the closing event for this holiday

Current Mood: Malas nak packing balik Miri

Current Song: Jangan Kau Ucap Selamat Tinggal by Shades (tangkap nangis punya lagu)

16 February 2010, Hana’s 22nd birthday celebration kat Secret Recipe USJ 9 andΒ Karaoke kat Summit.

Farhan yg buat muke extreme comel & Hazizi yg agak psycho

Fadhil perasan macho

Nadia & Naim

Tarmizi yg sentiase comel

Birthday Girl, Hana

dalam karaoke room

pic favourite

Haha. Mesti tertanya-tanye nape dengan Farhan tu pic favourite. Presenting….

Ex crush aku selama 4 tahun time sekolah menengah. 1 class dengan die dari Form 1. Menepati semua ciri2 aku nak. A hell of good guy. Family aku approve kot mamat ni (dalam ramai2 lelaki yg aku prnh suke, including ex aku, Farhan sorang je yg dapat approval. Bayangkan baiknye die pada mata family aku). Haha. Sayangnye, die la x berkenan dengan aku. Form 4, aku confess aku ade hati kat die. Tau ape reaction die? Tak cakap dengan aku 3 bulan. Die la lelaki pertama buat aku nangis. Haha. Still sampai sekarang, aku sayang kat die, sebagai seorang kawan yg sejati n murni. Sume member die panggil die Syarif. Name penuh Ahmad Farhan Syarif. Aku je sorang yg panggil Farhan.

All in all, aku had great time hari tu. Mane taknye, dah lepas habis karaoke, lepak kat Carlos USJ 9 tu sampai pukul 1 pagi. Farhan la tukang hantar balik. Tu yg aku sentiasa syg die lebih tu. Hehe.

19 February 2010, the Royal’s outing. Makan Satay kat RnR Gutherie, Strolling down the Curve until 1 am, lepak McD until 2 am (sebab Izzat ada class pagi besok. Potong betul la ‘uncle’ ni…haha)

The Royal family πŸ™‚

Cuti aku sangat fun kali ni. Every weekend tak lekat rumah. Ade je keluar pegi mane2. Sampai Abah bising tak lekat rumah. Mak aku dah biasa dah aku kena marah. Bila Abah aku bunyi, memang pedih sikit la. Haha. Tapi yang penting, rata-rata aku keluar, atas duit gaji aku or orang belanja kecuali bulan December, tu kebas duit adik kesayangan aku RM 50. Haha. Survive je aku kat sini RM 50. Kat Miri, RM 500 sebulan tu nyaris tak cukup kot kadang2.

Untuk cuti kali ni, aku berterima kasih kat Royal family…hehe. Banyak time we spent together kan, directly and indirectly. Thank you layankan kepala gile aku. Balik bulan 7, kite buat plan lagi ok. Kerat2 Hicomian member aku jgk yg ade tersesat join. Sorry la tak dapat nak find time buat activity banyak dengan korang sebab korang dah masuk uni. Thanx to USJian member aku jugak, aku dapat jumpe member2 yg berbeza clan. Lama x lepak dengan korang kan. Mirian member aku yg datang rumah hari tu, thank you melawat teratak buruk saya. Hehe. Lastly to family aku la kan sebab menahan karenah mempunyai aku di rumah. Mak aku dah puluh kali marah pun aku buat bodoh jgk, adik aku pun. Haha. Mak aku rindu aku la for sure. Takde org nak layan die gossip bile aku balik. Hehe.

Till we meet again bulan 7 Shah Alam, i bid you farewell

Miri, please give me a warm welcome ya (kerja dah menimbun dah, warm gile…haha)

bien Γ  vous,

yours aye in state of packing her stuff and heart to Miri 😦

You Are My Sunshine

Hey all! What’s up. Suppose to blog about my last two outing with the friends but dorang tak upload gambar lagi. As soon as the pics up, i’ll let you know the stories ya πŸ˜‰

Again, title can be deceiving…hehe

I happen to be one of those people that give extra care when it comes to friendship. I think most of my closed friend do realise that. Aku sangat susah hati bile org yg aku sayang sedih, resah, gelisah, tak senang hidup. Memang aku susah hati sangat. Because i believe everyone deserve to have a happy day, a smile in their face even for a while pun. I’m a firm believer in moment of life. There are moments in your life that you really like to live in it again, regardless its good or bad. I have few moments that i would seriously like to make it happen again.

I’m out of topic. Haha. Bear with me aite people? πŸ™‚

I like to depict myself as a sunshine. To everyone (exceptional on Jengga la, aku rase aku nightmare die kot. Although i never really say this to him, he’s one hell of a friend, a good way tho. Kadar toleransi die terhadap aku amat la tinggi. For that, i love you, dearie friend πŸ™‚ Β ). As far as i can remember, i’ll try my best to help all my friends that are in need. Believe me, my extend of helping friend is far beyond your imagination. Ada yg memang betul2 seriously asked for a help, ada member yg amik kesempatan atas kebaikan aku, which in one way, i consider it as my weekness jugak. I just can’t help it. I like to help. Whether just being by their side listening to their rambling about the problem, or just being the shoulder to cry on or by just sit in silent next to them, i do really hope by that, i can help them to let go of their problem, even just for a while.

