. It’s sounds nice tho. So, i think i should post it over here. Biar sume org tahu yg Fariq ni puitis orgnye. Haha. Enjoy it 🙂

It is my belief
that history is a wheel.

”Inconstancy is my very essence”
says the wheel.

”Rise up on my spokes if you like…

..but don’t complain when you’re
cast back down into the depths.”

”Good times pass away
but then so do the bad.”

”Mutability is our tragedy
but it’s also our hope.”

”The worst of times, like the best,
are always passin’ away.”

I know…

Britney’s New Song!

Check out Britney’s new single, ‘Womanizer’. It’s from her upcoming album, ‘Circus’ that shall be released on December 2, 2008 which will be her 27th birthday!.

Congratulation Bit-bit!. The official video music will release after the launching of the album. Totally cant wait. Hope the sounds as good as her 3rd album, Britney. I love that album. Very raw and energetic.


Current Mood: Chilling a bit after the horror week

Current Song: Wonderful by R Kelly feat Ja Rule and Ashanti

Hey all. Welcome back to everyone yg balik kampung during the week free. Hehe. How’s the holiday? Fun i hope.

Well, today, i just finish my ‘battle’ with 3 mid terms. This is the worst week ever for me. Too much too handle. Haha.

Physical Condition before exam: Cirit birit tahap cipan and Hot Fever plus Raya Mode 😀

Monday – Process Principle Mid term. 15%. 3 questions.

This is the reason why i think i should be a Chemist instead of Chemical Engineer. The test is not difficult but i haven’t really study on that unit. I only be able to answer the 1st question correctly, the other 2 was disasters. Huhu. Today, Dr Yudi discussed the questions with us. So fucking easy weh. Why la i been so stupid. Huhu. Really stress over this unit eh. I think i only get quarter %, just like my ES mid term last sem. May GOD bless me for my final.

Tuesday – Chemistry Mid term. 15%. 20 questions.

This is the only unit that does not give me a big headache. I can answer almost of the questions. A bit here and there on the organic part but overall, it is ok for me. I afraid that i might miscalculate for my physical part because of not enough time. Hopefully i dont. I know i did well. No regrets 🙂

Wednesday – Process Heat Transfer Quiz 2. 7.5%. 19 questions.

This is one of the horror unit. I got 7 out of 7.5% for the 1st Quiz. I was shocked when i saw the result. I never thought i can scored that much. Haha. I wanted to get better or at least the same mark as before but the quiz just now was hard. Too many theory. Huhu. I wish i can draw to answer some of the question because i didnt know how to explain. The final is gonna be more difficult than the quiz. May GOD bless me again on this unit.

That’s all for the pre-exam week. I have 2 major projects to be completed. PP Project due 2 weeks from now. Heat Project due next week. Chem Weekly Lab Reports, Tutorials and Quizzes. After that, FINALS!!!!!!!!

till next entry


p/s: I’ve checked my exam schedule. My exam is on the 1st week of the exam week, DIRECT DAYS. Damn!


Current Mood: Celebrating Raya with assignments and studies 🙂

Current Song: Kepulangan Yang Dinanti by Aman Shah

Hey world. Selamat Hari Raya. Happy Eid Mubarak. The day that we all should celebrate with joy and happiness.

As usual, it is my honour to report the raya celebration in Miri, for the second time.


On the way to Puan Hashimah’s house, we had minor accident. Stupid car. Sapa suruh follow dekat?. Bengong. Nini pissed off gile with the people who knocked the car. Huhu. Going to workshop on friday.

Dent and scratch...no worries, they pay for it

Dent and scratch...no worries, they pay for it

Went straight to Puan Hashimah’s house. ‘Sungkai’ di sia. Help her a bit in the kitchen. A lot of hilarious accident. Haha. After Puan’s house, we went to Makcik house’s. Help her cleaning up her house and ‘pasang’ the curtain for raya. Drilling and cleaning while eating Cheese cake 🙂

-Miqdad- one of the drilling and hammering sessions.

-Miqdad- one of the drilling and hammering sessions.

After all the dirty work, me, Sekam, Shafiq Afifi and Miqdad went back to the guys’ house to cook ‘rendang ayam’ for the morning raya dish. Haha. For the 1st time, i learnt how to ‘basuh’ ayam. So embarrasing man. At last, i asked Shafiq Afifi to do that. Haha. Went back to my room around 2 am.


Woke up around 7 am. Ironed my baju raya. The guys came to my house and ate a bit of the dishes offered on the table. Went to Masjid Lutong for Raya prayer. Another funny thing happpen over there. The mosque was full when we arrived there especially the ladies part. So, adela this one uncle asked us to clear the stage and pray on the stage. Haha. Nini and i really do that. Can u believe it? We prayed on the stage!.

These are the list of the houses we went on the morning of raya.

1) Puan Hashimah

2) Makcik

3) Faizah and Amrah

4) Abang Ipin

5) Kak Ruby

6) Hafiz Terengganu

7) Abang Hafizth

8) Kak Ham

9) Makcik Kak Ham

10) Makcik Lenjan

*the list above are in order*

Rumah Makcik

Rumah Makcik

Rumah Kak Ruby

Rumah Kak Ruby

With Apiz at Makcik House...i'm all red this time =)

With Apiz at Makcik House...i'm all red this time =)

With Amrah...2nd last house

With Amrah...2nd last house

Can u image our morning raya? Terubat jugak la luka x balik raya. More happening compared to last raya. Hehe. Went back home around 10.30 pm. Entertained Vicky, Tim and Alia, my neighbours, datang untuk beraya 🙂 Slept around 1.30 am.

For the second day of raya, i was not with the crew. I need to study. Huhu.

That’s all from me folks. Selamat Hari Raya 🙂

p/s: more pics will be posted in Sekam’s facebook and Kak Jameela’s friendster…i hope..hehe…btw, my uncle dah ok…alhamdullilah 🙂