back and kicking :D

current mood: 🙂

current song: Run by Leona Lewis

What’s up people! I’m back at my hometown y’all (terasa mcm farah la pulak, with the hip hop style…hehe. Jangan marah babe 🙂 )

Reached KLIA around 6.20 pm. Had a really nasty turbulence in the flight. Seriously bad. You still terangkat even u wear a seatbelt pun. Horror gile because i never experience major turbulence before. Thank GOD that i selamat sampai dengan baiknye. One flight with Kak Kuin 😀 . She’s on her way to Terengganu, transit for 4 hours kat KLIA. Met this one person (mule2 nak address her as girl tapi last2 she’s a woman sudah…haha). Tak tanya name die ape. Macam terlupa nak tanya. Lawa orangnye. Taste Abang Tompoq untuk jadi gf (bukan bini tau, bini lain taste die…haha). Die amik TESL and continue doing Master on the same major jugak.

My dad and brother picked me up at the airport because 2 of my favourite driver can’t make it for that day. Ben got this workshop thingy he had to attend and Iskandar got class until night. Sedih dah aku. Janji je nak ambil aku balik. Poyo la korang. Belanja aku nanti ok!. Hehe. Kidding.

My dad lost weight like hell compared to the last time i saw him, which was 4 months ago. He usually lost weight when i’m gone and gain more when i’m back home. Haha. My brother was even worst. He memang kurus and tinggi but i don’t know. Haven’t seen him in a while makes me think that he lost weight yang tahap gile2 kot. My mom tunggu i kat rumah. It is good to be home. Seriously a nice feeling 🙂

My cats! They are 3 months old now. So cute bah all of them. Only 3 left. 1 got killed by kucing jantan yang memanjat masuk rumah. Haiya.

I woke up at 8.30 am on the second day. 8.30 am! Such an achievement man. haha. I supposed to follow my mom to her workplace but i didn’t. Suppose to go to my highschoolmates BBQ at Alina’s house but i had a terrible headache. The things that i did were watched Confession of Shopaholic, read Angels and Demons, sapu rumah guna penyapu lidi (gile la, i haven’t used it for quite a while…haha) and tido. That’s all for today. Kinda lazy to go out yet. hehe

Tomorrow, clean up toilet and will be meeting Chendoy at PKNS so that he can take his Kek Lapis. After that, might be just hangout around la. Will go to Maxis Centre as well, to change to Youth Club. hehe.

well, that’s all for now.

update soon enough

without wax,




  1. lilhaikal · July 1, 2009

    happy happy holiday hil


  2. Abby · July 1, 2009

    yay happy being home!!

  3. ayu · July 1, 2009

    tahahah … kwang kwang kwang… ni baru balik dari PKNS ni … dapat 2 keping CD

  4. sapik · July 2, 2009

    1st time bace smpi abes. sbb slalu asek kesah cinta kau je. now xde. aku bace smpi abes tu! achievement!

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