The waited day

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Hey people. Sunday is the most waited day for me because of the reunion! Really can’t wait to make this thing happen. huhu. Hopefully it will turned out to be one of the most memorable day for everyone who go 😀


Woke up at 10 am. Went shopping with Iskandar and Fadzrel. Brought alot of stuff for the biggest reunion. After that, delegated some of the stuff to Ain Ketot, Dinash the 6 Cekap class monitor, Iskandar the Head Perfect and me, the Assistant Head Perfect. Class of 2000. hehe.

After all that, i met my old time best friend, Syazana.

syazana & me


She was with me through out my whole primary school time. My classmate of ‘Agama’ school for 6 years. One of the person that see the real me and stay by me for most of the time. We fought once or twice but still remains good friend till today. Updates some stuffs with her. Its good to see her again. Seriously. Miss her alot.

till tomorrow, the biggest day ever


holiday greetings uno

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Hey all. Today is the 2nd day of my holiday in Shah Alam. Everything is just seem to be the same as always. Nothing much different that i can observes.

Wednesday, i had my fun time with mi familia. I feels like its been a long time since i come home. Haha. At first, i thought my parents forget about my flight but turned out that they were not at their usual waiting place when they picked me at the airport. My mom teased me about the dress i wore. My dad said i should not wear dress. Like i care what he says. Haha. My brother commented about my heels. This is what usually happen when i get back to KL but i don’t actually take it seriously. Hehe. Family dinner at Subway.

Thursday, woke up at 10 AM! Can u guys believe it? 10 AM. A bit early for my wake up time. Hehe. I washed the cloths (using washing machine of coz) and bought lunch since my brother skipped his class that day. 3pm, had my reunion meeting. Priceless. Most of my friends were there. So good to see most of them. Will meet them again this sunday. Totally can’t wait 🙂

Friday, private meeting with Iskandar at Secret Recipe. Actually, i need to see 2 people over there. Our friend, Syahrina and my friend, Hisham @ Maya. Syahrina was off today, so i got to meet Maya only. It’s been a while since my last met him. Almost 1 year i guess. Can’t remember the last time i met him but i remembered the 1st time. He came to my open house. Miss that guy actually. I was not so close to him when i was with Zarul coz he told me not to be too close to Maya.

till next entry


The end and the beginning of life

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Hey people! by the time u reading this, i have 8 hours to go before my ass touch down at KLIA. Pray for my journey ya.

My Miri day ended today. To my surprise, i think i’m gonna miss Miri. I find it very comfortable here. Besides i can do whatever i want that i WILL NOT DO back in Shah Alam, Miri provided me with some zen that i looking for all this while. I guess destiny brings me here.

Well, the very last day of Miri ended with fun and enjoy moment. Monday nite, me, Liyana, Kerol, Amer, Syepah, Miera, Sekam, Aju, Shahul, Faez Harun and Kenx had our late nite dinner of spaghetti and ‘cucur ikan bilis’. Before that, Kak Syu came to my messy house with Asha. Late nite dinner started around 12 sumthing if i’m not mistaken. After that, we played games. I can’t recall our 1st game but the 2nd game was Charade. That game was awesome! Believe me. Me, Liyana, Kerol, Aju & Shahul in 1 team whereas the other in another team. The host for the game is Kenx. Nude host as Kerol said (he wanted to say noob actually). For sure i had fun during that game. The most outstanding person during the game was Amer. He was really cool eh. Tak gabra pun. Chill je. He made it simple for his group. But, then again, my group was better. hehe. We won by time taken. Huhu. A really nice nite i would say.

Now, reflection of the semester.

I know i been saying this in most of my post on this semester but believe me, this sem is MY MOST LAZY SEM EVER!.

1st, i learned to cut class more than i ever did for my 2 years of uni life.

2nd, my priority was what i want to do instead of what i need to do.

3rd, i love my units but i know i didnt push myself to the limits. This was the main reason if i fail any of my units this sem. I HOPE I DON’T. Dear God, i know i been selfish lately. I just wanna pass this semester. That’s all.

4th, for once, i dont really have love problem this semester, which is weird but cool because i got more time to think abt anything else. The sad part was

  • Mi Novio finally found a girl that he likes
  • Gorgeous as well found a girl that can replace his ex
  • Cayang does not reply any of my calls and msges, which is weird unless he already find sum1
  • Baby being baby as he always does. I dont think we gonna keep in touch again after my last call to him, which is good i hope. haha
  • Sweetheart was such a sweet person this sem, even treat me to the Starbucks.
  • Darling…well, i see him everyday. Getting tired of that. haha. No la. Good to have him with me this sem.

