Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

Current Mood: Worrying about the future

Current Song: Sesuatu Janji by Taufik Batisah

Hey people! How’s everyone doing? Good i hope. To all my dearie Petronasian, selamat pergi OBS okie πŸ˜‰

Well, nothing much about me lately.

All my dearie friends dah masuk uni dah. Just me right now. Thank goodness i still have Fairous, Iskandar and Alem to accompany me over here. Fairous balik almost every week. Iskandar at Subang Airport n Alem x start belajar lg πŸ˜€

Works pretty hectic lately due to the end of years stuff. Need to check stocks (the worst part ever). But, i shall have my holiday on 31st December and 1st January. Talk about holiday, i’ve received my 1st ever cheque today. My paycheck! hehe. Can’t wait to go shopping πŸ˜€

Today, i think i help Kak Jam to get over her problems. Banyak tu. Believe me. Too much for me la her problem. I am sworn under secrecy not to reveal any details πŸ™‚

Now, i shall review my 2008.

Family: Nothing much. My basic family is at their best. They are my foundation to all my good behaviors. The bad ones come from myself and how i want my life to be outside from their guidance. My brother went to Kuching for his PLKN. Got 7 A’s for his SPM result. Got scholarship to do Engineering at UIA but turned it down because ‘Akak boleh masuk IPTS, nape adik xleh plak?’ Currently, doing his A level at KBU, 1st exam on 9 January 2009. My mom and my dad is the usual parents. Wanna make sure their children gets everything they want. Trying hard to provide the necessary πŸ™‚

Study: 1st semester was awesome! EFPD was the best! ES and Programming sucks but i manage to get the results i want in both of the units. Got another Letter of Commendation for the 3rd time. Hectic but loving it. The end of 1st year :-). 2nd semester was the WORST semester i ever had in Curtin by far. The WORST result. The WORST of everything. For the 1st time ever, i got 5 in my result. A 5!. 5 = me right now = sucks! 😦

Life: Ups and downs. Here n there.

Prediction for 2009.

Family: wanna have them with me all the time. Wish all the happiness and joy and healthy and everything nice to abah, ibu and pupul.


Life: i won’t ask for smooth rides becausee i know i am gonna hit few bumps in the road and that gives my life a really nice and learing journey. I love the bumps. I hope nothing related to love life. Wanna focus on getting back on the track. Gonna be 21. 

till then end of 2008 and the awaken of 2009

love always,


lawak otak kuning

Current Mood: I wanna break from my working day 😦

Current Song: Rehab by Rihanna

I got this jokes from a dearie friend of mine, Izzat. Tell u the truth, when i go through the questions, i was a bit ‘otak kuning’ jugak la. Haha. Have fun with the jokes, people πŸ™‚

Seorang guru, Cikgu Murni (Umur: 22) menghadapi masalah dengan salah seorang muridnya (Abu). Lalu guru ini bertanya kepada murid tersebut : “Apa sebenarnya masalah awak, Abu?”

Lalu Abu menjawab, “Saya terlalu cerdik untuk berada di darjah 4, kakak saya menduduki UPSR dan saya lebih cerdik dari dia, maka saya seharusnya berada di tempat yang sama juga!”.

Cikgu Murni dah tak tertahan. Dia bawa Abu ke pejabat pengetua. Sementara Abu menunggu di ruang tamu, Cikgu Murni terangkan keadaan tersebut kepada pengetua. Pengetua mengatakan yang dia akan berikan ujian kepada Abu dan jika Abu gagal menjawab, maka Abu harus kekal di darjah 3 dan berkelakuan baik. Abu dibawa masuk ke pejabat Pengetua dan Cikgu Murni terangkan pada Abu dan Abu bersetuju untuk ambil ujian yang akan diberikan.

Pengetua: Apa 3 x 3?
Abu: 9
Pengetua: Apa 6 x 6?
Abu: 36

Pengetua terus bertanyakan soalan2 berdasarkan tahap pencapaian murid2 UPSR dan si Abu mampu menjawab tiap soalan yang diberikan. Lalu pengetua memandang Cikgu Murni dan berkata, “Saya rasa murid ini sepatutnya berada di darjah 6”, Lalu Cikgu Murni berkata pada pengetua, “Saya ada soalan saya sendiri, boleh tak saya ajukan pada Abu?”. Pengetua dan Abu bersetuju.

