My CNY Holidays

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This CNY is the best holiday for me because i get to meet almost all the people that i wanna meet. Hangout is such a fun things to do after all.

Saturday Evening – Out with Mas & Aman, Sunway Pyramid



The couple picked me up from my house around 3 pm. Had our late lunch at Ole-Ole Bali. Such a nice restaurant. I love the deco. So Baliness πŸ™‚ . The food was awesome as well. Thinking of bringing my family over there bile dapat gaji nanti la πŸ˜€ . Had our fun time at The Red Box Karaoke. Its been awhile since i heard Aman sings. He has a really good voice people. Trust me. He lost few pounds but she doesn’t change at all. The same old Halifah Masturah πŸ™‚

my fav couple

my fav couple

I bumped into Alina on that day as well. God, i miss that girl. I do miss all my USJian chicks because i was unable to come for the latest ritual reunion due to my work. This is the part why i hate works because i dont have time for the peeps that i heart so much 😦 .

Sunday Morning – 46 Slayerz training / team meeting, Section 28 basketball court & Serambi Restaurant.

I usually woke up late on Sundays because it is SUN DAY. My resting time. But seldom, i have to give it up for my team match or last minute training. If my mood is good, then i will go for the morning meeting. If not, they will come by my home and start to wake me up. That’s how they love me. The last minute training was for the match on Monday, against Kampung Pandan, KL team.

bro dearie, bear, el capitano, qam-qam

bro dearie, bear, el capitano, qam-qam

azwan, fish, shadow

azwan, fish, shadow

Sunday Evening – Small gathering with Iskandar, Iqbal and Nasfazreeha.

This event was a bit unplanned. Areen texted me on Friday. She told me that she got 1 week holiday plus she wants to treat me KFC. I know i supposed to go against any fast food but seriously, the foods over here is extremly expensive! I feel like i still in Miri sometimes! I’ll blog about that later aite. She asked to bring along some friends. I thought of having a small reunion since she was one of my schoolmate that missed the Best Reunion Ever, so i texted Iskandar and Ben for some reasons. Iskandar was her side kick partner during school days. 2nd, 3 of us was really having so much fun mengenakan Ben during the old days. Such a perfect group that i can think of. Besides that, Ben’s burfday is on 26th January, so i decided to throw a pre-burfday celebration for him. Its been awhile since i have a real laugh. Seriously. We talked about almost everything that we can think of. The 1st issue was about Iskandar. He was in the tv that morning for a show called ‘Bilik ku Syurgaku’. The show is like Deco with Eric but for teenager. Areen and i teased him alot that day.

Iskandar & Ben

Iskandar & Ben

Areen & Me

Areen & Me (i am fat, i know)

As u can see, all of us wore black on that day. I realized that when we’re ordering our meals. Funny because i didnt set any themes at all. I think four of us has the same wavelength, can read each other’s mind. Ben once said to me, ‘aku xtau ape yg ade dgn darjah 6 kite but darjah 6 kite mmg best’. Frankly speaking, i love my primary schoolmates more than others because i grew up with them, doing stupid stuffs. My secondary schoolmates are the one that build the maturity and levitate my life while my uni friends are the one that gives me the new perspective of life.

Anyway, back to the small gathering stories. After KFC, we went to my house because Areen wanted to meet my parents. She loves my mom’s kuah kacang so much! Sorry babe. Aku tak celebrate raya kat Shah Alam dah 😦 . All of us went to send Areen to her house and ended up playing Carram (a board game) for 1 frame. Was planning to hangout again tonight but 3 of them have something to settle. Kesian Ketot. She’s excited enough to join the group today. Sorry sayang 😦 .

Monday Morning – supposed i have to go to Kampung Pandan with my team but due to Baby’s late night call that ended up around 3 am, i can’t forced my body to wake up at 6.30 am. Plus the fact that my body missed her sleeping time alot lately, so i just pulled up my blanket and continue sleeping until 12.30 pm. Bad habit. Haha.

Monday Evening – out with Izzat, Khulafa’ Restaurant Section 20.

I invited him to join our ‘supposed to be tonight’ lepak time but he told me that he’s unable to make to the night. I haven’t lepak with him yet this holiday like usual. Ever since i got in touch again with him 6 years ago, i never fail to meet him every holiday i had over here. Btw, did i ever told u guys that Zarul got my number from this guy? Yeah. Izzat told me that Zarul was browsing through his hp for chicks number and stumble upon mine. Izzat warned him not to kacau me but he did and the rest is history πŸ™‚

another best friend of mine

another best friend of mine

We did alot of catching up especially on Qayum’s case. Currently, he’s not in the mood of studying. Kinda worried about him. This semesterΒ  is going to be his last semester at UiTM Segamat, taking Diploma of Business Administration. He has no interest in persuading degree. I just don’t like it if my friends lost interest in studies. I know its kinda hard but hanging there buddy. U will do great. Trust me πŸ™‚

Tomorrow – supposed to meet Sayang and Acap but i think its not gonna work out la coz Sayang is currently undergo his OBS thingy. Haih. When la can i get my Aussie present 😦 . Therefore, i shall finish my day by lazying at home which is good anyway because i’ll start working again on Wednesday. It’s gonna be a hell of a week this time.

