*internet connection is down! Fucking hell. I H.A.T.E it!

*joined the Curtin Football Club as the committee member.

*Bento dah keluar hospital πŸ™‚

*My dad sengaja called me ‘princess’ yesterday when i texted him. I was so emo eh. NEVER been called like that for my whole 20 years of life and especially from my dad 😦

*the first week ends today. no class for tomorrow…yet πŸ™‚

*went to Abang Awang’s Farewell Party. Awesome yet i’m a bit sad because he leaving us for Bintulu. All the best Abang Awangku πŸ™‚

*I’m HOMESICK for the 1st time ever. Not good.

till next full entry by yours truly,

without wax

First Day of School

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Howdy, people. It’s the 1st day of uni again. Yeay πŸ™‚

Well, i enjoyed my day of going to uni on the 1st day. It’s like going to school on the 1st day. Nothing much difference except u can be more glamourous and stylish. Everyone notice everything on the 1st day u know. Trust me

As i promised, i am going to do my best this semester. Not gonna be like last semester. DISASTER! Then again, i missed my 1st class in my first week for the first time today! How weird is that? It’s an evening class lg. Haih. Gonna make up for in tomorrow.

I took 5 units this semester which are

  1. ChE 213 Process Engineering Materials – extension of Engineering Materials 100. I like this unit tho. I wanna be Material Engineer. Gonna be my favourite unit for this semester.
  2. Fluid Mechanics 230 – extension part of fluids in Engineering Mechanics 100. I did bad in this unit. Hopefully will do better this time around.
  3. ChE 322 Process Plant Engineering – this is the class that i missed. Damn.
  4. Chemistry 101 – having it tomorrow. Nothing new i guess. It’s about Inorganic Chemistry
  5. ChE 214 Process Analysis – having it tomorrow as well. Something to do with calculation. Slightly easier than Process System Analysis that i took last sem

Its good to be back to uni, with all the friends and the lecturers. The ‘tak syok’ part is the lectures dah start and tutorial as well. Bloody hell Fluids. Haih.

Before i forget, i welcome all the new students to Curtin Miri. Hope u guys enjoy your journey over here, as much as i enjoy mine for the past 3 years. Miri not bad after all….kan people?

Anyway, wish u guys all the best for this semester. Study hard and study smart ya

till next phsyco entry

rahilah β™₯


*I’m back in Miri!

*went out with a bunch of my much loved Curtinian family yesterday. Had seafood at Tanjung Lobang. Sneaked into Marriot Hotel using illegal road. Fun!

*hangout with Gorgeous. Then, headed to Abg Mat’s stall. Helped cleaning up Jay’s car with Sedut and Pianto.

*i hate Miri Housing for real! Don’t know how much i owe them for the damages in my room. Check that out on Monday.

p/s: Can’t wait for the class to start on Monday πŸ™‚


Ben kat SMC due to Denggi. Areen and Is gonna visit him tonight. Hope he’s gonna be ok.

From Aussie with Love

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Acap is currently on a flight to Perth. I miss him 😦 . I should have say to him that i really like him but i think that he deserves someone better than me. Good luck in Perth dear. You know where to find me if u need me.

Well, a dramatic intro i would say.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009 is one of the best day i ever had in my life. I met two of my favourite Australian guy

nasri and ashraf

nasri and ashraf

2 of my ex neighbour. Nice and funny guys they are. Pendengar bebelan ku yg teramat setia especially Acap. Kesian die aku selalu berleter dgn die. Haha.

Had Sushi King for lunch. Acap belanje πŸ˜€

Watched Valkyrie with Nasri, Kak Areen and Acap. Nas belanje πŸ˜€ . I like the movie tho. TOM CRUISE! OMG! One of my favourite actor of all time. Plus the movie is a bit history which i like πŸ˜€ .