I like to smile. I do smile alot as far as i can remember. The only time i didn’t smile is when you meet my other half, the Moon version of Rahilah, which indicates either i was on fight with someone, or i was angry with my piles of workload, or when things doesn’t go my way. That’s when you see the other side of me that i rather not show it to others because i always keep in mind that people are not here to listen to my stupidity or carelessness. But then, saya pun seorang manusia seperti anda semua. I have my times as well. Hehe. Thank you to the people who always be there when i had my stupidity moments. You know who you are πŸ™‚

But all these really got me thinking, people view me as caring or busybody? I wish the answer to be caring. But i know there are certain people who says that i’m a busybody person. You can tell by the look on their face when you ask a personal question, either they consider you as busybody or caring. I developed this by experience. You need to be the right person at the right time and the right place to be consider as caring. If not, memang orang cop ko busybody and kaki gossip. I’ve been called that before. Sedih tu sedih jugak la bila people didn’t get your intention kan but, its free world anyway. They speak whatever they wanna speak.

I learnt to accept people comes in many forms. Its kinda interesting when you can really tell your friend do have problems and you guess the problem right. Memang syok. Times to times, i do tell myself that i’m taking a wrong course. I should be psychologist or counsellor. Haha. But, i won’t trade it for the things i learn currently. Engineering is such an awesome things. Its about entering the other part of human’s world. I can’t imagine the world without engineering.

Yet another rambling. Huhu. Do apologise me people πŸ™‚

I’m not really good at making conclusion. I hate conclusion. Conclusion means end. I don’t like things to end. Why must it ends?

In conclusion, i like to picture myself as everyone sunshine. I’m truly sorry if you hate it. It just me and i’m being myself πŸ˜€

bein Γ  vous

your aye in preparing herself to leave the most awesome place on earth, her casa

Surprising yet Awesome weekend!

Current Mood: Rasa nak demam…huhu

Current Song: Officially Missing You by Tamia

Before aku story what happen for this weekend, i really wanna say Thank You God coz giving all these opportunities. Seriously, without You, none of these will happen. Truly bless with all the happening stuff. Alhamdulillah.

Sume ni actually x sepatutnye jadi. I’ve cancelled the Genting plan on Thursday because Iskandar tak lepas nak keluar. Mak die kadang2 can be a bit over protective. Yela, anak lelaki sorang, bongsu pulak tu. Memang la. Usually, kalo kitorg keluar berempat, which is aku, Ben, Is and Areen, yang bermasalah nak dapat permission in Areen and Is. Areen anak sulung perempuan. Truthfully, memang susah jgk kitorg nak keluar. Tu yg jarang dapat invite others tu. Sorry ek.

Friday Evening.

Last day of work for the week. Dah settle down on perancangan yg tak menjadi for the weekend, i was thinking about the backup plan. Tetibe msg masuk pukul 12.30 pm…

From: 017-3534793

U abis kerja pukul berape?

Damn! the ex boyfriend. Huhu. Dah la a day before aku gado tak pasal2 dengan die. Then, i’ve replied the msg.

Finish work at 5.30 pm. Nape?

Jom lepak2…

Otak aku ligat gile pusing…mamat ni kena santau ke, demam kapialu ke ape…kitorg x jumpe face to face almost 1 year. Everytime i wanna meet him, ade je alasan die, which kadang2 munasabah, kadang2 tak. Well, since i’m so eager to meet him, aku replied the msg. Asked him where he wants to lepak2, he asked me to decide. I said, lepak dekat2 my house jela since he said he wanted to go back home straight after meeting me. He said ok. Then, 2.30 pm, ade msg masuk lg. I thought its gonna be from Iskandar, turn out to be the ex..

Kite tengok wayang jom?

I was like WTF???? dah lama tak jumpa, ajak aku tengok wayang. Sengal sungguh. I asked when, he replied petang ni. Well, macam orang mengantuk di sorongkan bantal, i agreed to all his plan.

Sungguh aku tak tipu, i was nervous. As always. He’s the only person yg boleh buat aku rase butterfly in my stomach. Takde org lain lagi for now. Maybe kalo ade, that would be my upcoming bf la kot. We went to Summit, ate McD for dinner and watched The Spy Next Door. Simple night, which i miss so much to have it with him. Just the chat and to look into his eyes. I can’t explain the feeling. I told him that this hangout is his present to me for this year’s birthday. He just smiled.


Upon all this and from past and present thought, i think all my close friend knows my problem with him. But instead, i decided to stay in this madness. I decided i won’t leave him at all. Don’t ask me to change my decision but keep on remind me that i choose to be in this way. Please πŸ™‚

Saturday Morning.