Cikgu Murni: Apa yang lembu ada 4 di badan, tapi saya cuma ada dua?
Abu: (berfikir) Kaki

Cikgu Murni: Apa yang ada di dalam seluar kamu tapi tidak pada seluar saya?
Abu: Saku

Cikgu Murni: Apa yang bermula dengan huruf “K” akhir dengan “A”, ianya berbulu, berbentuk oval, nyaman dan mengandungi lapisan nipis keputihan?
Abu: Kelapa

Cikgu Murni: Apakah yang masuk keras dan berwarna “pink”, bila keluar lembik dan melekit?

Mata Pengetua terbuka luas dan sebelum sempat dia menahan, siAbu terus menjawab.

Abu: Gula-gula getah (Bubblegum)

Cikgu Murni: Apa yang mereka lakukan, lelaki secara berdiri, wanita secara duduk dan anjing secara tiga kaki?

Mata Pengetua sekali lagi terbuka sangat2 luas dan sebelum dia sempat hendak menahan si Abu terus menjawab.

Abu: Bersalaman

Cikgu Murni: Baik, sekarang saya akan ajukan soalan berbentuk siapakah saya, okay?
Abu: Baik Cikgu

Cikgu Murni: Awak memasukkan batang kedalam saya. Awak ikat saya untuk saya berdiri. Saya kebasahan sebelum awak.

Pengetua kelihatan resah dengan soalan yang diajukan oleh Cikgu Murni.

Abu: Khemah

Cikgu Murni: Jari memasuki saya. Awak menggesel-gesel saya bila awak teringatkan saya. Lelaki idaman akan mendapat saya dahulu.

Pengetua semakin resah dan tidak selesa. Lantas terus meneguk segelas Nescafe 3in1.

Abu: Cincin perkahwinan

Cikgu Murni: Saya ada bermacam-macam saiz. Bila saya sakit saya akan meleleh. Bila saya keluar, banyak tisu yang akan digunakan. Bila awak hembuskan saya, akan berasa lega.

Sekali lagi pengetua rasa amat resah dengan soalan yang di ajukan oleh Cikgu Murni dan ingin membantah, tapi si Abu mendahuluinya.

Abu: Hidung

Cikgu Murni: Saya batang yang keras. Hujungnya tajam. Saya akan datang dan masuk dengan lajunya.
Abu: Anak panah

Cikgu Murni: Sekarang saya akan ajukan soalan dalam Bahasa Inggeris, okay?
Abu: Okay

Cikgu Murni: What word starts with a ‘F’ and end in ‘K’ that means lot of heat and excitement?
Abu: Firetruck

Cikgu Murni: What word starts with a ‘F’ and ends in ‘K’ & if you dont get it you have to use your hand.
Abu: Fork

Cikgu Murni: What is it that all men have one of. It’s longer on some men than on others, the pope does not use his, and a man gives it to his wife after they are married?
Abu: Surname

Cikgu Murni: What part of the man has no bones but has muscles, lots of veins and loves pumping?
Abu: Heart

Pengetua menghembuskan nafas kelegaan bila mendengar jawapan yang diberikan oleh si Abu, lantas berkata “Baik hantar murid ini ke Universiti Malaya; jawapan yang saya fikirkan semuanya salah”.

P/s: Jika jawapan anda semua salah, anda adalah sama spesies dengan pengetua yang mempunyai pemikiran kuning…..hehehe

holiday greeting trois

Current Mood: Unstable yet happy

Current Song: One Step At A Time by Jordin Sparks

Hey all. Its been a while since i write a full post. I love quickie version. Simple. Hehe.

Well, today’s post will contain A LOTS of pictures since i’m abit lazy to write a really good post. Haha. Will go on some details on the pics later on ya πŸ™‚

Start of with few pics of my dearie lil brother. Using my phone to take pics of his new hair. Changed twice. His geeky PDA O2 Xda IIs camera can’t beat my Sony E W800i 2 MP. Haha. He ‘bajet’ handsome + macho la in all the pic below. Haha. Thank goodness i only have 1 brother. Imagine have 10 like this type, mati wooo…=P

rare smile from him

rare smile from him

kudos to me...haha

kudos to me...haha

rambut balung ayam

rambut balung ayam

poser + messy = my brother

poser + messy = my brother

Next, my cat eating red bean ice-cream. She’s a Persian. Like to play with tikar mengkuang. Haha.

Miko and my mom's ice cream

Miko and my mom's ice cream

This really remind me of Saha, my other cat eating durian.

cat like durian?

cat like durian?

