The Awesome Sunday

Current Mood: Studying Chemistry

Current Song: Crazier by Taylor Swift

Awesome Sunday! Yeay!

Slept at 8.30 am, woke up at 1.30 pm. Nice one!

Been forcing myself to study Chemistry so hard. I just can’t get myself lately. Being such a lazy ass weh. Why la. I have ALOT OF THINGS TO DO! Serious shit. I need a catalyst.

This week, CFC committee working from Friday till Sunday.

Friday was the replacement match for Borneo FC since they can’t make it in the weekend due to school stuff. Against D Eagles FC, Borneo tried hard to define and attack but Eagles was at their top performance level. Eagles 10 – Borneo 0.

Saturday, i missed the 1st match, Galacticos vs. Trinity. Its a draw if i’m not mistaken. 1-1. 2nd match was Sabah vs. Crazy Stone. What a match weh! Serious. Crazy Stone scored 1st time ever in the match. Most of the supporter that day hope that Crazy Stone do give some fight to Sabah and they did. They hold Sabah 2-0 for the 1st half. Such a nice match to watch. Still, in the end, Sabah won by 7-1.

Sunday, the only match on the evening, Kelkatu vs. Machanz. Kelkatu went into the field without 2 of their Centre Back player, Chendoy and Gala, who went to Brunei for closed rugby competition. The only ‘ayam tambatan’ for the team is Koyot for the last man position. He kinda upset me in the 1st half. Too many bad call. Haih. The formation was a bit kelam kabut and they don’t even have substitutes player! I was so down until the end of the 1st half but the 2nd half changed everything. I mean EVERYTHING!!!!! They hold Machanz for only 3 goal. Kelkatu had their game up. Scored 2 goal, 1 by Safiq and 1 by Salim. I thought myself that i might be watching the repeat match of Man U vs. Spurs last night! But, sadly, they are not Man U. All and all, such an entertaining game. Machanz fight to win and they won the match by 3-2.

I had my dinner with Aeron Wong today, for the 1st time. Haha. Was accompanied by Mia, Ezuan and Dinesh. I learned alot about Aeron and he really fascinates me. Seriously. Can’t wait to have a chat with him lagi.

without wax,

yours truly.

p/s: to dearie Abby Chu. Don’t marah me okie! šŸ˜‰



  1. lyanne37 · April 26, 2009

    huhu. who’s aeron wong? šŸ˜›

  2. MK · April 26, 2009

    nice one la babe. hehehehe.. man u is man u. xde sape leh celen ok!

  3. abg korean hot · April 27, 2009

    haha..aeron wong x knaL?? die lebey kurg hot mcm aku gak. haha NOT.. hes way bttr kan hill?

    haha. tp kitorg 2nd half tu dh konfiden gle nk stage comeback..haha..xpe ah. team yg x pnah trening bersama kot…not even once..

  4. mr tom · April 27, 2009

    uhummm….good luck test chem…ahaks…

    yana….x kan x kenal aeron kot..

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