Ended our evening with chatting over at the Big Apple. My treat πŸ™‚

I had a really nice and simple day with them. Miss them badly 😦 . Nas has another year to go before he comes back to M’sia for good. I won’t be able to meet Acap on the next holiday. Industrial training. Need to wait for another year. Haih.

us =)

us =)

with kak areen

with kak areen

the much awaited Aussie present =D

the much awaited Aussie present =D

In another part, i came early to Mid Valley that day. Met Syaha and Sweetheart at Pet Wonderlands. Made our way to the arcade. Played Time Crisis 4 with Sweetheart. It’s been awhile since i played that game and since i step into arcade. Last time was with my dearie brother, played Time Crisis 3 at Maju Junction, 3 years ago i think. Haha. I am such a looser kan sweetheart? Haha. Met Ammar, Amer, Koyot, Tc and her bf, Izzat but didn’t hangout with them. Korg xde dlm list hangout aku kat KL ek. Sorry la. Haha.

Another 2 days before diving back to the madness of all. For the first time ever, i am so reluctant to leave Shah Alam. Usually, i’m excited to go back Miri but not this holiday. I had tonnes of fun. With the family, with friends. Such joy and fun that i won’t trade for anything in the world right now, not even if someone offer me the LG Cookie (i like that hp!). Seriously, i can’t wait for another holiday, which will be 5 months from now πŸ™‚ . To have the 1 month of pure fun, i need to go through 4 months of madness and pressure. Haih 😦

I just wanna say thank you especially to 3 of my best primary school friend, Iskandar, Ben and Areen for all the wonderful days and nights that we shared together. Full of laughter and joy. Pure fun πŸ™‚ . Thanks to Alem because selalu jenguk aku kat umah and mendengar luahan hati aku yg dah beribu kali ko dengar πŸ™‚ . Thanks to my 46 Slayerz brotherhood. Aku sayang korg sampai mati. Thanks to Izzat yg sempat menziarah aku. Hehe. Finally, thanks to adik kesayangan aku yg sanggup hidup dgn kakak die selama 3 bulan cuti ni. Aku tau ko tension dgn aku. Sabar ek. Ko sentiase sayang aku. Aku tau tu. Hehe. *Mcm nak bagi speech kat Academy Award je*

THANK YOU everyone. Me wuv you πŸ™‚

till the next entry of being in Miri again for the new semester.

Rahilah β™₯ all the fun and joy she had this holiday

17 hours of hangout on Valentine Night

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Current Song: Dangerously In Love by Beyonce Knowles (in infinite looping mood)

Hey people! Happy Belated Valentine Day, Malaysia πŸ™‚Β  How do u guys celebrate your day? For me, i’m having a really freaking fantastic night. One of my best moment i would say πŸ™‚

Saturday, 14 February 2009 – Zulkarnain’s 21st birthday celebration (3.00 pm to 5.00 pm)

Nice and fun afternoon. I went there with Ben and Areen. Met Iskandar over there. Had the foods and rambling and laughing non stop. Like hell. Haha. Ben and Areen had a pillow fight in guest house. Muke mmg x malu siot korg. Haha. Then, Zul came out with an idea of watching movie and it’s on him. Kitorg pun ape lg la kan. Mcm org mengantuk disorongkan bantal walaupun Ben mengambil masa yg agak lama disitu utk meng’decide’ nak pegi ke x. LAMPU siot Ben! Haha. Tak tau pun nak tgk movie ape. The plan was just go and beli je pape movie yg ade. Cool x? Sume org terlupe something yg agak critical pd waktu tu, so everyone agreed to pegi tgk wayang kat The Curve. The place was chosen by Iskandar because he had his pool party at Kota Damansara that night. It’s easier for him to go to. After everything being planned and agreed, kitorg pun balik.

The night 1st round – The Curve, watching movie (9.30 pm to 1.30 am)


That night was my 1st TIME EVER went to this place. Can u imagine i’ve never been to this place before?

Kitorg bertolak from my house around 8.00 pm because nak dinner skali. Sampai je kat jalan nak masuk the Curve, kitorg sume nampak ni je


Ben: Kan jalan dah jam…kalo kite kluar lmbt td, lg la

Rahilah: *terpk dlm otaknye kenapa jalan jam…then die tgk handphone* Bodoh gile… malam ni kan Valentine. Mmg la jam tahap gaban. Haha.

Ben: Ha’ah…siot gile. Aku lupe. Kalo aku tau, aku x keluar mlm ni dowh. Call Zul. Plan B

Aku and Ben agak curious dgn the parking signboard monitor.