And my other cat, Melly drinking milk from bottle by herself

she's cute aite? RIP Melly

she's cute aite? RIP Melly

Qayum’s sister wedding. The theme colour is Green. My mom’s favourite. The dishes is ok la coz i’m not an avid fan of traditional wedding cuisine. Qayum found himself a new gf, which i like, judging by my 1st impression. She’s friendly compared to that bitch, Linda. Haha. But Linda is more beautiful compared to Murni, the new gf. Well, i dont think its matter to Qayum anymore. Its more like settling down and find someone that is good enough for him. Hmmm. In other news, Fairous already has a new bf and already broke up with the new bf. Silly much? Nah. Mixed up feeling i guess. She likes the new guy but maybe she misinterpret it as love. Fidot told me that he supposed to go to Middle East country before puasa but due to passport and visa, he missed the opportunity. Huhu. He even told me, he might get the chance back, maybe end of this year or early next year. He’s a chef btw. Already booked him for my wedding, which like another gazillion years to come. Haha. I HATE ALEM that day becoz at 1st, he told me that he might not go to the wedding. Turned out that he came to the wedding with….guess who? ZARUL! Ish. I think that’s the reason why he didnt wanna tell me at the 1st place. Well, he’s forgiven. Haha. I sesat due to my stupid big EGO. Haha.

the only pic of that day

the only pic of that day

One of my co-worker is going to quit his job by the end of December. I’m gonna fully utilise him until his last day over there. Haha. Nyaman juak membuli nya.

M Kumaresan =D

nickname: M Kumaresan =D

I love my parents nowdays. They just being abit laid back. Sebab dah tua kot. Not really. Haha. My dad will be 45 next year whereas my mom will be 44. Not really that old right?

mi madre and mi padre

mi madre and mi padre

The product that my company sell, the GC Dental product, they have a puppet to give away. They are so cute u know.

so cute!!!!

so cute!!!!

This remind me of a pic that i saw over at Citrus during my Engineer Nite Out.


Last Friday, hangout with Ben team’s at their dilapidated basketball court. The rival of my 46 Slayerz. My team should be having a match against them but somehow, i can’t manage to find a really suitable time for both side. Huhu. The unusual me.

one of the almost perfect team

one of the almost perfect team

I was amused by the MINI Cooper that i saw during the lunch time with my boss and co-workers.

PHT 4646

check out the plate number

PHT = Process Heat Transfer. My favourite unit for this semester. 46, terbalikkan u’ll get 64, my mark for that unit.

until next entry


p/s: Long much my post? Haha. Sorry. Peer-pressured by Abby coz her post usually long and lots of pics πŸ˜€