Since the Genting plan got cancel, i do what i have to do every Saturday morning, which is teaching kids on science. I’ll blog more about this later on. Tengah bersiap2 tu, tetibe msg masuk, 9.30 am…

From: Boyfie (Iskandar)

Kite gerak dalam pukul 12, bwk sweater. In case naik genting.

Aku termenung sebelum reply like this…

Ko biar betul…sound areen and ben la. Gerak lambat sikit, aku kena mengajar ni. Dalam 12.30 pm.

Aku mengajar kanak2 tu pasal Light. Tajuk yang agak susah untuk di’explain’ kepada kanak2 yg range umurnye between 9 to 17 years old, but seriously, i tried my best to make them understand. Dorang suke sangat experiment. Sedar2 dah pukul 11.45 am. Aku balik rumah dengan cepatnye sambil check msg…ade 1 when i thought it was from Boyfie lg, turn out to be from Izzat…

Cha…nak follow la…bole tak?

Aku dengan rela hatinye terus call Izzat, explain all the further plan. Die ckp die nak follow. Aku terus call Iskandar lepas tu. Confirmkan everything. Then, by 12.30 pm, gerak from my house, aku, Izzat and Iskandar. Amik Ben and Areen. Kami pun naik la ke Genting..

Uncle Izzat

Balong @ Ben

Iskandar @ Boyfie

yours truly


us =)

Flying Coaster yg buat aku semput nyawa

Venice Gandola

More other pic inside my facebook πŸ™‚

Dinner at Big Plate. Memang banyak kot makanan die. Sumpah. Sangat banyak. Huhu.

Ayam Shah & Areen's. Half bird tu. Seriously sedap.

Boyfie with Mixed Grill

Balong with makanan yg buat die rase mcm kambing

Izzat with Burger Beef

Genting tamat pada pukul 10.30 malam. Lepak rumah Ben kejap since family die takda. Settle hutang makan, minyak & tol dengan Is. Is hantar Areen balik, i’m with Ben and Izzat.

Saturday Midnight.

Dah hantar Izzat balik rumah becoz gf die dah buat 48 miscall, i was out with Ben to Carefour Subang Jaya, to pick up someone and melepak. That someone ade kena mengena dengan Ben la. I was out all night because my dad called me during the dinner, said that he and mommy kat rumah Kak Long Tembam kat Keramat. Daddy tak bgtau pun i have to go to my cousin’s house. My brother pun tak cakap pape. So, i were free like a bird that night. Memang ronggeng la aku.

Lepak dekat Carlos USJ 9. I wanna meet someone yg dah lama tak jumpe. I texted Farhan, my USJian friend. He was with Hana, my bestie and Naim dekat Tanjung USJ 9, which selang 3 buah kedai je dari Carlos tu…haha. Met them, borak tepi jalan. Best seyh dapat jumpe dorg. Its been awhile pun.

Lepas dekat Carlos, kitorg pegi jumpe Areen kat USJ 23. Personal stuff. Hantar Areen balik rumah, we went to McD Section 26. Chatting non stop sampai pukul 7.00 am. Lepas tu, follow Ben hantar mamat tu balik rumah die kat USJ 1 then, i’m back at my house and on my bed around 7.30 am. Kunci jam untuk bangun 1.00 pm because nak pegi kenduri kawin kakak Fairous.

Sunday Mid Evening.

Pergi kenduri kakak Fairous with Areen, Ben and Is. Met Aina, Ain Ketot, Zayid, Farhana, my ex, Qayum and Fidot. Hehe. Almost all the people aku nak jumpe cuti ni, dah terjumpa.

We ended up looking for cendol after that, tapi xde. Huhu. Balik dengan hati hampa.

Overall, i had fun sangat weekend ni. More than i asked for. I just want Genting because its for Ben’s bday and convo celebration. hehe. Well, i think everyone who joined the journey felt the same way as i am.

That all for now

Bien Γ  vous

yours aye in going to demam state but had thousands of fun πŸ˜€


Current Mood: my swings hit me…badly

Current Song: Entah by Afghan

Things do happen for certain reasons

but maybe i’m just too weak to face the fact.

To me, reasons are just bullshit. Define reasons. Define excuses.

I left my heart somewhere, long time ago.

No one has picked it up yet

maybe it just too dirty to be touched by angel’s hand.

Well, the fact that i’m not a saint nor a nice princess does hatred towards me.

I am what i am.

Take it or leave it. The choice is truly yours.

Lord wants me to learn, that’s why He still keeps me around.

I’ve met few experiences, they said hi, i asked why.

I’ve come across darkness, they waved, i tried to hide.

I’ve stumbled upon light, they called, i walked back.

I’ve tried to kill but i died at the same time.

This is life & i live in it.

Dearie Bro 20th Bday

Current Mood: Excited for the weekend

Current Song: Never Knew I Needed by Ne-Yo

Happy 20th birthday. May all your wishes come true. I love you alot

bien Γ  vous

yours aye in state of extrem happiness πŸ˜€

p/s: hopefully pegi genting sabtu ni, i have weddings to attend sunday morning and replacement class sunday evening