Per Te

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Hey readers (if you still around to read the update from my blog).

Its been awhile since i write anything to this blog. Anyway, just so you know, i’m practically alive, with physically, emotionally and mentally tired. Its like endless work now. Everyday, i have things to do or to complete. Its sucks but i need to be strong to go through all these.

I think that’s all for now. I have nothing to tell, yet. Will surely have one later on. Thank you for reading.

The Raya Feeling

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I haven’t update this thing for quite a while now. Seriously its nothing to brag about. My life is basically work, sayang and family.

This time, i’ve decided to go back for raya. I thought it was a dead thing to do because i have to skip my only real class that i have, a freaking tutorial for a unit that i will have my 30% test this coming Thursday. But boy, i was wayyyyyy wrong.

Being home is what i need now. I was the family clown you see. My mom and my brother just loved to bully me and my dad, because we’re cool that way yo! Haha. Ibu was happy i’m home because there’s someone she can asked to wash the dishes and to clean the house.

But what i did was finishing up my Design Project Memo, things that i should finish doing it long time ago. Kinda sucks to bring work back to holiday. I
SERIOUSLY won’t do that anymore.

Nothing can’t defeat home, forever. Although it just 3 days break, its the break that you need, to get back on your track and hopefully being a better human being after this Ramadhan. Speaking of Ramadhan, i’m proud with myself this time around, eventhough the changes is just small and tiny winy. I shall keep that to myself.

Ibu just said this before i went to boarding.

‘Jangan hilang pape lg’

might sounds like a cynical from her because i keep losing the stuff she gaves me lately but i think there is more to it.

until next time

yours aye in state of crying for the 1st time leaving the family behind 😦