The Free Week II

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Finally, i have the chance to update the blog! I shall keep it SS (short n simple) 🙂

First Day of Raya

  • Performed Eid prayer at Lutong Mosque with Mira and Jiji
  • Had makan2 at 5709. Ultra AWESOME FOODS! thanks to all the chefs 🙂
  • Beraya to 6 houses; Ariff, Makcik, Abang Ipin, Kak Hanim, Azura’s Uncle, Abg Meor
the girls

the girls

the guys

the guys

the Raya 2009 family

the Raya 2009 family

I spent my day watching and downloading movies and get all the works that need to be done before class started.

  • The Proposal – AWESOME! I’m currently in love with Ryan Reynolds people! Fucking gorgeous guy!
  • The Talented Mr Ripley – Twisted movie and boring.
  • GI Joe: Rise of The Cobra – Although Channing Tatum looks so dashing, the action and the storyline is so boring
  • Collateral – Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx!
  • Gangs of New York – I like it alot. The passion of the native to protect their country for the Irish invaders really overwhelm
  • Valkyrie – I like history or true story based movie!
  • State of Play – MIND BLOWING! recommended to watch if you like mystery and brain twisted movie

Hopefully i have time to watch 3 more movies that i’ve downloaded. Public Enemies, The Departed and The Other Boleyn Girl.

My weekend was even better. Hangout with Syamim, Lutfi, Abu Dhzar, Azrul, Ahmad Zuhairi, Adam, Ellys.

  • Saturday – Went to Niah for the first time. Penat jugak dowh. Haha.
  • Sunday – Went to Lambir for the first time jugak. Sejuk gile air die. Haha. After that, sent Adam and Ahmad Zuhairi to airport. Went to play bowling for the first time as well. Tak la susah mane main bowling actually but not my type of sport for sure 🙂
Adam, me, Syamim, Lutfi, Abu, Zuhairi @ Lambir

Adam, me, Syamim, Lutfi, Abu, Zuhairi @ Lambir

in Niah Cave

in Niah Cave

Without wax,

yours truly in flu state (aaaachhhhoooo!)

p/s: I really wanna write something to ponder but i just don’t have the time to write it in proper way. Gotta do that later on.

Pre Raya 2009

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Current Song(s): Seleksi Pilihan raya saya 🙂

Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslim people out there! May Allah bless us during this holy month 🙂

This time raya tak meriah like 2007 and 2008. Ramai people yang celebrated raya here decided to go back their hometown this year. Yang tinggal pun just the Geologian people who going to Kuching for field trip on second day of raya. After that only me, Amrul, Miqdad , Prem, Azam and few other people.

Planning for tomorrow: Sembahyang Raya at Masjid Lutong. Beraya rumah villager. Beraya rumah abang ipin and ariff. Other than that, we’ll see how it goes tomorrow 🙂

I bought myself a wedges and handbag, both are black in colour.

Nothing biggie this time. Went out with Nina and her mom on Friday. Was a bit sad because i can’t get my raya shoe. If ade design lawa, the size pulak sikda or the price out of my budget. Haih. Today, i went out again with Sweetheart, Kerol, Koyot and Gapam to Bintang. My last hope of all. Thank GOD i found what i want 🙂

That’s all for pre-raya report. Wait for the raya and post raya report.

With love of Syawal to all,

yours truly


*PIC mid term mcm haram susah. Why la asked about recycle punya dynamics model…sah2 aku x reti buat. There you go 10%. Bagi la aku dapat separuh pun jadi la

*Reaction is more harder than i think it is. Damn it! Stoichiometry!!!!!

*I decided to go to Prom this year. Out of the moon, right? Haha. Sedut called me and said that they all gonna fit in one table. I remembered i told Mia that i will go to prom if i have a date. Well, i guess my date is Sedut after all. Hehe. Thinking of wearing what. Gonna go with French style i guess. Hmmmmm

*I wanna go town and buy some stuff this Friday, by hook or by crook. Really wanna go town. Planning to ajak Nina comel. See how it goes

*Got 2 parcels today, my baju raya and kuih raya. L.O.V.E you mommy 🙂

*No plan for raya yet…i don’t think we gonna cook this time around. But still…

*I’m so in raya mood right now. Please finish all these school stuff soon enough. Huhu

without wax,

yours truly 🙂


Quick Update!

*Forgot to mention that PeeChee bought me a kangaroo when he went to Perth for his sister’s graduation. Now, i have Kangi and Ashri to teman me tidur malam, besides Pinky, Doggie, Lil, Lovely. Hehe 🙂 I love it. Thank you Boss!

