the compilation

hey people!

It’s been a while since i write anything at all. Haha. Sorry. Been too busy and lazy lately.

Today’s blog gonna go by keywords. Read it if you like. Bear with me. It’s going to be a very long written entry πŸ™‚

Work: Work at the old place, old work with much smaller amount la because i don’t even work for 1 full month. I don’t know how much i gonna get pay but it’s money after all. Will take whatever i have la πŸ™‚

Shopping: I went shopping at the bundle shop with my mom few days ago. They have nice dresses. Serious shit. My mom and i bought 3 dresses for RM 15! Gile bargain la. Going to buy more later when my cheque comes out πŸ˜›

Results: I thank God for my result because i got really unexpected result, good and bad. Got a 9 for PA but both the units i hope to get HD, i only managed to get 69 and 72! Sedey gile seyh. Sumpah sedey. Another unexpected was my Fluid. I thought i gonna get horrible for my Fluid, turned out to be the other way around. 78. Huhu. I learn one thing tho. NEVER EVER overconfident with yourselves! Serious. I am seriously confident i answered good enough for PEM and Chemistry 101, yet i failed the expectation. Haiya! Humble Rahilah! Humble!

Wedding: Attended my Maksu Tijah’s wedding. Met all the relatives. Since my dad are the only son on his side, plus my late grandfather was the eldest of the family, so, me and my brother kinda the eldest grandchildren, almost equal age with our aunts and uncles. Haha. Tired weh. Serious. Kinda eerie because marriage has become the most favourite topic in the house currently. Huhu. I consider that topic as taboo right now. Anyhow, i have another wedding to attend on December. My Maksu Elly’s πŸ™‚

Internship: Will confirm get a spot at the Material Lab in Proton. Between Material Lab and Wastewater Treatment, which one should i pick? Still has chance to change. Hehe. Gonna apply somewhere else also but kinda lazy to do the resume.

Parents: My mom in good condition. So does my dad. They been really busy joining some community stuff. My dad berangan nak jadi YB (Yang Berhormat). All of the sudden. Before this, my mom was the front for everything. I think he got jealous when my mom became more popular than he is. Haha.

Love: I didn’t get to see AshrafΒ this holiday because i choose to do so. He breaks my heart really bad this time. Zarul randomly texted me, said that he was heading back to Terengganu. Out of nowhere. He never ever do that before. I’m the only one reporting to him. Alem doesn’t want to reply my msg or answer my call.

Friends: the always hangout clan, Iskandar, Areen and Ben. We tried to make Areen happy. Gonna have another hangout day this sunday. The last one before i go back to Miri. The best part this holiday is i get to meet all my overseas and in state Usjian clan. Good Lord! I just love it!

That’s all for now

Later πŸ™‚

without wax,

yours truly in πŸ™‚



  1. a'ishah · July 14, 2009

    hehs, xde lah pjg sgt pun. haa. nk dress murah jgk. hoho

  2. abangtom · July 14, 2009

    haha. part parent tu mmg real random bapak ko nih…

  3. lil haikal · July 14, 2009


    i will go for waterwaste.


  4. areenButfly · July 14, 2009

    i’m am hepy lah…
    bcoz of u…!! ^_^

  5. MK · July 15, 2009

    babe! make sure u see me b4 u blk miri. hehehe.. sunday? saturday? lemme know ok?

  6. afiq · July 18, 2009

    congrats result..
    best nyer cuti byk pi wedding..hill bila plak?
    i think waterwaste suit u better..hahahaha

  7. jumaat_asar · July 25, 2009

    pandainya hill..congratez for brilliant result..nak tips stdy leh x?hehe..

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