the roller coaster emotion

Good Day People, whoever still reading my dead blog.

I’m half way of my final semester now. What i can say, everything is just interesting and fits all the missing pieces perfectly.

Skipped classes alot, its not like i want to but i don’t feel the necessary of doing so.

Been thinking about what happen after i get through this semester, work or Master. I would love to work but Master sounds good too. Still, i haven’t figure out on what to do, either continue on technical stuff or something that related to what i like. To name a few, Economics, Science Politics, International Relation, Law, or maybe Archeology. I love history and anything to do with people and world.

And true, that i’m in love, with someone who i don’t even now how he feels about me. Been trying so hard to dig that info out of him but i guess i can’t never get the answer. Till date, he’s the perfect guy that i can never ask for more. What’s more weird is i still stick like a glue to him. I thought i lost the character of being loyal to a boy after Zarul but i guess, i’m still around because i haven’t get the closure i want. And i just hate that. But above all that, being with him makes me feel more connected to myself, as in i wanted to try to do more things that i thought i don’t have time to do or i’m afraid to do. He gives me the confident i need. Just that i wish that i can be the only girl that he talks too but for sure, that will be hard enough for him because he doesn’t has feeling for me.

FYP is killing my ass but the best part, it got me hooked to Control, the unit that i hate so much, after Thermodynamics. I just hope i will do my best for all my units this semester, just to push my CWA.

Life has been interesting on me, really interesting. I wish it keeps on being like this. I feel good 🙂

Will update again, just don’t know when