*I’m on busy mode lately. Don’t kacau unless you have too.

*I’m emotionally good 🙂

*Currently running out of cash. RM 100 until 24th September. No kasut raya for me this time 😦

*I want a boyfriend! Please find me one people. At least, that can bring me to prom on 2nd October. Hehe

*On serious note, I hope i survive this two weeks.

*To the people yang tak balik raya, do contact me, or Miqdad or Azam or Amrul. We plan to raya in Brunei. Plan la…hehe

that’s all

without wax,
yours truly 😀

the confession

Pardon me for the emotional post but i think i have to let it out. Do read if you want too

Its 12.40 am. I woke up after 4 hours of sleeping. I need to go back to sleep again because tomorrow classes are back to back. I can’t afford to skip class anymore. I’ve been doing it for so many times this semester. I don’t want it to be like 2nd semester 2008. That’s the worst semester i had so far.

I lost count of how many days i skipped my terawih. This ramadhan will become the least favourite ramadhan in my life so far.

Ya Allah, bagilah aku hidup sehingga Ramadhan yang akan datang supaya aku dapat tebus semula amalan2 aku yang tertinggal pada Ramadhan kali ini.

I have Reaction presentation worth 10% and PIC assignment 1 worth 15% due this Friday. Reaction Mid Term quiz worth 10% on next week Thursday. PIC mid term will take place next week as well. Sure i know all this but i still stick to my same old same old daily life basis which makes me really unproductive person. I don’t understand why i can’t find anything that can drives me to change all this.

I don’t understand myself lately. So, excuse me for being a bit whacky and unstable. I’ve done so much in life that i can’t even describe it here. A life that i try so hard to change. I became more secretive, more sensitive, more temper, more unwelcome, more loner, more annoy than i used to be. To whoever that feels my bad and unpredictable aura, i am sincerely sorry. I can’t seems to control that part of me lately.

I do hope that i’ll be able to get through all these fuck up shit during the free week of Raya. I must and i will.

thank you for reading.

without wax,

yours truly

the gateway

Current Mood: Relax after the Fluid assignment. Focus on the Reaction

Current Song: Fall To Pieces by Avril Lavigne

Welcome back Curtin people! I hope you guys had tonnes of fun last week. Yeah, everybody love free week including yours truly 🙂

But what i don’t like about free week is it makes me become such a lazy person and the cash flow just like a river. Haha. Well, at least i had my fun time and memories 🙂

My free week weekend was awesome! Hanging out with my beloved people and was introduced to the new person, Abu. He’s a friend of Abang and Sedut. Some activities that has been done were:

  • watched football match – Man U vs. Arsenal (I don’t brag that Man U won the match because i don’t think they really deserves it but as Salim said, ‘People will remember you when u win, no matter in what way you get it’) Nice! haha
  • Watched Contact Rugby. I wanna play Touch Rugby again but….sigh
  • Went to Chin Brothers 2 days in the row just watching the boys played Lucky Ball
  • Hangout at Abu’s apartment at Imperial. Almost all of us.
Abu and Sedut

Abu and Sedut

Aswad and Syabil

Aswad and Syabil





*not in the pic were Abang, Nadea (yaya!) and Mia babe.

I have to agree with my darling Lyanne that the blogging time was finally over. I really really really have nothing to blog about besides my life lately. Thinking of shutting down this blog. Hmmmmm. Will definitely thinking of an issues later.

I have a new crush. He is so damn fucking cute eh. Serious shit! I’m in the cloud nine people 🙂

I feel that i’ve abandoning my housemates lately, which i am truly sorry dearie 5712. Not only them but my Geologian friend as well. I am so sorry if i do so but believe me, i just wanna spend more times with the people that’s going to leave me next semester and most of them are very close to me. You guys will leave me too, soon. Sometimes i kinda feel being outcast. Will try to find my time with you guys again, dear lovely friends 🙂

CFC League Week 2 will be commencing this Saturday. Hopefully nothing like the first week happen.

I’ve been haywire with my units lately. I was not focus on my assignments. Gotta get back on track man. The life will be miserable after this week. Really hope to get myself together as soon as possible. Gorgeous said, ‘I don’t want to hear that you have problems with your life and affect your studies. Find a way and fix it! You must fix it!’. Haih. Will do boss!

Suddenly, i miss my dearie brother and my lepak2 member back in Shah Alam.

That’s all for now. Hopefully, i can write about something that’s much better than my life later.

without wax,

yours truly in cloud nine…hehe. He’s cute. Like really seriously cute. wahhhhh (i’m melting the whole way)