Quick Update

*Berjaya menolong meringankan beban abah for the next one and the half year. Alhamdulillah 🙂

*Will be extremely busy after this week. Assignments and presentations and test in between. Not to forget, CFC

*Night life was ok. Went to Black and White Party at Victoria last 2 week. One thing about clubbing that i don’t really favour off is drinking, especially my friend who never been drinking before, started to drink. Man, i SERIOUSLY don’t like it. AT ALL. But, i can’t really say anything about that. Aku tak nak jadi mak die pulak membebelkan. But, if you reading this, just so you know, i don’t like it.

*Special thank you for my Cute Little Crush for the everyday chat, without fail 🙂

*Abang back for good yesterday. I cried myself to sleep.

Things I’ve Seen by Spook

You won’t believe the things I’ve seen
Far beyond your wildest dreams
I’ve seen chaos and order reign supreme
I’ve seen the beauty of the universe
so peaceful and serene
in seconds turn to violence and screams

I’ve seen true genius, too often to lose the meaningless
appreciation of this mediocre nation
I’ve heard the mind is repetition,
of empty words without tradition
Turned original verbs into submission
I smelled this malignerance addiction,
but I guess I wouldn’t be right
if I said the blunt was like a baby pipe
There ain’t gon’ be no revolution tonight
Half of my warriors as high as a kite
Lost and they lost all they fight
And I’ve tasted, the bitter tragedy of lives wasted
And men who glimpsed the darkness inside, but never faced it
And it’s a shame that most of y’all are followin sheep
Wallowin deeper than the darkness, you’re fallin asleep

You won’t believe the things I’ve seen
Far beyond your wildest dreams
I’ve seen chaos and order reign supreme
I’ve seen the beauty of the universe
so peaceful and serene
in seconds turn to violence and screams

I’ve seen and experienced things
that’ll push the average to the edge and swan dive to death
I’m two guys, multiplied by ninety-three guys
Evenly balanced seein evil equally in each eye now
Maybe I’m the most thorough worker on the job to you
or maybe I’m the one, who was plottin to rob you
The fear of this beatdown, the women on no cash to floss
makes most of y’all hustle ya ass off
From nothin to two mill’, in five years I’ll live to see it
vanish in six months, with no tears believe it
I’ll rock, twenty-eight years before the Feds can lay a trace
See they plan is to erase me, just to replace me

Like, Your heart is one with your brain
Emotional or reason, now which one do you obey?
Like, Somebody callin you insane
When overwhelmed and blessed, burst in tears of happiness

Yo, yo, I’ve seen relationships that’s so sick
Life long friendships so cha-o-tic
Thug cat bangin this chick but won’t kiss
Drinkin her spit, when coppin a fix for dope bliss
I got a knife and a bat, to bust your brain, put a knife in your back
“Once in the Life” I was trifle like that
like my man Troy, who lost his days
shootin dice on worldly ways
and ended up in a early grave
Because once in a lifetime is rough
Twice in a lifetime you combat the ghost of mistrust
Mentally cuffed, thrust by a cop thinkin he tough
You bust, Amadou Diallo is us, and what
now I’m on my knees, beggin’ “God, please!
Save me from the fires of hell!
Let water water soul prevail” – cos I can’t take no more
Who’s that knockin, at, my door?
Is that you, Pete from Cobb’s Creek, who died in my sleep?
We was playin for fun, now it’s keeps
Like my man Mark I beat to death wrapped in a carpet
and left in the garbage, now that’s cold-hearted
Ask Book he saw it, “Yo black I ain’t seen (shit)
Kids in the 6, they flip for nonsense”
Poke an icepick, smokin that (shit) since preschool fool
and packin a tool, (fuck you) Mom Dukes it’s cool

You won’t believe the things I’ve seen
Far beyond your wildest dreams
I’ve seen chaos and order reign supreme
I’ve seen the beauty of the universe
so peaceful and serene
in seconds turn to violence and screams

Like, Your heart is one with your brain
Emotional or reason, now which one do you obey?
Like, Somebody callin you insane
When overwhelmed and blessed, burst in tears of happiness

Bethany Joy Galeotti

Bethany Joy Galeotti, formerly known as Bethany Joy Lenz. She played the character of Haley James Scott in tv series of One Tree Hill.

I like her voice and her songs. Very raw and different for me. Most of her music can be found in the series. These are some of her songs

1) Elsewhere (Cover).

2) Let Me Fall

3) Halo (mine and Lyanne favourite. Just the partial of the song here. Download it if you like it)

4) Quicksand

5) Feel This feat. Enation

6) I Want Something That I Want with Grace Porter

New day

Current Mood: not confused at all

Current Song: Your Love Is A Lie by Simple Plan

I’m browsing to find a good song, until this song come out…haha. Well, i’m not in love pun and i think its gonna stay that way for now. No fairy tale of hoping for a prince charming come and save me. That’s so 17 ok. Haha.

Ok. I kid myself. Of course i’m hoping for that fairy tale but right now, i just like how i live my life. No commitment. No string attach. Nada. I am obligate to love these; God, the familia, the closed friends, the school, the football and the night life.

Both of my current crushes thought that i was with someone. Haha. Seriously funny. I ain’t that hot to score a guy ok. That’s why i have alot of known crushes. I like it that way though.

