Kickin’ back the old skool

some of the songs here are cover version. I can’t listen to the old version because it doesn’t suit my taste well. Kinda like the cover version. Hehe. Have fun 🙂


1) Can’t Take My Eyes of You – Lauryn Hill feat. The Fugees


2) Killing Me Softly – The Fugees


3) Shackles (Praise You) – Mary Mary


4) Careless Whisper – Dave Koz & Montell Jordan


5) Big Big World – Emilia


6) I Will Survive – Cake


7) Sunshine – Gabrielle


8) Stay The Same – Joey McIntyre

The day i left Miri

Current Mood: Home!

Current Song: Russian Roulette by Rihanna


Finally, after 12 days in Miri, here i am, at my most safest place of all, Mi Casa 🙂

The family’s good. My dad picked me up at the airport. He lost weight again. I hugged him like i never hug him before. Miss papa bear alot. Chat the whole way, joined by Roy on the morning breakfast before he headed to LCCT for his next flight to Kedah. Then, both of us went to my brother’s college, settle up some of his stuff. There’s nothing change in him. Same old same old. Had Subway for lunch before went back home. Met mama bear later in the evening. She’s losing weight as well. Its kinda scary when almost all your family member lost few pounds when you the only left, who added extra spare tyre. But thank God i’m not the only one in the family who gain weight. All my cats are fat too. They eat alot!


The flight was ok. It’s a new experience to me because i never had a morning flight before. I bumped into one of my primary school junior, working as the flight attendance! I was shocked, in the good way though. She’s 20 and working while i’m 21 and still figuring out the difference between vapor and gas. Haha.


My wish came true when 2 of my favourite guy sent me to the airport, my Abang and Gorgeous. I really wish it would come true and it does. I had my night before the flight with Abang. We talked like we always do before the end of semester. But i didn’t cry. I was going to actually but Abang just too clever, picked up the hint of me going to burst out in tear and changed our conversation subject. Haha. I’m gonna miss both of the guy alot. Really alot. I can’t put in words how thankful i am to have both of them in my life, regardless whatever happen. Huhu. It’s really hard to find a friend that you can trust and do anything for you. I met Sedut before my flight as well. Gonna miss that guy too. 5722 people has been really good to me for the past 3 years. Fariq, Sedut, Khadab, Syabil, Gapam, Chendoy and their allies. Will miss all of them after next year.


Well, that’s it for Miri this time around. I hope it will be a different story next year with different people.


till next year of Miri


without wax,

yours truly in missing people state 😦

Gorgeous’s Last Words

Choose to wear good cloths

Choose to put on make ups

Choose to understand what you’ve read

Choose to remember what you’ve learnt

But the most important is choose to be happy for yourself, not for anyone else, not for being happy for someone else.

Hang on to whatever that you have with you, not with the things that already gone.

I listened to all these while i was sitting on top of him yesterday night…crying


Quickie update people! (Lazy to write a long post for now)

*I’ll be heading home on 25 november, 6.20 am flight. That will be roughly 2 days more before i go back to mi mami and mi papi in good gracious state…hehe. I so can’t wait to go back!!!

*I went to campus for few reasons after the exam ended. 1st, to borrow books, which i have 2 more to finish. 2nd, pre-meeting of CFC new board member, which i can see a glimpse of hope in somewhere that next sem will impose some few appropriate changes to the league. Gonna settle up all the remaining stuff tomorrow. Huhu.

*Almost done with packing. I just looking for the means to transport my stuff over to the storage house. Will think about it soon. Huhu.

*I suppose to hangout out alot with Abang, Sedut and Syabil but i didn’t. Kinda weird for me to just sit at home and watched movies. Well, they’re busy with their housemates and friends anyway. I’m not in their social calendar date. Hehe.

*I watched few good old movie this time. GI Jane was simply awesome. I love Demi Moore to the max in the movie. A Few Good Man is really spellbinding. Tom Cruise in it!. I watched  The Bodyguard as well. Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Epic weh…hehe

*Did some socializing activities. Play basketball on last last friday. Went to E-Fact Alumni Gathering at Taman Awam. Had steamboat and karaoke session. Its been awhile since my batch had sat and talk together. Teringat zaman foundation dulu. Such a sweet time. By next year, all of you graduate and leave me for a semester to go (hopefully). Went to Puan Hashimah’s house. Abg Amno did some makan2 for the people who graduating this sem. Best weh makan. Haha. Went to Balcony later that night with Mia, her ex bf, Nadea and Abang. My goodness! I dance like never dance for. Haha. A bit embarrassing to me though. Seriously, deep inside me, i’m a shy person and lack of self-confident kinda girl. But, i don’t usually portray that part of me most of the time. Hehe.

Well, that’s about it.

without wax,

yours truly in exciting stage of going home


I just realised that i have so many confessions this year. Weird is it? Haha. But i think this one gonna be the most utterly truth of all.


I have problem. Yeah, so does everyone else right?. What makes you and i have a common problem but you have the solution while i don’t?


