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Welcome back people of Curtin to 2nd semester 2009 πŸ™‚

I hope that 1 month holiday does rejuvenates you guys but not me! I got high fever 2 days before i went back to Miri! WTF! Its not H1N1 ok! Alhamdulillah, i feel much better now πŸ™‚ Thank you to all my housemates yang keep checking on me every now and then and bought me foods for past 2 days. Love you girls alot πŸ™‚ Thank you for the love as well people.

1st week of school, nothing much different except that i can’t really gave my 100% concentration to my classes. I skipped most of it. Thank goodness its only lectures. I need to be fully recover by this weekend so i can do my work next week!

I supposed to join a camp at SMK Riam but due to my stupid fever and flu, i dont think it is good for me to go right?

I still have my resume peding. Huhu. Gonna finish it by this weekend (but i have time to write a blog, funny kan)

After 3 years of keeping the long hair, i decided to cut it short. Not really that short but short la. Haha.

Curtin still the same but i feel different because most of the seniors people that i knew is no longer around, moving to perth, continue studying at other places, even graduated. Huhu. Only small amount of us that left here. Smaller family 😦

I had fun in Shah Alam as always πŸ™‚ Β Can’t wait to go back again!

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the compilation

hey people!

It’s been a while since i write anything at all. Haha. Sorry. Been too busy and lazy lately.

Today’s blog gonna go by keywords. Read it if you like. Bear with me. It’s going to be a very long written entry πŸ™‚

Work: Work at the old place, old work with much smaller amount la because i don’t even work for 1 full month. I don’t know how much i gonna get pay but it’s money after all. Will take whatever i have la πŸ™‚

Shopping: I went shopping at the bundle shop with my mom few days ago. They have nice dresses. Serious shit. My mom and i bought 3 dresses for RM 15! Gile bargain la. Going to buy more later when my cheque comes out πŸ˜›

Results: I thank God for my result because i got really unexpected result, good and bad. Got a 9 for PA but both the units i hope to get HD, i only managed to get 69 and 72! Sedey gile seyh. Sumpah sedey. Another unexpected was my Fluid. I thought i gonna get horrible for my Fluid, turned out to be the other way around. 78. Huhu. I learn one thing tho. NEVER EVER overconfident with yourselves! Serious. I am seriously confident i answered good enough for PEM and Chemistry 101, yet i failed the expectation. Haiya! Humble Rahilah! Humble!

Wedding: Attended my Maksu Tijah’s wedding. Met all the relatives. Since my dad are the only son on his side, plus my late grandfather was the eldest of the family, so, me and my brother kinda the eldest grandchildren, almost equal age with our aunts and uncles. Haha. Tired weh. Serious. Kinda eerie because marriage has become the most favourite topic in the house currently. Huhu. I consider that topic as taboo right now. Anyhow, i have another wedding to attend on December. My Maksu Elly’s πŸ™‚

Internship: Will confirm get a spot at the Material Lab in Proton. Between Material Lab and Wastewater Treatment, which one should i pick? Still has chance to change. Hehe. Gonna apply somewhere else also but kinda lazy to do the resume.

Parents: My mom in good condition. So does my dad. They been really busy joining some community stuff. My dad berangan nak jadi YB (Yang Berhormat). All of the sudden. Before this, my mom was the front for everything. I think he got jealous when my mom became more popular than he is. Haha.

Love: I didn’t get to see AshrafΒ this holiday because i choose to do so. He breaks my heart really bad this time. Zarul randomly texted me, said that he was heading back to Terengganu. Out of nowhere. He never ever do that before. I’m the only one reporting to him. Alem doesn’t want to reply my msg or answer my call.

Friends: the always hangout clan, Iskandar, Areen and Ben. We tried to make Areen happy. Gonna have another hangout day this sunday. The last one before i go back to Miri. The best part this holiday is i get to meet all my overseas and in state Usjian clan. Good Lord! I just love it!

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i promise this one a quick update =D

went to work today. Its a half day work. When back home around 1.30 pm. My mom so tired she terus tidur like a baby. I told her my plan of going out with Iskandar, Ben and Areen. We trying to make Areen happy actually since she kena grounded for 5 months and with limited budget. She went out just now because her mother let her. Hehe. Had interesting time at Summit and KFC Usj 20. Iskandar showed up abit later. Not really a whacky day for all of us because Areen sangat down. Gonna plan something better next 2 weeks πŸ™‚

Salaam came to my crib just now! I am so happy because he’s the 2nd person after my babe Mas datang my house. Itu pun selepas aku bising kat die, die singgah melawat ‘orang tu’ and tak melawat aku πŸ˜› . Hehe. Anyway, thank you so much Salaam. Really appreciate ko melawat aku di teratak buruk aku ni. Hopefully my family x bored u la. Hehe. Kitorg memang species ‘high’ sikit. Suke gelak2. Hehe.

