Day 04 – A Song That Makes You Sad

One of the song that can makes me cry. I heard this song last year, in my boyfriend room. Since that day, i told him that i listen to this song everytime we had a fight because i give up to make things work.


Day 03 – A Song That Makes Me Happy

This song makes me happy and one of my favourite karaoke song. The lyrics itself stated that you should be the one who control your own life (under God’s wish and command of course). Plus, Bon Jovi is like one of the awesome rocker group alive since i’m not into Rolling Stone. So yeah 🙂

Day 01: My Favourite Song

my forever favourite song by one of my favourite singer. First time i heard this song was during the Grammy Awards, can’t remember what year but Beyonce won alot of awards for that year. Meaningful lyrics for me.