I have problem with people’s impression towards me. That’s the biggest thing ever for me. I like to think that people do love me for all means. Seriously, i never thought that people are going to talk bad about me because i never do anything bad to them. This thought seriously never occur to me until one day, a close friend of mine asked me, ‘ko rasekan ade x org kutuk ko belakang ko?’ That was the moment i felt like how many good deeds i’ve done to all my friends, it won’t stop them to talk shit about me if they want to.


I usually have negative 1st impression towards people. I think that’s why i have problem with people’s impression towards me. I try as much as i can to be good, to look good in front of all people. I will only let you into my darkest secret if i can only trust you because it is hard for me to trust a person.


By doing so, am i being hypocrite?

Among My Favourite Spanish Songs

I know its abit weird….and yes, i do listen to Spanish songs. I like the melody, the lyrics as well. Although i don’t really fully understand it, i can still feel the emotion in the songs. Well, i hope you enjoy it 🙂

Contigo En La Distancia (You in the distance) by Christina Aguilera

Es que te has convertido
En parte de mi alma
Ya nada me consuela
Si no estas tu tambien

You have become
Part of my heart
Nothing comforts me anymore
If you’re not by my side.

El Beso Del Final (The Last Kiss) by Christina Aguilera

Anoche yo senti, que me besaste diferente
Y me quede sin saber que hacer
Yo te conozco y se que algo no anda bien
Ven, dime la verdad, no quiero imaginar
Que fue el beso del final

Last night, the way you kissed me felt different
I had no clue what should I have done
I know you, I am positive something is wrong
Come on! Tell me the truth, I wouldn’t want to think
This was the final kiss

Tu (You) by Shakira

Porque eres tu mi sol
La fe con que vivo
La potencia de mi voz
Los pies con que camino
Eres tu amor
Mis ganas de reir
El adios que no sabre decir
Porque nunca podre vivir sin ti

Because you are my sun
The faith with which I live
The power of my voice
My feet that I walk with
You are, my love
My desire to laugh
I will not know how to say goodbye
Because I will never be able to live without you

HayAmores (There Are Loves) by Shakira

Hay amores que se esperan al invierno y florecen
Y en las noches del otoño reverdecen
Tal como el amor que siento yo por ti

There are loves which wait for the winter to bloom
and in the autumn evenings turn green again,
just like the love I feel for you.
Escapemonos (Let’s Escape) by Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

Para que estemos solos amor
En un día sin fin
Sin preocuparnos más
Del que podrán decir
Donde durmamos abrazados
Y si entonces nos sorprende el amanecer
Saber que estás ahí
Que estamos solos

No Me Ames (You Don’t Love Me) by Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

No me ames, que comprendo
La mentira que seria
Si tu amor no merezco
No me ames, más quedate otra dia
No me ames, porque estoy perdido
Porque cambie el mundo, porque es el destino
Porque no se puede, somos un espejo
Y tu asi serias lo que yo de mi reflejo

Don’t love me, because i understand
The lie it would be
If i don’t deserve your love
Don’t love me, just stay one more day
Don’t love me, because i am lost
Because i changed the world, because it is destiny
Because it can’t be, we are a mirror
And since it is so you would be what I reflect of me

Jokes of the Day

Beruang, Singa dan Babi bertemu di hutan…

Beruang kata: “sekali ja aku mengaum, seluruh hutan menggigil.”

Singa kata: “eleh, sekali ja aku mengaum semua belantara ketakutan.”

Babi kata: “Wa La Weh…. sekali ja aku batuk, satu dunia panik!”



Rumours frm New Student Council

Call me bad or bitch or any other words that you like…i just wanna say what i wanna say. Hate me if you want to. I don’t give a fucking care because somewhere, somehow, its gonna affect all of you, directly or indirectly…

I heard a rumours for the insider of new Student Council. Apparently, she told me about our new Student Council’s Tressurer cried during the handover position ceremony last saturday because she didn’t expect that she has to start working the account on January. She didnt really prepare on what she gonna face on for the council.

FYI people. Tressurer of Student Council gets a hold of all clubs account and the allocated money from the management. Vice tressurer gets a hold of events account that being organised by the Council. At times to times, there will be auditing for the account to make sure that the money goes smoothly and no ‘penyelewengan’ ever happen.

That’s why it is vital for the tressurer position to has at least the knowledge on accounting or has been a tressurer for any organisation before. Much better if she/her is currently studying anything related to that.

Michelle is a 2nd year 2nd semester Accounting and Finannce student. A really bright one actually. I have been working with money since my secondary years as tressurer. I have the basic knowledge.

Do the tressurer that YOU guys voted has the qualification to do work? 🙂

All the best to the Council next year. Being apart of CFC still, i’m gonna make sure i get what i want as a tressurer.

But then again, you guys dont actually care about whoever went into the council right? then you can just complaint all the bulshits and stuff. So yeah.

Being in council is not for fun. Its not for popularity. You wont be popular by it. You have to work for others benefit.