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Hey people! What’s up? How’s the holiday? Hopefully everyone enjoying it as much as possible before diving back to the madness of school later ya 🙂

Just got back from the Wonder Youth Camp 2009 at SMK Taman Tunku, somewhere near airport. Awesome camp! Seriously. Its been a while since i joined E-FaCT activity. I think my skill as facilitator is getting rusty. Huhu. Overall, i enjoyed the camp so much. The participants were really sporting and active. Wish i can go back to that school again 🙂

Submitted my 20% Thermo assignement which i don’t think i will score full marks. I need to study hard this time around. Really hard.

I missed the E-FaCT meeting for recruitment this morning. Had a really terrible headache plus period pain just make it worst (yes people, i haven’t start fasting yet). Will be having another meeting tomorrow for Wonder Youth post mortem. I hope CFC will not have any meeting during this week free because i haven’t update the account yet. Damn it!

I have Reaction and Fluid Particle assignment to be finished up during this holiday. Wow! I just realise i have alot of work to be done. Haiya.

I wanna buy an open toe flat that i saw at Fabiano Ricco yesterday. Will wait for my money tomorrow. Besides, i wanna buy an Al-Quran tafsir. Haven’t own one. I have an Al-Quran that i took from my late grandmother which i like the most. After reading Al-Quran for almost 12 years, i think i should try one step further, understand what i read. Now, i kinda regret of not finishing my Agama school 8 years ago. I stopped during mid of Year 6. Kinda stupid, i know but i was a rebellious kid that time. Don’t quite understand why my Ustazah keep on mad at me when i like to skip school even though i performed well in my exam. Haha. Old stories 🙂

Few of my close friends told me that i have a very strong personality, which i don’t think i am. I have to admit most of my thoughts and words come from my experiences, good one and bad one.

Zarul called me last night for no reason. I was to tired to answer his call but when i listened to his voice, its like he try to tell me something. I really hope he’s okay. He’s a different person now, better than he used to be when he was with me.

19 Auguust is the date that i forgot each year because that was the day i came to Miri for the first time ever. Now, its been 3 years and i experienced alot of things here, from good to bad and all of that teach me one important lesson. Life is about making decisions and how u accept the consequences of your decisions. I have friends that i called family here and its been a really unforgettable memories so far. Another 2 years of Miri to come 🙂

Well, that’s all for now.

Without wax,

yours truly

p/s: waiting for PeeChee to buy me a kangaroo, if he remembers 🙂

Catching Up with Life

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Good day people! I don’t even know what to right anymore. I wanna stop writing emo stuff on my blog because its kinda lame. I keep on whining and complaining about my life but i have no intention of changing it, so what for right? So, i shall keep the personal part to myself now 🙂

As a treasurer of CFC, i think i had the most simple yet complex job ever. Simple because i just deal with the money. Nothing else. Complex as in the money is not be given to me on time. Haiya! How la. I took 4 hours to calculate the weekly account. I know that i don’t have any knowledge on it but it’s logic. Money in = Money out. Nothing different at all. When the money in not equal to money out, that’s gonna be a problem.

I have Thermodynamics assignment that cost 20% of my final due this Friday before 4 pm. What’s worst is its individual! WTF! I can’t even catch up what happen in thermo class now and it’s going to 4th week already and i haven’t study anything at all and i’m scared ( i rambling…i know)

I wanna go to this E-Fact camp this weekend but my assignment (sigh). Its been a while since i joined those event and i miss it but my commitment to football every week restrain me for doing so because most of the event is on weekend. I really need something new to do. Something fun and adventurous. I hope i can finish the assignment before time.

CFC league started this week. Further details in CFC Official Blog

That’s all about it. Will blog about something more thoughtful later ok.

without wax,

yours truly

p/s: next week free week! yeay! but i have assignment due on that time. WTF!

lame jokes

what does

Galileo Galilei, who found the theory of sun as the center of the earth


Osborne Reynolds, who pioneer in understanding fluid dynamics

has a common in chemical engineering?

the answer is

freaking dimensionless number!

They just a constant in my life. Haha

 Ga = \frac{g \cdot L^3}{\nu^2} Galileo number

 \mathrm{Re} = {{\varrho {\bold \mathrm V} D} \over {\mu}} = {{{\bold \mathrm V} D} \over {\nu}} = {{{\bold \mathrm Q} D} \over {\nu}A} Reynolds number.

Both of these numbers are important to determine the free falling velocity of a particle. (Fluid and Particle Processes, Sem 2, 2009)

p/s: i know its lame people. Haha. 3rd week baru ni

Current Stories

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Hey people! What’s up? I haven’t update much of my life lately because i can’t find a single reason to blog eventhough i have a lot of stories to tell. Is it because i just plain lazy to type out everything i feel? Maybe so.

Anyway, second week just passed! Woah! Time flies so fast eh. I don’t even digest my first week lectures. I took 4 units this semester. 3rd year units are crazy man, as crazy as the name can goes. No shit i tell you

– ChE 223 Themodynamics: I missed a lot of class…haha. Catching up people

– ChE 324 Fluid and Particle Processes: Reynolds numbers, all those integrated equations. Pening weh

– Che 325 Reaction Engineering: Project already released! 2nd week baru. WTF! Designing reactors

– Che 326 Process Instrumentation and Control: Learn how to control production in plant. Like the lecturer 🙂

My post in Curtin Football Club this time is Tressurer. I like tressurer because i like money. Financial controlling susah weh. League starts next week. Team form’s submission on Tuesday, league draw on Wednesday or Thursday.

Social life as always. I realised that sometimes, going out alot is just tiring eh. Serious. I am not that socialize. I go out whenever i think i want, i’m afford to or its an important event. If not, i rather stay at home and sleep like an Artic Bear. Nevertheless, i went out for few occasions.

– Dinesh Farewell’s at Sajian Warisan

Dinesh's clan

Dinesh's clan

– Hangout with Khadab, slept at his hotel with Jay, Aswad, Sedut. Nice eh. Talk shit non stop till morning

khadab yg xde beza walaupun pegi gym...haha

khadab yg xde beza walaupun pegi gym...haha



Aswad yg sentiase kurus with Sedut yg tgh diet Carbo

Aswad yg sentiase kurus with Sedut yg tgh diet Carbo

– Idzuan Farewell and Advanced Birthday at Yi Ha Hai. The seafood was awesome!

idzuan with the girls of the night

idzuan with the girls of the night

I have problem with my inner self. Maybe because i think too much or i just realised my stupid and foolish act. I really wanna be a new person but i just can’t find a really solid reason to let go of my old life. Kak jam cakap, syaitan hasut aku tak nak berubah lagi. Maybe so. I seriously don’t know. I just wanna have a really good sem this time because most of my favourite people will leave me after this.

I shall leave u guys with my cat’s photo. They eat alot weh. Big!







Saha yg suke terkangkang...x reti malu sungguh

Saha yg suke terkangkang...x reti malu sungguh

that’s all for now people

without wax,

yours truly