End of reflection.

My 3 month holiday is going to be fun i hope. Meeting for primary school reunion on 27th November. Hang out with my dearie brother at OU on 28th November. Shopping for reunion’s foods on 29th November. Reunion on 30th November. Start working 1st Disember. Qayum’s sister wedding 13th Disember.

till next entry


A black man joke

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A Black man walks into a cafe one early morning and noticed that he was the only black man there. As he sat down, he noticed a white man behind him. The white man said, ‘Coloured people are not allowed here.’

The black man turned around and stood up. He then said:

‘When I was born, I was black, ‘
‘When I grew up, I was black, ‘
‘When I’m sick, I’m black, ‘
‘When I go in the sun, I’m black, ‘
‘When I’m cold, I’m black, ‘
‘When I die, I’ll be black.’
‘But you, sir…’

‘When you’re born, you’re pink, ‘
‘When you grow up, you’re white, ‘
‘When you’re sick, you’re green, ‘
‘When you go in the sun, you turn red, ‘
‘When you’re cold, you turn blue, ‘
‘And when you die, you’ll turn purple.’
‘And you have the nerve to call me colored?’

The black man then sat back down and the white man walked away

p/s: I AM NOT RACIST. this is simply a joke 🙂

how i killed my 7 days

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hey people. how’s everyone doing? Must be damn happy rite coz the exams are finally over for most of u guys. I guess everyone is preparing to go home and have the home fun right? For sure, i can’t wait for my flight (if my dad remember to buy the ticket). Have fun packing ya 🙂

Well, i just realized that i already finished 7 out of my 12 days of waiting to go home! What a suprise. Time flies so fast eh 🙂 Now, i wanna let u guys know what i do for the 7 days.

Sunday night, hangout with Tompoq. I cant remember what time exactly does he came to my room. Should be around 12 sumthing am till 4 sumthing am. We just chat the whole nite, the routine that he and i usually have before one of us went back home. Never miss it every single sem. Mostly we talked abt the problems we had and the reflection of the semesters. This time was better coz i had 2 classes with him and both of the unit’s final was sucks.

Tuesday night, dinner with Mia and Ezuan. A routine as well. Mia will always asked me to hangout with her and the bf b4 she go back to Kuching. Updated most of the stories. After dinner, we went to the cinema, watched Madagascar 2. Hilarious man. Should watch it if u have time. On the way back home, we encountered an accident in front of the Bintang junction traffic light. The car just ramped over the traffic light. Not really the ending i wish for that night. On the way home, Mia called Abby. All the house’s people went to Soho for Dinesh, Azfar and Hoe farewell celebration. Ezuan decided to go, so all of us went back to the house, Ezuan changed from slipper to shoe and Soho, here we come. We had fun. Then, went to Rasa Segar for really late supper. Back to my room around 5 am.

dinesh, danny, hoe, shanon

dinesh, danny, hoe, shanon

me, abby, mia, azfar

me, abby, mia, azfar

Wednesday evening, dinner with Kak Syuhada. I thought its gonna be the others as well. Turn out its only me and Kak Syu. Actually, i’m abit shy when i’m with her only. This sem was the worst i guess coz i missed alot of my ‘usrah’ time. Most of the time due to my overslept time aftr when back from classes or due to the assignments and stuff. I wish i had more time for usrah next sem. Somehow, the usrah provided me with different prospective in life. Sumtimes, its kind of brainwash for me to remember my root and my faith. Thanx alot Kak Syu 🙂

Most of my time, i finished it by watching my favourite tv series of all or sleeping like a polar bear. 2 of my favourite things to do for the time being 🙂


that’s all for now

till next entry


p/s: i am so lazy to pack my stuffs…still looking for my Giancolli Physics book. Dear God, help me to remind where i put that white book 😦

handwriting analysis

Handwriting Analysis&lt

The results of your analysis say:

You plan ahead, and are interested in beauty, design, outward appearance, and symmetry.
You are a shy, idealistic person who does not find it easy to have relationships, especially intimate ones.
You are diplomatic, objective, and live in the present.
You are a talkative person, maybe even a busybody!
You are self-confident and like to bring attention to yourself.


I love the time and in between

the calm inside me

in the space where I can breathe

I believe there is a distance I have wandered

To touch upon the years of

reaching out and reaching in

holding out holding in

I believe

this is heaven to no one else but me

and I’ll defend it as long as I can be

left here to linger in silence

if I choose to

would you try to understand

I know this love is passing time

passing through like liquid

I am drunk in my desire

I love the way you smile at me

I love the way your hands reach out and hold me near