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i saw this one person, description = uncle, yang sangat tua, dah bongkok but still working as guard.

Simple question, is he still working because he has to or because he loves to?

I don’t know why but when i see him, i try to relate him with my dad. Abah has another 6-7 years to work after me and my brother graduate from degree.

Abah selalu cakap mcm ni, ‘another 6 years, i’m gonna collect money for me and my wife since you guys gonna have job on your own. Been spending too much on you guys already. Its time for me and ibu to enjoy our life’.

I told him like this, ‘la…by the time i start to work, you should start to think about retirement’.

Abah : Rahilah, i’m not stupid to think that one day, maybe you actually don’t remember that you have to pay me the amount of money that you and your brother used throughout your whole life. I don’t wanna be like people who waiting for their sons and daughter to repay them and make a shout-out in the TV saying that you guys tak reti nak balas jasa. We as parents try to nurture you with everything good and healthy. But, if you can’t make it work, it will no longer be our fault. Its you who not trying hard enough to understand the concept.

I’m speechless


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Hey all. I just realise that for the past 1 month, i only have 2 post about me in Miri. The starting school post and the birthday post. Haha. Two assumptions can be made. First, i was too busy for the past 1 month. Second, my life is pretty boring and routine. Haha.

Both assumptions are applicable, people. I was busy with school stuff, CFC stuff, abit of CIS stuff and personal life. Hehe.

School: 2 major assignments (ESD and PSD) and 1 test (Risk) for my school stuff.

CFC: Account checks for every week, buying drinks to sell for weekend match & sell drinks (the reasons why i have to be at the field, weekly, without fail), weekly meeting, collecting fees for league, club proposal.

CIS: Girls Talk presentation that ended up a bit boring because the magical touch of my presentation went to Colombia Asia due to some rashes. Huhu

Personal life: Currently having some major crush. No further details 🙂

Boring and routine, yes. I don’t have other things to do besides school stuff and CFC. Practically, that’s my life here. Night life was ok. Frequent Balcony people were amazed to see me at the dance floor. Got few nice comment about it. Haha. Funny betul.

I am living my life and i know where and when i should stop. I am an adult. Please treat me like one. As much as i wanna be a better person, i have my own thoughts and how i wanna do it.

Currently having the 2 weeks holiday. I wish i can go home. Missing the family and the Royal’s very much. So much to gossip about.

That’s all for now.

Will see how the life goes later

bein á vous

yours aye in cloud nine state 🙂

Being 22 is awesome! (editted with pics)

Sorry for the late post. I’m waiting for the pics on my birthday celebration but none of them uploaded it yet. So, i just gonna write on the occasion okay 🙂

1st celebration: Cutting cake with March Freaks at Curtin Village.

Been a tradition for the past 3 years, the March people celebrate the birthday together. Me, Syepah, Asha, Ammar, Islah, and Mau. Thank you to Villagers for the cake 🙂

my bff

2nd celebration: Housemates sang Happy Birthday Song.

One of the best present this year. At 12 am of 12 March, they went to my room and sang a birthday song for me. Saya sangat terharu and gembira in the same time. Thank you housemates (Liyana, Mira, Jiji, Nini and Iffah). Love you girls alot! 🙂

3rd celebration: Dinner with 13 girls at Citrus.

3 cars convo. My dinner was fully supported by the girls. Thank you so much. Pics session. Cakap merepek2 regardless Kak Jam around. Haha. Ice cream panas ek TC…hehe. *Liyana, Mira, Kak Jam, TC, Syepah, Asha, Annur, Jiji, Put, Nini, Dila and Jiha*



Lyanne babe

kak jam



yours truly


Jiji babe


Nini cayang


TC, the photographer =)

i like this pic, despite i look fat and ugly

4th celebration: Karaoke session at Season.

Went there after the dinner. Kak Jam, Asha, Liyana and Mira tak follow. Sayang betul. Yang lain, karok tak ingat dunia punya. Haha. Lepas tension, lepas gian. Hehe

5th celebration: Phone call from my sayangs in Perth.

This was really a suprise. Tengah syok2 karok tu, ade no Aussie naik. I thought of my Boo tapi agak kelakar la kalo die call sebenarnye. Turned out to be betul. Haha. Boo, Sayang and Smap! Thank you for the birthday song and phone call! Really sweet! I was literary cried outside the karok room. Thank you so much! 🙂

6th celebration: Balcony

Went there with Nadea, Abang and sorang lelaki yg tak boleh di’mention’ di sini utk mengelakkan controversy. Felt good dapat jejak dance floor balik. 3 bulan di Shah Alam, Royal family tak bawa pergi club sebab dorang suruh behave. Hehe. Well, i’m not a frequent clubber pun. Pergi bile rasa nak pergi. Dah penat, pegi Rasa Segar makan nasi lemak.