To my dearie blog reader, i’ve changed the layout. I kinda bored with the old one. Black and dull. I kinda like the white and the red header. Nice and bright πŸ™‚

Another 4 days before my freaking-annoying-i-love brother turns 19. I don’t think that my paycheck will be out this week. I shall buy him a nice present this time. In my family, it is not a tradition to buy gifts for each other in any occasion. Most of the time, we just celebrate together as a family, which i’m a bit sad because this year is gonna be 3rd year i’m celebrating my birthday without mi familia. Thank God i have my Curtin family that never failed to cheer me up during my birthday. Thanx alot people. U know who u are πŸ™‚

2 more weeks to go before i’ll be leaving Shah Alam for another 4 months. I have some serious work need to be done before going back to Miri on 2o or 21 Feb.

till the next entry


p/s: can’t wait for my latest paycheck. Another shopping spree! Gonna buy the ‘wajib’ stuff only this time πŸ˜€

collection of activities II

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Hey all. How u guys doing? I know its been awhile since the last time i blogged about myself. U guys miss the glamor girl? I miss u guys too, my dearie readers (as if adela yg membaca blog aku ni…haha)

My work is my life nowdays. Talk about being workaholic. I worked 7 DAYS non stop for last week because of 16th FDI/MDA Scientific Convention Trade Exhibition 2009. It was held on 18 and 19 January at Istana Hotel.

the function that ripped away my weekends =(

the function that ripped away my weekends =(

These are some of the pictures that i snapped during my unbusy time

my company's goods

my company's goods


These are mostly what my company sell. DENTAL STUFFS. If any of u having problem with ur teeth, just let me know ya. I’ll give Tooth Mousse Plus for Flourisist, Fuji IX for restoration or Fuji VII for lining. Make sure that ur teeth is A2 or A3 in shade. If u have the A1 shade, that’s the FINEST teeth shade ever. All the goods above was arranged by yours truly πŸ˜€



There were 80 booth owned by almost 60 companies such as Amedix, Sensodyne, Colgate, Listerine, Oral B and many more. I never knew that there are so many dental supplier in Malaysia. Fyi, MDA is Malaysian Dental Association and FDI is FΓ©dΓ©ration Dentaire Internationale @ World Dental Federation.

You know what’s the worst part of all this? My work at the office is getting alot! All the doctors will order too many stuff and the packing part is horrible. Plus, government doctors will be asking the quotation price. Haih.

I see this exhibition as a party for educational people u know. Almost every single person that came for the exhibition has DR. in their names. Suddenly, i felt that being a doctor is so cheap! Don’t take it wrong way tho πŸ™‚

Apart from being so into my work, i spent some quality time with dearie friend of mine πŸ™‚

First was with Alem. Remember i mention about going shopping with him? We went to Sunway Pyramid on Saturday evening. I withdrawn all my money from my bank account. Haha. I bought 2 spaghetti tops and shorts from FOS. REALLY wanted to buy the IPANEMA. I found it at Studio R but they dont have my size 😦 WHY Oh WHY. I have such a big feet. Like a duck! 😦 I’ll try my luck next month. I hope Midvalley will have my size. Anyway, so kesian dengan Alem. He’s not the shopping type like Zarul (if u know what i mean).

one of the best friend

one of the best friend

Second, with the brotherhood, 46 Slayerz. We usually hangout if the el capitano is in shah alam. Will be having match on next sunday and monday. Hope i manage to go for both of the matches.

el capitano & the brother dearie

el capitano & the brother dearie

the bear & the fish

the bear & the fish

I supposed to hangout with Mas, Lyanne, Salaam and Nini last sunday but i cant skip my work 😦 . It’s alright tho. I can meet most of them back in Miri. I cant wait for the CNY holidays. I think i’m having 3 days break. Gonna spent it wisely to meet all the people i should. Maybe Saturday with Mas & Aman. Monday, the basketball match which i hope i can go. Tuesday, hopefully will meet up with Sayang and Acap. I have free Sunday and maybe Monday. Call me if u wanna have a date wit yours truly πŸ˜›

the perasan cute pic

the perasan cute pic

till next entry people


p/s: btw, someone is talking to me now. I really wanna kill him knowing the fact that he didnt contact me because he’s angry that i blackmailed him. WTF! U know me too well to know i’m not gonna do stupid stuff like that. Duh!