Ben: Ko tgk sikit kat signboard tu die tulis ade parking ke x?

Rahilah : Die tulis -787.

Ben: Asl plak ade -ve kat amount of parking space?

Rahilah: The Curve hutang driver parking space kot

Dgn segala kesusahpayahan utk menembusi the Curve dan mencari parking, akhirnye kitorg dapat la jgk parking setelah mencari mcm nak tercabut tayar kereta.

Sampai2 je, Ben tried to run away from 1 thing becoz kalo Areen tgk benda tu, mesti die terigt kat Ben


Ni la die bndenye. Ben hutang 1 Mc Flurry dgn Areen. So, mlm tu, antara obsessi Areen adelah utk mendptkan bnde ni besides sentiase suruh Ben pasang radio kat dlm kete. Haha. Ben jd ‘Abg Long’ kpd Areen mlm tu. Sume bnde die jaga Areen gile2. I think somehow its related to Ben yg sgt syg adik pompuan die yg kecik tu, Alicia. Tp cian Areen. Xdpt jgk Mc Flurry die mlm tu. Ice cream xde. Haha.

Anyway, there were 8 of us yg watched the movie. Zul with 3 of his cousins and 4of us including Iskandar yg pd mulenye agak menggedik due to his pool party tp he managed to hangout with us πŸ™‚Β  We watched this movie


To tell u the truth, i was a bit skeptical when we were been told to watch this movie. Dah la cite melayu. Cartoon lg. Mesti LAME gile ar ni. Ben siap cakap nak tido lg. But when the movie started, i was like being glued to the screen. FREAKING HILARRIOUS WEH THE STORY!. If u think Madagascar 2 is funny enough, u MUST WATCH THIS. PLEASE. I beg u all the movie lovers especially to the people who likes comedy genre. Half of the stories were funny like hell, the other half was fantasy that came out of now where but still related to the movie. Ade touching part lagi. It is a really entertaining movie to watch. Do go and watch people. You won’t regret it at all! I gave 5 full stars to this movie man.

The night 2nd round – Hangout at UPTOWN, Damansara (1.45 am to 3.00 am)

Open air place, drank, laughed like hell, talked non stop, teasing each other, planning whether to send Areen home or still continue to lepak. Areen dpt hangout smpi mlm, bkn senang nak dpt tu. Her dad = Ben’s mom (ok x equation aku Bento? πŸ˜› ) Die ckp die blh hangout. Kitorg pun mule la pk bkn2. G pantai la. G bukit tgk sunrise la. Haha. Zul and his cousins went back aftr lepak for a while coz bapak die dah call. Just the quatret jela yg tinggal.

The night 3rd round – Hangout at Restoran SS 2 Murni (3.15 am to 5.00 am)

Another open air place, drank 1 big glass of i-can’t-remember-the-drink-name, shared with 4 people. Haha. Talked and laughed non stop. Mcm2 issue keluar. Tu yg best tu.

Areen dodol

Areen dodol


Bento @ Abg Long



The night 4th round – Inside the car, parked side by side (5.00 am to 5.30 am)

Another rambling but a bit quite la coz tgk mamat mabuk dpn kete muntah…haha.

The night final round – Restoran Kapitan, Ara Damansara (5.45 am to 7.15 am)

This time…mkn time. Lapar dowh. Gila babi punye. Haha. Another rambling.

the last pic for this holiday

the last pic for this holiday

Sume muke dah mcm org lalok. Org lain lalok minum, kitorg lalok x tdo n ketawa x abis2.

Send Areen back home around 7.40 am. I reached home around 7.50 am. Slept at 8.00 am. Penat gile.

Maybe sume couple yg ade ari tu celebrate dgn couple masing2 kan. Cik abg 2 org ni, gf xde. Gf Iskandar, Bume kat Kedah whereas Ben’s gf, Shahrina kat Seri Iskandar. Cian kan dorg but both of them hangout with the coolest gurls ever, me and Areen. Happy Valentine Day to 3 of u guys. Love u guys so much. Cuti lain kali kite buat lg ek. Hopefully Ben x pindah Sg Buluh lg waktu tu. Hehe. All the best, my dearies.

till next havoc nite,

rahilah β™₯ areen β™₯ iskandar β™₯ ben

p/s: I have stuff to do before balik jumaat tok. Haih. Duit dah nak abis dah 😦

Family Day Out

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Hey people. It’s been awhile since my last post kan. Haha. I have nothing to update actually.