Love Break Love Full Playlist

  1. Aku Bukan Untukmu – ROSSA
  2. All My Life – KC & JOJO
  3. All The Love In The World – THE CORRS
  4. Andai – DIA FADILA
  5. Angel Of Mine – MONICA
  6. Atas Nama Cinta – ROSSA
  7. Beautifully Broken – ASHLEE SIMPSON
  8. Becaused You Loved Me – CELINE DION
  9. Berhenti Berharap – SHEILA ON 7
  10. Bicara Manis Menghiris Kalbu – DATUK SITI NURHALIZA
  11. Bila April – FAZLEY
  12. Broken – SEETHER feat AMY LEE
  13. Buat Sang Puteri – SPIDER
  14. Cintamu – DYGTA feat IRA
  15. Cobalah Untuk Setia – KRIS DAYANTI
  16. Could I Have This Kiss Forever – WHITNEY HOUSTON & ENRIQUE IGLESIAS
  17. Cradle – ATOMIC KITTEN
  18. Crazy – KC & JOJO
  19. Dangerously In Love – BEYONCE KNOWLES
  20. Dari Kekasih Kepada Kekasih – HATTAN
  21. Dealova – ONCE
  22. Do You – NE-YO
  23. Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know – BRITNEY SPEARS
  24. Elergi Sepi – AZHARINA
  25. Everywhere I Go – KATHARINE McPHEE
  26. Far Away – NICKELBACK
  27. Foolish – ASHANTI
  28. From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart – BRITNEY SPEARS
  29. Gantung – MELLY GOESLOW
  30. Gone – N’SYNC
  31. Halaman Cinta – MISHA OMAR
  33. Hanya Kau Yang Mampu – AIZAT
  34. Harapan – FAZLI ZAINAL
  35. Hate That I Love You – RIHANNA feat NE-YO
  36. Hati Terluka – BILLY ZULKARNAIN
  37. Have You Ever? – BRANDY
  39. I Believe – TATA YOUNG
  40. I Promise – STACIE ORRICO
  41. I Surrender – CELINE DION
  42. I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You – MARC ANTHONY & TINA ARENA
  43. If I Ain’t Got You – ALICIA KEYS
  44. I’m Gonna Be Alright – JENNIFER LOPEZ feat 50 Cent
  45. Impossible – CHRISTINA AGUILERA
  46. Insatiable – DARREN HAYES
  47. Izin Ku Pergi – KAER
  48. Jangan Pisahkan – PHYNE BALLERZ
  49. Janji Manismu – Terry
  50. Jera – AGNES MONICA
  51. Jika Kau Kekasih – LINDA NANUWIL
  52. Jujur – RADJA
  53. Kekasih Gelapku – UNGU
  54. Kenangan Terindah – SAMSONS
  55. Kesetiaan – SITI SARAH
  56. Kesilapanku Keegoanmu – DATUK SITI NURHALIZA
  57. Lacrymosa – EVANESCENCE
  58. Lithium – EVANESCENCE
  59. Loving Me 4 Me – CHRISTINA AGUILERA
  60. Maha Karya Cinta – FAIZAL TAHIR
  61. Memori Luka – HEADWIND
  62. Menanti Sebuah Jawaban – PADI
  63. Mengapa Perpisahan Yang Kau Pinta – FLYBAITS
  64. Menunggumu – PETERPAN
  65. Mimpi Yang Tak Sudah – IBNOR REZA
  66. Mungkir Bahagia – HAZAMI
  67. My All – MARIAH CAREY
  68. My Baby You – MARC ANTHONY
  69. My Boo – USHER feat ALICIA KEYS
  70. My Heart – THE PERISHERS
  71. Never Again – KELLY CLARKSON
  72. Never Ever – ALL SAINTS
  73. Over – LINDSAY LOHAN
  74. Pintaku Yang Terakhir – DAYANG NURFAIZAH
  75. Running Away – MIDNIGHT HOUR
  76. Salahkah Ku – THE MUFFINS
  77. Salam Untuk Kekasih – NADIA
  78. Selamat Tinggal – BROERY MARANTIKA
  79. Selfish – N’SYNC
  80. Semua Tentang Kita – PETERPAN
  81. Sepi Sekuntum Mawar Merah – ELLA
  82. So Far Away – STAIND
  83. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word – BLUE feat ELTON JOHN
  84. Stuck – STACIE ORRICO
  85. Tak Bisa Memilih Mu – 6IXTH SENSE
  86. Takkan Ada Cinta Yang Lain – DATUK SITI NURHALIZA feat AHMAD DHANI from DEWA 19
  87. Tangisan Dalam Kerinduan – FARAH
  88. Tercipta Untukku – UNGU
  89. Unbreak My Heart – TONI BRAXTON
  90. Unbreakable – WESTLIFE
  91. Wait For You – ELLIOT YAMIN
  92. Warkah Berlagu Pilu – FELIX
  93. What Am I To You – NORAH JONES

p/s:Β  the bold part is my all time favourite. I know all the songs are quite old.

3rd Quickie

Works are killing me…haha…but i like it coz it makes me super busy and super tired. I only have 5 to 10 minutes to dream about sumthing before i doze off like a ‘kenyang’ bear…hehe..

I am still in my pathetic mood but not so much of it as the day i wrote my last post. Still keep on listening to ‘Love Break Love’ playlist. Right now, i dont know where this love/hatred feelings is going to take me, but i DO HOPE that i am prepared enough to face the challenge once again.

People say time does heal the wounds. In my case, i dont think so. Is it because i’m the one who still digging out the old memories or i cant face the fact that he is not mine anymore?

YOU tell me, reader πŸ™‚

Its been almost 3 years..

Current mood: Reminiscing the old memories more than i ever did

Current song(s): lists are as below.

It’s been almost 3 years since my FIRST EVER BREAK UP and i still like to announce it to the world. Haha. I feel like so pathetic right now. Seriously. Part of me really hate the person i have become after the break up. The other half of me still like the comfort zone that i have been for the past 3 years (almost).

It’s been almost 3 years since Zarul left me.