Malay/Indo Songs that i’m currently addicted to

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Current Song(s): Listed below plus some other

Its kinda hard to find a really good malay songs nowdays. Plus the fact that i’m not so in Indie Pop or yg sewaktu dengannye. Haha. So, these are more or less the songs that i’m addicted to right now. Hope u guys enjoy it πŸ™‚


2) Terima Kasih Cinta – AFGHAN

3) Aurora – ESTRANGED

4) Nakal – GIGI


6) Mengenangmu – KERISPATIH

7) Mantera Beradu – MALIQUE from TOO PHAT feat. M. Nasir

8) Malam Ku Bermimpi – SHEILA MAJID

9) Aku Stacy – STACY AF6

I know my music genre is very weird. I’m a universal listener. I can listen to anything, ranging from sappy ballad to hardcore rock. I choose my songs based on the melodies and lyrics. Sometimes, the songs just happen to be reflecting my mood or the situation i’m in. Hehe.

when i have nothing to gossip

Current Mood: Tired of working…seriously

Current Song: Bila Rasaku Ini Rasamu by KERISPATIH

*i have an issue to write out but i kinda lazy and tired to make a really good post. Therefore, i stole this tag from Ain Ketot who just turned 21 on 4th of January. Happy 21st birthday babe. Key to freedom πŸ˜€ . Also wanna wish Raedi (1st Jan), Fairous and Raihana (9th Jan) a really nice and cool happy birthday. Not forgetting the upcoming Dinash (16th Jan) and Ben (26th Jan). As well to all my other friends that i can’t remember the date, January babies πŸ™‚

Do you eat eggs?

+ yes. I used to love the york and hate the white part. Usually barter trade with my dearie lil bro because he likes the white part πŸ™‚

Have you ever been to Iowa?

+ haven’t yet

What did you last eat?

+ kuaci with ibu while reading Berita Harian Online about Datuk Siti Nurhaliza πŸ˜›

If you had to date a famous person, who would it be?

+ It’s gonna be the one and only, Tom Cruise πŸ˜€

Have you ever tried illegal drugs?

+ nope and i hope will not

Do you care about politics?

+ I care more about what happen to the people if the politics take charge over everything.

Have you ever made out with one of your top friends?

+ which top friends? the friendster? myspace or facebook? πŸ˜›

Have you ever dyed your hair?

+ not yet. Currently unable to do so. Due to some problematic people over here that constantly become my unwanted stalker.

Have you ever dated someone way older than you?

+ Yes. Hakim. He’s 24 this year.

Have you ever been in a play?

+ play? as in theater? nope but i’ve done some sketches in Miri which i really sucks at. Haha

Do you like clowns?


Does your mom fart in front of you?

+ When she at her ‘crazy little monkey head’ state.

Did you ever trip over your shoe laces?

+ Yup. The incident that i remembered until now. When i was in Form 5. I tripped and fell into drain and being watched by half of my schoolmate. Embarrassing.

Ever had your driver’s license suspended?

+ not yet because i haven’t have one. Pathetic huh

What is your favorite ice cream?

+ Cornetto Vanilla Classic. The best ever. Cheap as well πŸ˜€

What do you wear to bed?

+ most of the time, shorts and baby tee. but if i get a bit whacky, its gonna be X rated πŸ˜›

Would you ever dye your hair purple?

+ dark purple maybe. I wanna dye my hair dark blue, if i can πŸ˜€

Have you ever cheated on a bf/gf?

+ as far as i remembered, no

Do you know what your IQ is?

+ no and i have no intention to do so

What do you eat for breakfast?

+ i seldom take breakfast

How many children do you want?

+ 2 pairs

What is the last book you read? Was it good?

+ The Rule of Four. Sucks like hell.

Have you answered all of these questions honestly so far?

+ yuppie πŸ™‚

Have you ever kissed someone who smoked?

+ guilty as charged πŸ˜€

Have you ever been drunk?

+ no and never will

Do you have brown shoes?

+ yeah. My current wedges from Vincci

Have you ever touched an elephant?

+ in my dreams long time ago….haha

Have you ever spent the night in the hospital?

+ not yet.

Has anyone ever under-estimated your intelligence?

+ most of the people over estimated my intelligence. haha. Rahilah is not genius btw πŸ˜›

Could you date someone of another religion?

+ no. i dont think so.

Do you have any siblings? Are they older/younger?

+ i have the one and only little brother….and 2 cats πŸ˜€

What is one thing that all of your ex’s have in common?

+ i only have 1 ex. haha. well, in my definition, most of my scandal’s have one thing in common…all of them are such a SWEET guy. Trust me πŸ™‚

What was your first pet?

+ a cat named Tom

Where were you born?

+ Katil No 3, Hospital Besar Daerah Teluk Intan, Perak Darul Ridzuan πŸ™‚

Have you ever moved to a different state?