1st, i’ll be flying back to Miri on 20th February. The family will not send me this time around. Haih. Although i’ve been back and forth from Miri to KL and vice versa for 14 times in my life, it still feels like the first time i flight out without my family. I usually don’t like it if all my family members are not there to send me off. Feels like missing puzzle. So, i decided that i shall go alone this time. At least, i get to travel by ERL. Haha.

As the title speaks for itself, the family went out to do some ‘must do’ stuff yesterday evening as soon as my mom and i reached home.

We went to Section 19 for this.


My mom latest favourite place. We went there to get doctor’s letter so that she can go to meet specialist.

After that, we went to PKNS, SACC and PAS for window shopping and buy some stuffs.

The major thing i bought that day was lingerie. Me and my mom shops our ‘small’ thing over here.


Both of us are sucker for Audrey. Seriously.

Next, i was thinking of buying a pair of heels from Vincci but the type of heels that i want sikda yang kacak bah. The colours nang turn off gilak. I was so down until my mom embak me to this shop


I found the heels that i want over there and bought it.

We had our dinner at KFC (i know i have to boycott but i can’t help it. Sorry)

It was an awesome day for the family. Plus the issue that my bro raised up over the bustop when all of us waiting for the bus. Haha. Ridiculous and hilarious sum the stories up πŸ™‚

I can’t wait until next week. Haha. It will be my last week of working. Btw, the office already got a girl to take over my place. Hope she’s ok with the environment. Trust me. The work is enjoyable but the environment is sucks like hell πŸ˜€

I hope i’ll be able to meet Sayang and Acap and Hakim and Alem and Ketot and Ben and Iskandar. They all i have left over here πŸ˜€

I am thinking of reading the books that i have not read yet in my library. I feel stupid if i don’t have time to read a book during my holiday.

till next entry,


p/s: i am not going to buy Ipanema this time. need to figure something out for my brother’s present. hmmm

The February

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Hello people. Currently, all of you are entering the second month of the year 2009. How’s the year so far? Been good? Ok? So-so? Whatever it is, do appreciate the days that u get to see the sunlight and the sweet dreams of your night. You will never know when will u ever leave this beautiful yet adventurous Mother Earth πŸ™‚

Enough about me being a bit poetic (i know, i don’t sound like one).

First thing first. HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY to my Freaking-Annoying-I-Love-So-Much Brother! (1 February 2009). May all your wishes come true this year. You know that i will always love you no matter what kan πŸ˜› . Good luck in your A-Level studies. I know its kinda hard for you but i know you can do it, unlike me, the ‘Petronas terbang’ (inside jokes).

I have few issues to blog about but i still think that i need time to write about it because i don’t wanna be bias or emotional. Mostly about what i have heard and experienced during this oh-so-bored-but-i-got-money-to-shop holiday.

My second paycheck is already out. Yeay! I do hope that i get to shop according to my ‘list to buy’ thing but again, you can never predict what’s gonna happen during the shopping time right? πŸ˜›

Meanwhile, i heading towards the end of my working period. Will resign on 14 February 2009. I think i will miss the work but definitely will not miss the people working there. The office politics is unbearable. It’s like a jungle full of tigress and only the fittest will survive.

I was sad like hell when i didn’t get to go and watch the Curtin Friendly Futsal Miri vs. Perth at Sports Planet last Saturday. Missed the chance to meet Sayang and Acap 😦 . When la i gonna get my Aussie present. Tak sabar dah ni.

I’ll be flying to Miri on 20 or 21 February. Will squeeze the all-i-can-get final moment to meet all the people i wanna meet, exception to the Miri Curtinian people eh. Gonna meet u guys in 19 days anyway. Don’t miss me alot okie πŸ˜‰

Currently trying to finish up the big work before heading back to Miri. I seriously hope i will get that thing. The one and only way for me. Wish me luck people πŸ™‚

till next entry,

please do not die of the boredom of this post.


Happy 21st Birthday to Mr Handsome Qayum as well (2 February 2009).