I know i should not indulge my old memories. This is ONE & ONLY REASON why i hate going back to Shah Alam. The memories of him. At my house, in his car till our favourite evening spot, i can only see him. Am i crazy because still has this feeling after a long time? YOU tell me.

I never thought my first love will end u know. I NEVER REALLY PREPARED for this situation. I always tease him about breaking up and so, but never really picture that it will happen one day. Well, its already happen. Almost 3 years now 😦

I seriously wonder. Am i the problem in this story? I want him to be my friend but he has made the promise to his new gf that he will not contact any of his ‘ex’es. As far as i know, he only contact me and Wani. He tagged me as the ex gf. I know i’ve been in his life for a while. Give me a space. I want u to be my friend and that’s it. NOTHING MORE & NOTHING LESS.

He WAS A REALLY NICE GUY. Even though my mom and my brother think that i have no taste when i chose him as my bf, it was something about him that sparked my interest to get to know him more, to be part of his life. Tell me is there any guys out there that still sticked with u for almost 1 year after the break up? Zarul does. MAIN REASON why i can’t hate him. People always said to me, just think about something that makes u hate ur ex, than live with that feeling. U can get over him. My problem is I DONT HAVE ANY REASON TO HATE HIM despite the fact that he’s the one who breaking up with me. I consider the break up as what he should have done during that time. To whoever know the reason of why the break up occured, just keep it to urself. To whoever wanted to know, i am SICK enough to repeat the story over and over again.

I think i already forgive him for breaking up with me but i WILL NOT FORGET IT! EVER! I think that’s why i keep on babbling about it every time i thought about what happen.

The truth is, the day he started to leave me completely is the day i go crazy. Emotional crazy. and the day i start to destroy myself. Pieces by pieces. I wont go for the details. Too personal for me. All u people should know that Rahilah @ Hill that u see today is WAY DIFFERENT from the old her. Seriously. All of this happen because of a guy. Yeah, Rahilah is not strong enough as u can see her. She’s loud, happy and bubbly. Sometimes, cold and heartless and emotionaless. But the fact is, she’s dead inside. Long time ago.

Its not that i dont try to leave him out from my life. I TRIED. So many times. I tried to like a guy. Well, many guys actually. Started with Sayang, Mi Novio, Gorgeous, Cayunk, Cayang, Sweetheart, Honey…too many to list down. Believe me. I tried but i’ve BEEN REJECTED. All of them. They might not be the right person for me i guess. Later, i realized why i need to have all the man when all i need is one. Him. God, u make it too complicated for me.

I HOPE after i finish writing this post, i shall be able to put everything that happen behind me. Let bygone be bygone. I can’t handle this part anymore. My priority shall be given to family and friends that i know will always, always be there for me. Without fail.

thank you for your time.

List of the songs that on my playlist during the period of writing this post. I called it ‘Love Break Love’

  • Tak Bisa Memilihmu – SIXTH SENSE
  • Hanya Kau Yang Mampu – AIZAT
  • Why Do I Feel So Sad & If I Ain’t Got You – ALICIA KEYS
  • Never Ever – ALL SAINTS
  • Foolish – ASHANTI
  • Beautifully Broken – ASHLEE SIMPSON
  • Cradle – ATOMIC KITTEN
  • Elergi Sepi – AZHARINA
  • Dangerously In Love – BEYONCE KNOWLES

* i just realize i have 40 plus songs…my lazyness takes the toll of me this time. haha πŸ˜›

p/s: i know i should talk abt Qayum sister’s wed but i cant find the mood to write abt it. Will do next time. Seeing Zarul again after almost 1 year, makes me nervous. He still the only person that gives me the butterfly effect. No one else can. Still looking gorgeous as always and already being a person that i always wanted him to be. I bumped into his family as well. Thank God Mak still remember me. Abah pun. Zira dah besar. Nurul and Ayeep as well. Izah, his most cutest sister is going to primary school next year. Time flies so fast. I dont even realize it πŸ™‚

p.p/s: Awkward and happy yet i still feels that i have some unsettled business. Please SAVE ME from this Madness, God.

2nd Quickie

Happy holiday Selangor People!

but i have to work due to some stupid people come to brief about teeth. Not that i’m involved in it but my boss ask all of us to be in the office by 9 am tomorrow.

i guess i have to cancel my ‘lepaking’ time with Maya and Qayum. Damn it. But hope to meet them this Saturday. Qayum’s sister get married =)

AGAIN i dont hope of meeting Zarul (die lg). I really hate my feelings right now.

