Congratulations Kelkatu FC!

After 2 years = 5 semester waiting, finally my beloved team at least in the top 3!


I am so proud of each and everyone of you, whether you are a new player in the team or even the veteran player who played since the GROUND XERO time…

All of you make this possible for this semester. Good job to the manager on handling the team. The captain as well but my most love go to the players. Yes, you guys make it!

I am proud to be part of Ground Xero, Ground Zero and Kelkatu journey’s of football. I know that my contributions does not give any impact to the team but i will always be there at the field as the die hard supporter. I am sorry because this semester can’t really support u guys. Being part of the CFC committee, i need to be neutral. Hehe. But i realize most of the time, when it comes to Kelkatu match, i just taking side weh. Sorry committee. It runs in my blood 🙂

Keep up the good work!

May you guys be champion next semester!

without wax,

Die hard supporter


  1. saya hensem · May 23, 2009

    time kaseh kerana menyokong team Kelkatu FC~~

  2. MK · May 25, 2009


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