Tomorrow morning, might be having breakfast with my Usjian clan. Its been a while since i meet any of them. Huhu. Before that, BASUH THE BATHROOM! hehe.

will update soon

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Quick Update!

Met Chendoy on wednesday, ate at Pizza Hut. Borak2 sikit with him. Bunyi macam dah lama tak jumpa padahal nya….(let me just keep the secret ek =P )

Met Hakim, my long lost scandal! He looks chubby, or is it because i haven’t see him for 1 years? Hehe. The look, the eyes still melts me but i’m strong enough la this time. Besides, he’s someone’s boyfriend now. Gila ape?! Haha. I don’t really click with him much compared to my other scandals because he’s very quite and shy person. He’s the first person i should say i don’t have the chemistry to drive our friendship further even though i did cried the day i knew that he already has someone special 😦

At the same time, i met Qayum. My handsome guy friend. Hehe. Nothing much. Catching up old stories. Kutuk my ex bf @ his brother from another mother. Haha. He sent me back home πŸ™‚

Thursday, i DID NOTHING AT ALL! seriously! Not even cleaning up my bathroom as requested by my mom. So, kena dengar die menyanyi Linkin Park, which i don’t know what song =P . Dad suggested me to follow my mom to her workplace and crossed finger that i might get a job there. I was thinking of just lay back this holiday and chilling out with friends but realizing that all my friends gonna continue study ASAP, i changed my mind and i got myself a job which i don’t know how much they gonna pay me but ok la rather than just filling up my hungry stomach and hibernated myself like a cute polar bear in Artic =P

Friday, my 1st day of working. As usual because i used to work there during the 3 months holiday. Nothing much changes except they moved to the new place which is 15 minutes to home by car compared to 5 minutes to home by walking before. Bigger place, bigger work, more people, more office politics. All i do is just key in some data in the Boss’s computer πŸ™‚

Was planning to hangout besar-besaran after working just now but none of them answered my sms! Fuck u guys big time :X . Haha. I ended up chatting and laughing and blurred everything out with Ben when he decided to call me and accepted my hangout offer. Hehe. Iskandar x boleh keluar malam whereas Areen, huhu. She’s grounded for 5 months due to certain reasons. Kesian die. Huhu.

Might plan something tomorrow if the familia has no plan of going anywhere. Since, its gonna be half day working for me and my lovely mom, i don’t think she wanna hit the town although she really excited to watch Transformer! I wanna watch that goddamn movie! Please!!!!!

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p/s: this is a full blog already, not a quickie update anymore. Haiya. ><!

back and kicking :D

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What’s up people! I’m back at my hometown y’all (terasa mcm farah la pulak, with the hip hop style…hehe. Jangan marah babe πŸ™‚ )

Reached KLIA around 6.20 pm. Had a really nasty turbulence in the flight. Seriously bad. You still terangkat even u wear a seatbelt pun. Horror gile because i never experience major turbulence before. Thank GOD that i selamat sampai dengan baiknye. One flight with Kak Kuin πŸ˜€ . She’s on her way to Terengganu, transit for 4 hours kat KLIA. Met this one person (mule2 nak address her as girl tapi last2 she’s a woman sudah…haha). Tak tanya name die ape. Macam terlupa nak tanya. Lawa orangnye. Taste Abang Tompoq untuk jadi gf (bukan bini tau, bini lain taste die…haha). Die amik TESL and continue doing Master on the same major jugak.

My dad and brother picked me up at the airport because 2 of my favourite driver can’t make it for that day. Ben got this workshop thingy he had to attend and Iskandar got class until night. Sedih dah aku. Janji je nak ambil aku balik. Poyo la korang. Belanja aku nanti ok!. Hehe. Kidding.

My dad lost weight like hell compared to the last time i saw him, which was 4 months ago. He usually lost weight when i’m gone and gain more when i’m back home. Haha. My brother was even worst. He memang kurus and tinggi but i don’t know. Haven’t seen him in a while makes me think that he lost weight yang tahap gile2 kot. My mom tunggu i kat rumah. It is good to be home. Seriously a nice feeling πŸ™‚

My cats! They are 3 months old now. So cute bah all of them. Only 3 left. 1 got killed by kucing jantan yang memanjat masuk rumah. Haiya.

I woke up at 8.30 am on the second day. 8.30 am! Such an achievement man. haha. I supposed to follow my mom to her workplace but i didn’t. Suppose to go to my highschoolmates BBQ at Alina’s house but i had a terrible headache. The things that i did were watched Confession of Shopaholic, read Angels and Demons, sapu rumah guna penyapu lidi (gile la, i haven’t used it for quite a while…haha) and tido. That’s all for today. Kinda lazy to go out yet. hehe

Tomorrow, clean up toilet and will be meeting Chendoy at PKNS so that he can take his Kek Lapis. After that, might be just hangout around la. Will go to Maxis Centre as well, to change to Youth Club. hehe.

well, that’s all for now.

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