+ Teluk Intan (until i was 3 months old), Shah Alam (until i was 19 years old) and now Miri (8 months here, 4 months in Shah Alam)

Have you ever had your heart broken?

+ once. and i can still feel the pain until now

Do you believe in soul mates?

+ used to…i hope i can believe in it again

Have you ever lived in a house with a basement?

+ nope

Do you have any pets?

+ 2 cats. Saha and Miko

Whos your daddy?

+ Abdul Halim Bin Ghazalli. My biggest supporter πŸ™‚

What cell phone carrier do you have?

+ 012. Hotlink. The biggest community πŸ˜€

Why does it get dark at night?

+ because the moon can’t shine strongly like sun.

When you blow your nose do you look at it?

+ sometimes.

Do you take showers at night or in the morning?

+ both of coz. Morning is the must

Why do people call you the nickname they call you?

+ ila by family members and neighbours becoz it is simple. Rahilah by all my friends that knows me becoz i like to be called by that name. Hill @ Hillie by my Curtinian friends becoz they say that Rahilah is too long. Siti by all my friends who love to tease me becoz they love to see i get angry by calling me Siti.

Ever thought you were pregnant and you really werent?

+ no.

Whats the third text in your inbox?

+ My Cayang asked me whether i shops alot and where i bought my Guess Tote. Haha

What is your moms drink of choice?

+ teh o suam kurang gula.

Do you still watch kids channels?

+ not really.

Are you listening to anything at the moment?

+ Untuk Terakhir Kali by Marsha AF3

What was your last phone call about?

+ Fadzrel seeking my help for Silicone Oxide (SiO2) ratio to perform the glass coating for his final project. He’s currently on the last semester, doing Diploma of Chemical Engineering in UiTM Penang. School stuff on my holiday. Yeay!

Do you look your age?

+ sometimes yes. sometimes no.

If you could go back in time, where would you go?

+ none that i can think of. Because all the ups and downs in my life is based entirely on my choice. My choice made who i am today.

holiday greetings quantre

Current Mood: Admiring my new Nike Trainer & Guess Tote πŸ˜›

Current Song: Whine Up by Kat DeLuna feat. Elephant Man

Happy Belated New Year Everyone!

I have nothing to update u guys. My day is all about work πŸ™‚

Well, i celebrated my new year by doing the best thing ever in my life, sleepingΒ  πŸ˜› I just love to sleep now days u know. Wake up at 8 am and went back home at 5.30 pm takes a toll of me. Heck, my Saturday has been robbed from me (even though i work half day. Haha).

I supposed to go out with Mas this sunday but she forgot to inform me that she’s at her hometown. Haha. It’s ok. There’s always next time. InsyaAllah πŸ™‚

Sayang and Acap, 2 person that i REALLY WANNA MEET THE MOST this holiday. Sayang already in Malaysia, doing his industrial training at KLCC whereas Acap will be back soon i guess. Can’t wait. They bought me a present from Aussie u know. Haha. So thoughtful of them πŸ™‚ (although Acap was getting bored of me whining up to him about buying me a teddy bear from Aussie πŸ˜› )

Today, I went SHOPPING!!!!! πŸ˜€

I bought a pair of NIKE Trainer and GUESS Tote. I bring along my fashion adviser @ my dearie lil brother. Tell u the truth, he really has his own sense of fashion. Unlike me. SERIOUSLY. Well, i really need a new pair of sneakers. I haven’t own any of them since the day i fall in love with high heels. I wanna go back to the old me. Wearing sneakers, sporty t-shirt and jeans. Simple. I think that i look ugly and hilarious in skirt or dress or i might overdo it when i wear dress and heels. Hehe. Don’t blame me for thinking like that. I was born and raise in simplicity manners including dressing up okie (and makeups too). Seeing my own changes makes me realise how much life has brought me up. Either appearance wise or the way i think about particular stuff. I do realise that i need to gain more knowledge to improve myself. (i am rambling over here…hehe…wtf…i love my NIKE πŸ˜€ )

Guess Tote. This was actually not in my ‘MUST SHOPPING’ list. The number 1 is IPANEMA. Damn. I can’t even find one. People, LET ME KNOW where can i get that beautiful flip flop in KL okie. So in desperately need for them. I guess i get bored with Vincci already πŸ˜› . Anyway, tote is in the list but i want the ADIDAS tote. The one that i have been eyeing since last year. I found it just now but the price is more expensive compared to Guess plus Guess is on sale until this sunday at SACC! (40% off). I’m torn in between. I want the ADIDAS tote but i can buy Guess now. Haha. So, i ended up buying Guess tote πŸ˜›

Well, currently no more budget to shop. haha. Just saving up for lepak time and emergency case. Huhu. How can i accompany Alem to shop next week? 😦

that’s all peeps

until next entry