I have no specific point to blog today. Just that i’m happy. Much much happy. I guess i’m a type of person who can’t have a long holiday. I felt useless and boring because i have nothing to focus on. I’m not into travel much. So yeah. I think my future company will be happy having me as the staff because i won’t be taking any long holiday…haha. Nah. It’s gonna be different that time, i think.

Been watching 4 dvd, Along @ Nan punya. Yes, i called Nan..Along.

  • Inglourious Basterds – such a disturbing movie eh…seriously. The director is Quentin Tarantino. He likes that kind of genre. Crazy i tell you. I like Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2 but this is too much already. Honestly, how can you say rat and squirrel is the same, regardless they are in the same Rhodes family? Seriously. The betrayal and the deceiving is too much. 7 out of 10.
  • Fighting – Mr Hot Guy, Channing Tatum! haha. OMG. I think he’s gentleman in that movie, as well as Step Up. 7 out of 10.
  • Frost/Nixon – Politic Biographical movie. A bit draggie but i like the part where Nixon said this, ‘Whatever things that the President do is the good thing’. So confident. To those who don’t know, Nixon is The US 37th President, Richard Nixon, the one who created Domino Theory on Vietnam War. David Frost is a well-known entertainer. 7 out of 10.
  • My Sassy Girl – Korean adapted movie. Since i was not into this Asian thingy, i watched the English version. To me, its more touching than P/S I Love You, in one sense la. 8 out of 10.

Watched Clash of the Titans with Mia and Hafis last wednesday. I have no expectation on the movie, so yeah. The action was ok. The storyline quite simple and a bit bored. I watched it because of my passion towards Greek mythology. Supposed to be Olympian, not Titan. Get your fact right, movie makers.

I do nothing much during the 2 weeks holiday. Resting for the whole 1st week of it because i had a terrible back pain. 2nd week, studied MTO abit. Yeah. Making my own drama in between that. Haha. Played basketball again. Oh! Forgot the most important part, i lost 2.5 kg in one month! haha. Awesome gile rasa. Now, gonna loose another 5 kg to get to my ideal weight. So can’t wait….hehe.

That’s all for the holiday update. Nothing much kan…hehe. Till next un-emo entry.

Bein á vous

yours aye in state of preparing herself upon facing the upcoming stress


Current Mood: Self healing and wanna watch Madrid match later

Current Song: Ride For You by Danity Kane

The title speaks for itself.

Yes, i’m hurting by You. I remember precisely from the beginning of all this shits, i told you to be honest with me. That’s all i’m asking for. Its just too much to ask is it?

It won’t be this difficult if i wasn’t really liking you much.

Thank YOU for answering my call although you just woke up. I’m so sorry from the bottom of my heart, that i’ve disturbed YOUR life but i just need to spill it out. Its kinda awkward because out of all the people that i know, i choose YOU as the listener but thank YOU once again. I’m glad that i call YOU.

Well, another end to the holidays fling. Well, it actually means alot. I just lazy to explain it. Too complex for any of you anyway.

I am a complex person. SO?

bein á vous

yours aye in lifeless state

Happy 23rd Anniversary!

To mi papi and mi mami

Happy 23rd Anniversary!

I know you guys been through alot for Ila and adik. I hope i will be able to pay it back as soon as possible.

Thank you for being such a loving, caring, wonderful and supportive parents. Not to forget, the crazy one as well.

I know ‘thank you’ can’t never pay everything that you’ve done for both of us. We are blessed to have Abdul Halim bin Ghazalli and Norhayati binti Udin as our parents. Both of you are the things that i will not trade off, no matter what happen.

I know i am stupid, ignorance, foolish and rebelious most of the time but thank you for putting up with me even though i keep on repeating the same bloody mistakes.

j’aime tous les deux, beaucoup, sera tout mon cœur et l’âme

By the way….

I won’t be making any special post for you guys birthday since sangat dekat kan…this goes all together with the birthday ya…

Happy 46th Birthday Abah (10 April 2010)

Happy 45th Birthday Ibu (15 April 2010)

*the colour difference purposely to show their favourite colour. hahaha

May Allah blessed both of you with happiness, good health and wealth being. Sorry for not being there to do any suprises for 4 years (gonna be 5 years). I will make up for that. I promise 😀

Why la you guys married and born on the same month? tak meriah langsung 😛

Much love from your daughter over the sea,

Siti Nor Rahilah binti Abdul Halim

p/s: i’ll make sure you get what you want for your 25th anniversary mommy 🙂


i found the solution to my situation.

Enjoy the moments because it will never come back…

regardsless everything and anything else…

call me a slut, bitch, whore or anything you can came out to describe me…

i have 5 words for you


i am the remote control of my life. i do what i want.


Adios 🙂

p/s: i’m sleeping in a really good mood. hopefully it will be better

the situation

i walked into a place

i was not expecting You to be there but i wish for it

i walked into another place

i thought i was dreaming because i saw YOU in front of me. Its been a while.

I had the most love i can get from YOU yesterday, which i adore so much. Although YOU broke my heart by saying the word, its ok. I understand.

While i’m having thousands of fun with YOU, You came into picture.

Between You and YOU, i’m caught in the middle and confused.

Feel guilty to You. I hope this won’t change us

I like You and YOU but i know i won’t be getting You and YOU.


I hate this feeling