CFC League – Saturday, 21 March 2009

1st Match: Trinity FC vs. Eagles FC

Result: 0 – 0

Man of the Match: Mmediong (Eagles FC)

Comment: It started as a moderate game but end up as the most interesting game. From start until the end, the ball possession were more towards Eagles FC. Eagles FC had few nice chances to score but Kuda, Trinity’s keeper was too good. Most of Trinity’s main player was a bit fatigue because they involved with the Touch Rugby Tournament at Kelab Rekreasi Petroliam. Both of the teams are strong and has their own tactics and style. All and all, a really entertaining game. The NEW contender for the league title: Eagles FC.

2nd Match: Kelkatu FC vs. Crazy Stone

Result: 12 – 0

Scorer(s): Safiq (5), Mamat (4), Chendoy (2) and Salim (1) for Kelkatu FC.

Man of the Match: Salim (Kelkatu FC)

Comment: Again like last week, having Crazy Stone on the field was like a team training. Its shown again this week. Kelkatu FC was expected to win big and they proved it. Mamat missed 4 nice chances of open goals but he managed to score 4 as well. The hottest event was Chendoy, who played Centre Defender for Kelkatu FC scored 2 goals in one match which by far, his first time ever! Congratulations! Again, a boring match because it was expected to have many goals but Crazy Stone does gave some fight especially from the defenders and keeper. As many attack as Kelkatu had on Crazy Stone, same goes to the tries that has been saved by the Crazy Stone keeper.

For table and statistics, click this Statistic Sem 1, 2009

p/s: still weak on reporting the match due to my lack of technical terms on football. I will try to make it better šŸ™‚


  1. aj · March 22, 2009

    mintak kebenaran menge-link di blog baru..

    smoga slamat melawat

  2. aj · March 24, 2009

    ape susah hil… rembat je!

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