Collections of activities

Current Mood : Neutral

Current Song : That’s What You Get by Paramore

Hey all. How’s everyone doing? Having nice holiday i hope. To all fellow Curtinian, all the best for the exam result. I had mine looonnnggg time ago. Waiting has been the hardest part right? Hehe. I hope i shall meet u guys again next semester. To people who pass with flying colours, i wanna congratulate u guys whereas to the people who have the worst result like me, PROMISE ME that we are going to do our best next semester aite πŸ˜‰

Work occupied most of my time now days. 9 am to 5 pm. Lunch break 1 pm to 2 pm. No maxis coverage in my office. LAME!. but it’s good tho because I can concentrate on my work. Works are getting harder everyday. Last week was about addresses and checklist of items. I managed to finish it in 3 days. Haha. This week doing D.Os and Invoices and LO and Credit Notes. Alot of acronyms huh.

Besides work, i had time doing some of my favourite stuffs as well.

1)Β  Went to Pasar Malam @ Night Market. The market is usually on Thursday from 3 pm to 9 pm. U can get any stuff from there.


2)Β  Watched my team played basketball. Its been awhile since i watched their last match. Against Zafran’s team. The opponent was good actually because they lead us by 19 points at first but my team is just too good. Haha. Its like welcome back game for me tho. Love all of them. Been together with them almost 4 years now. All of them are like my brothers. Younger of coz.

my team in the black jersey

my team in the black jersey


*more of their pic actually but they were shirtless in most of it. They dont have a really good body, so i dont think i wanna show off that part in my ‘decent enough’ post πŸ˜€

I was abit demanding when it comes to food lately, due to undeniably missing my mom’s cook. So, instead of having ‘rendang ayam’ like our usual hari raya celebration, i asked her to do BBQ chicken and all the Western foods. I know its a bit weird for Raya dishes but i wanna make a difference this time. I had ‘rendang ayam’ alot during Raya Puasa.

I was abit lazy to update Facebook and Friendster. I even quit playing all my Facebook game. I dont even know why. Haha.

Met with Alem just now. Being one of my close friend since i broke up with Zarul (Zarul lg. Aish). I know him since form 1 from my close friend, Syazana. Starting from there, i know about him and all his story. Never knew that he quite close to my ex. Became friend since then.

Well, this Thursday is another holiday to come. Hoping to hangout with Qayum, Maya and Fidot. Possible Zarul will be there. I dont even wanna face him at this moment. He just being an ass u know. I dont blame him for that. Huhu. I wanna CONFESS something tho. I AM NOT OVER HIM YET. Huhu. Finally, i can say it out loud. Kill me please. If there is a machine like in the ‘Paycheck’ movie, i wanna used that machine to erase the memories of him. That’s why i hate being at Shah Alam because it reminds me of him. Fuck!

That’s all for now.

till next entry


p/s: L.O.V.E wordpress new admin layout. hehe

holiday greetings deux

Current Mood: Sad but relieved

Current Song: Viva la Vida by Coldplay

Suppose i’m going to post about some happy stuff and about my work but my result just destroy that happiness.

I pass all my units but the results are sucks. The WORST EVER in my uni life but i was expecting it at the 1st place. Still in the state of shock right now. THANK GOD for my results. I will not ask for more. It is good enough. Remember my reflection of the semester? I guess the toughest part is to let my mom knows about the result. I told her i was not going to perform this semester. Seriously. The WORST SEMESTER for me. I just don’t give my all out. To tell u the truth, i had no idea. Keep on searching for the reasons of why i can’t concentrate on my studies this semester. I guess i won’t find it any sooner. Well, what past is past right? I can’t turn the time again. I SHALL AND WILL perform my best for the upcoming semester. I PROMISE THAT.

Enough of the devastated part. Wanna babble about some stuff.

I have a new baby sister. Yeay!

isnt she cute?

isn't she cute?

but she is freaking noisy eh. I never had a siblings that really talkative.

The work part. I’m working as ‘Pembantu Am’. Nice place to work. Nice people πŸ™‚

the company

the company

the checklist

the checklist

My first work was to write out all the important addresses and updated it. The checklist is my current work in progress. All the items is coded with 18 SERIAL NUMBERS! I get confused sometimes. I think there are more than 100 items to be check and inventory. Huhu. Wish me luck aite πŸ˜‰

till next entry


p/s: i miss zarul. this is not good. AT ALL. hate this feeling. damn u bastard.