first day of the last semester!

28th February 2011 marked the 1st day of my hopefully final semester for my tertiary education!

As same goes for every semester, you already busy with alot of things to settle, to start, to register and so on.

I wish to live this semester to the fullest. Seizing every opportunities and try to get my best result.

6 units in overall for this semester:

– Petroleum Processing

– Oleo and Palm Oleo

– Advanced Control

– Computational Fluid Dynamics

– Process Synthesis and Design II

– Research Project @ FYP.

*Die Die Die*

I still have my internship report to finish up. Need to fully utilize my time wisely.

Will try my best to do the best and to have fun for this semester. Sorry once again if i ignoring this blog.

Until the next-God-knows-when post,

Take care my fellow reader ­čÖé

p/s: i’ve been emotionally good. i hope i’ll keep it that way. its not that i can’t do my work when my emotional is unstable but it affected my body and mind badly. I hope i’m stronger this time around. Pray for me people! ­čÖé

The last but not least post

Howdy people!

i know i’m such a lame person who wish to update her blog but instead she wrote a stupid rambling┬áhideous mushy feeling. Seriously, i am annoyed with myself at this moment.

Now, i wanna make a pact with you guys. I am going to make sure that my blog will be about my life, not about my feelings anymore. That i shall keep it away in a classics style, diary. Yup, i have one again, after almost 5 years. WoW!

At this moment, i promise myself, i will be happy, no matter what happen to me. Life is too short to be sad about.

I shall also appreciate everything around me. PLEASE give a knock on my head if i didn’t.

I ought to have all my subjects distinction or higher this time around. I hope. I MUST WORK EXTREMELY HARD. My last chance ever now.

After long awaited period, i finally have my tumblr account. I will still keep this blog no matter what. My uni life is here, in written.

Till next sunshine post from yours truly ­čÖé