Catching Up with Life

Current Mood: Organizing my hectic life

Current Song: From This Moment by Shania Twain

Good day people! I don’t even know what to right anymore. I wanna stop writing emo stuff on my blog because its kinda lame. I keep on whining and complaining about my life but i have no intention of changing it, so what for right? So, i shall keep the personal part to myself now 🙂

As a treasurer of CFC, i think i had the most simple yet complex job ever. Simple because i just deal with the money. Nothing else. Complex as in the money is not be given to me on time. Haiya! How la. I took 4 hours to calculate the weekly account. I know that i don’t have any knowledge on it but it’s logic. Money in = Money out. Nothing different at all. When the money in not equal to money out, that’s gonna be a problem.

I have Thermodynamics assignment that cost 20% of my final due this Friday before 4 pm. What’s worst is its individual! WTF! I can’t even catch up what happen in thermo class now and it’s going to 4th week already and i haven’t study anything at all and i’m scared ( i rambling…i know)

I wanna go to this E-Fact camp this weekend but my assignment (sigh). Its been a while since i joined those event and i miss it but my commitment to football every week restrain me for doing so because most of the event is on weekend. I really need something new to do. Something fun and adventurous. I hope i can finish the assignment before time.

CFC league started this week. Further details in CFC Official Blog

That’s all about it. Will blog about something more thoughtful later ok.

without wax,

yours truly

p/s: next week free week! yeay! but i have assignment due on that time. WTF!


One comment

  1. sapik · August 17, 2009

    goodluck kelkatu…. bzzzzzz

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