As expected

As expected…VOC win by 2oo plus party vote over UDP


Farid won individual vote against Tulika but since VOC has higher party vote, Tulika got the seat as Vice President


I lost my individual vote by 10 to my opponent


Total Party Vote: 143

Total Individual Vote: 117


There are 250 students think that i should get the Vice Treasurer post. Well, it’s an achievement for me to know there are people think that i am capable for that position.


I was not nervous at all when i decided to attend the vote counting thingy because i already have the mindset of not winning the post. But, it turned out to be totally different when the counting started. Seriously indescribable feeling. I think the real world election pun macam tu jugak rase die. Hehe


Well, at least i experienced how to campaign, how the election goes, how the politics works….hehe. Priceless 🙂

the resting period :)

after busy for the whole week….


Student Council Election & Debate…


CFC Triple Event Day Meeting….


Reaction and PIC project…


Today, i finally can smile 🙂


p/s: Election result out by today. Vote counting start 6 pm. I seriously nervous about it. I don’t think i’m going to win the post anyway….

The Truth About Student Council

Ok. I should do work now but i think i have to let everyone who read my blog knows about what i’m facing right now.

UDP (United Democratic Party)

As all of you know, i’m running as Vice Treasurer position for Student Council 2010 for this party.

I know most of you guys didn’t know most of the people in the party but BELIEVE ME, they can do work. They are capable of doing anything for you. You guys know Karibi as President of Rugby Club, Bryan Liew as President of Ping Pong Club, Leah as President of Cheerleading Club before she joined the Council team last semester, Yi Hang is the Founder of Volleyball Club, Omid has a degree in Architecture from Germany University before he joined Curtin to do Civil and Construction, Kent as President of Art and Dance Club. Do you think they can have this position if they can’t really do works? Most of them are still active in the club event and stuff but they have to let go the position because as you joining Student Council, you CAN’T have any higher position in any of clubs.

I’m not just simply judge people here. I’ve been working with them for the past 2 weeks and they really passionate in representing the students to voice out their needs. I ASSURE each and everyone of you that UDP can make every single manifesto come true. Our manifestos are realistic, do-able and attainable.

You might never notice them because they didn’t live in our community. We rarely sees them because most of them are Business students.

What i don’t understand is why Voice of Curtin doesn’t register as same time with us. Why last minute? It shows that they really don’t have interest in Council at the first place.

I run through their manifesto during our party meeting today. Most of the issues proposed there were already been done by the current Student Council. Such as to provide better sports facilities. Did all of you know that we are going to have the outdoor volleyball court, tennis court, new basketball court and new car park behind the football grand stand? No right…because all of you never attend the student meeting with council which has been held 3 times in this semester. For lesser food price, do you guys know that the rent for 1 lot at the cafe cost RM 2000 per month? Do the math people.

I know that you guys are more familiar with the people in Voice of Curtin Party but are you sure they really gonna do the works? I kid you not people. The council work are tough. Trust me. I’ve been briefing about the work by current president and you can imagine the amount of pressure held on you to make sure you fulfill the students need. That’s what Council is all about. Vote for people that you know will do the work for you, will make sure you get what you want.

Now, i’m gonna talk about why i have to push my party.

Most of you might not know this. The party vote determine the people who are going to run for council, not the individual vote. You can have 1000 of individual vote but it still depends on the preference list set by the current president. It is hard to explain here.

I know everyone of you want me to join Council for our own benefits right? But i can’t guarantee you my position if you are not voting for my party. That’s how it goes. PARTY vote.

Stop all this crap about party. I’m gonna be honest with you guys.

If you let Voice of Curtin win, I WILL NOT BE IN COUNCIL. Did you see the candidates for that party? I’m not being racist or what but they don’t have ANY MUSLIM or MALAY in the party. Do you think they gonna help us if they win the election? We being such a minority here. We need someone that has strong position in the Council to help us through. Ayub shall agree with me in this matter right, Ayub? We need someone to backup our rights. Farid will do that for you guys as he and Shahul had been done the same shit this year. Helping the MALAY and MUSLIM as best as they can.

Last thing that i can say is vote for the people that you think can do works for you, can take care your benefit. May the best party win!

yours truly

My thoughts

Here’s my thought on self-promoting.

I am NEVER a fan of promoting myself that i am good or the best or whatever good values that you can find in me because i always believe that actions speaks lounder than words. Right?

When you ask me to sell myself to the public, i can’t and if i have a choice, i rather not to promote myself.

That’s why i took Engineering instead of Marketing. I can’t sell myself!

The point here is that i will not make a good politician. That’s for sure.

Now, here’s my thought on people that doesn’t keep up with their promise.

Don’t la janji macam2 at the first place. Cakap nak besar je. SEBESAR bumi! But last2, habuk pun tada.

Read between the lines people!

yours truly


Current Mood: Get back to school work

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Hello people!

To my dearie readers, i am TRULY sorry because i didn’t update the blog for quite a long time (macam la ade org baca pun kan…haha)

Anyway, a LOTS of thing happen during the un-updated day.

  • Went to PROM 2009 at Eastwood. Had fun with my dates; Nina, Syabil, Sedut, Jay, Aswad, Azureen, Hakam, Gomeng, Salina. Stupid jokes and dance!
  • Went to our very own ‘after party’ with Chendoy, Abu and Chong, plus the Prom members. Kareoke 4 jam sampai lebam!
  • Nigerian Independance Day where they had a friendly football tournament between the Nigerians and CFC All Around the World. CFC team won by 4-2.
  • Unisex Futsal Tournament, handled by me and Abby. I had fun time. Thank you to everyone who participated 🙂
  • Curtin Seven’s. I came for the second day only. Penat support CROCS weh! haha.

And few others thing that i usually do, plus skipping classes, lazying around although i have alot of undone assignments.

23 October 2009 – Due PIC Assignment 2, Thermo Assignment 2, Fluid and Particle Assignment 3.

30 October 2009 – Due Reaction Project B, PIC Project 2.

Again, i got a back to back timetable for the exam this time. Fuck you! I hate back to back. It drives me insane!!!!!

I am so gonna focus on my school works now. The only things to be worried about is the triple event of CFC (AGM, All-Star game, Award Ceremony) and the Student Council thingy. I wanna run for student council next year. Kinda cool. Haha. Hope i can and i will be able to do so.

jay, azureen, me and sedut

jay, azureen, me and sedut

That’s all for now. I am currently in lazy state of updating about myself.

without wax,

yours truly in working state