7th celebration: March Engineers Celebration at Siamese Secret.

Started this last year. Since Nadzim, me, Nina and Asfan born in March, we celebrated sekali la sume. Hehe. With addition of May and Azura. The best thing at Siamese Secret is the pizza. We ordered 3 large pizza. Haha. Had fun chatting and rambling because most of us were no longer meet each other everyday like we used to. Dollah and Jengga je takda malam tu. The Nasir’s family.

Nina & Nadzim

May, Asfan & Azura

Hadiah tahun ini adalah seperti di bawah:

Watch from Viki, my coursemate yg baik hati

Hoop Earing from dearie Sylvia

Lovely choker from Kak Jam

Cute little card from Putri

Batu ni dari Larry. Geologist tolong analyse.

THANK YOU so much for the wishes, treats and presents. Means alot to me 🙂

First week of school

Current Mood: Building the stress up

Current Song: Today Was A Fairytale by Taylor Swift

Welcome back to Curtin people! Where stress and fun occurs at the same time, with the same rate. Trust me 🙂

Just wanna say hello to the new students. I’m seeing some of the new faces this first week. Curtin is so small, plus the Malay Muslim here are kinda small community. You can easily spot the newbies around.

Being Rahilah in Curtin (konon perasan famous) is the hardest thing that i’ve ever do. Serious. Too many click of people i have to meet and to entertain. Abang picked me up at the airport last saturday. Had lunch at Taj, Lutong. Bumped into Abby, Steve and Hafis.

Lepak with Abang the whole day, without sleeping. Serious shit mengantuk tahap gaban. Before my flight, i wasn’t able to sleep because my mom and my brother ajak borak2 since my dad went outstation to China for 9 days. Its been a long time since my dad’s last outstation. Usually me, mom and bro sleeping at our living room and chatting the whole night. Kinda routine. So, getting back that rountine, head to head with me leaving Shah Alam, memang la bantai gelak the whole night. The only time i slept was during the flight time. Tu je. Came back from lunch, i picked up all my stuff, unpacked and organised my room back. I’m a simple girl. I don’t have many stuff like other girls usually have. Then, follow Abang to Boulevard, bought a pillow since my pillow kat storage house kena gigit tikus. Damn you tikus. Yang extra kelakar, Abang buat lawak.

Abang: Tadi belakang ko, ade tikus sebesar mouse.

Me: Ko sengal ke ape bang? Tikus and mouse same la.

Abang: Tak, maksud aku, tikus tu sebesar mouse (tetikus).

Me: *gelak sampai nak terburai perut*

After shopping, followed Abang to Padang Belia for Rugby Training. I was almost fall asleep there. Tersengguk gile kot. Then, pegi minum air kelapa with Fuad and Iqbal. Then, balik rumah, settle some personal stuff with Shah Alam clan and doozed off. Penat gile!

I really can’t remember what happened on Sunday. But basically, i woke up late (usual me), went dinner with Abang and Gapam. Went out with Chendoy, Mia, Yaya, Jay, Sedut, Pokeh, Sidi, Hafis. Late night call with Baby, then doozed off again (bestnye kalo hidup camni je)

Monday till Friday, attended classes, settle personal stuff, CFC stuff, meeting people. Basically, that sums up my weekdays.

Taking 5 units this semester. 3rd year 2nd sem. Not an easy thing, i kid you not baby.

ChE 312 Process Synthesis & Design (PSD) – Synthesis, Analysis, Optimization

ChE 321 Mass Transfer Operation (MTO) – Mass diffusivity

ChE 323 Transport Phenomena (TP) – Combination of MTO, Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics. Said to be the hardest unit in Chemical Engineering. Scary weh. Shit!!!!

ChE 421 Risk Management (Risk) – Low Probability/High Consequences, High Probability/Low Consequences

Engineering Sustainable Development 201 (ESD) – Sustainability & Sustainable Development.

This Sunday, my duty at the football field will be commencing. There goes my 10 hours weekend, for the sake of watching some blokes kicking one stupid ball but you won’t hear me complaining i guess because i love that sports, no matter what happen to it. See you guys this sunday, 5 pm ok. The Community Cup will start at 4 pm, between the last semester’s league winner Sabah against 2nd place Eagles. Gonna be an interesting match to watch for the starter of this season. Hopefully, this season gonna be ok. The committees mingled around just fine, especially when we waited for the foundation students to register at the booth just now. Haha. Hillarious i tell ya. Kinda different from the committees i worked for the past 2 semesters. We click in our own way i guess. We hope to provide all you footballers out there the best service that we can do 🙂

till next week (hopefully can be updated weekly),

bein á vous

yours aye in collecting stress state