CFC League – Sunday, 15 March 2009

1st match : Kelkatu FC vs. Galacticos FC

Result: 3 -2

Scorer: Kelkatu FC – Safiq (2), Salim (1).  Galacticos FC – Vee (1), Aeron (1)

Comment: Nice 1st half game. Ball possession more to Kelkatu FC. Kelkatu FC is not a new team, rather a new branding with a hell of better players. Communication between the Galacticos FC abit lost on the 1st half. 2nd half, most of the Kelkatu FC players injured, maybe lack of stamina. Its noted by the assistant coach, Mr Hafizi @ Gapam. 2nd half was a shine time for Galacticos FC by brought in their secret weapon, Marko as the keeper, replacing Jojoe. Ball possession were more to Galacticos on the 2nd half. Kelkatu FC played more defensive strategy on the 2nd half. Today, 1st red card was issued by the referee on Vee due to his tackle on Hafiz, Kelkatu FC keeper. All and all, a really interesting game i would say. Now, people are really taking Kelkatu FC for serious. Good Job my fellow players.

*i sucks as a manager…long time…haha

2nd match : Trinity FC vs. Crazy Stone

Result: 15 – 0

Scorer: Trinity FC – Keith (5), Sean (4), Philip (1), i can’t remember another 2 scorer. sorry.

Comment: It’s more like a training instead of a match for Trinity. Keith scored for the 1st 30 second of the game. Almost all of the goals was a really nice shots. Crazy Stone had abit difficult time to manage their players and the game tactics. At least, its a good starter for Trinity because Sabah scored 12-1 against Borneo FC yesterday. Goal differences is a big matter to Sabah and Trinity. It was a boring game (no offense ya). Hopefully Crazy Stone can make it up for the second game, which is against….SABAH!

p/s: sorry for the quite boring report. Will tried to do a better one, especially on the technical part. U guys might wanna catch up the interesting report from Abby Chu. Check out for her link at my Curtinian list.


  1. dira · March 15, 2009

    I kinda miss watching football.
    And I kinda miss to hear you screaming there!
    Now you are reporting on the game.
    Good Job Manager!
    How I wish I was on the scene to see you rock!

  2. Abby · March 20, 2009

    wwooooeeeeeee…. getting darker from this weekly event weii 😦

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