Beyond the Ambition

Good Day people! Wishing you guys Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends and Happy 54th Independence Day (to Malaysian).

Yesterday was the first day of raya. What i did was eat and eat and eat and sleep. Such a nice things to do no? Well, that’s how my raya goes for the past 7 years since my grandparents passed away. Minus 3 years of my fun and excitement raya in Miri, most of my raya celebration will end up watching tv with my nucleus family and continuously eating.

Back to the title.

I just woke up few hours before writing this post. I haven’t really thought about what i want to say. So, please bare with me, ok people šŸ™‚

I read through this list.

The 25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century.

I remembered i started to plan what i wanna achieve and what i wanna be at the age of eleven, when i was given a book by my mom, who used to work at my primary school bookshop. I can’t really recall the title of the book, but it’s about how to study well and get 5A’s for UPSR. I recalled the memories when i was the only person in my school to get 5A’s for my mid term exam, yet i was still in Standard 5 that time. The book taught me 1 thing that i still used until today.

‘Write down your goal, clearly, in the place where you can see everyday, so it keeps reminding you whatever things that you do right now will have an impact inĀ achievingĀ your goal’.Ā 

I remembered there’s a section in that book, asking me about what’s my goal in UPSR, where i wanna go after that, what’s my 5 years plan and what i want to be in the future. I’m a kind of person who believe in myself when i want to believe in myself. I’m very self-motivated. No one can put me down unless i let that person to do that. So, by doing everything that i know i’m good at, my objective at that time was to get 5A’s and going to MRSM. That was my biggest dream. And yes, indeed, i got my 5A’s but, unexpectedly, with all my good co-curriculumĀ andĀ endorsements by all the teachers who knows me, i was deny my right as a school selected student to pursue my education in a good boarding school because my dad was not the Head of my school Parents Teachers Association (PTA @ PIBG).

I was very down that time, when my mom came back from school and told me about it. I told myself that i already work hard enough, but yet, i didn’t get what i supposed to get. That was my first encounter of the cruel world. How i beg it to be differ because i already have my plans. At that time, i want everything to follow what i planned it to be. Nevertheless, i went to my ordinary secondary school because i was sad of not getting enroll to boarding school, plus the fact that my dad thought i was a baby that time. Why shouldn’t him, my school shoes was cleaned by a washing machine. Both my parents think that i can’t be in boarding school with my laziness attitude. I have to say, today, i think they’ve made a wise decision.

Back to my plain ordinary secondary school. Over here, i was thought that true hard work and passion will get you to anywhere that you want. 65% of the student in that school areĀ Chinese. That’s how i got interested in learningĀ Mandarin. They always has this hard working attitude, regardless anything. With only 15 of us Malay student in my class when i was in Form 5, we were the lazy crew, not all la, but i’m very sure of myself, together with the puppy love season at that time. I was trying hard to get the 10A1 but i only achieved 7A1, 1A2 and 2B3.

I always wanted to do law when i was a kid. I have no idea why. None of my relatives that i’ve known that time has anything to do with lawyer or law firm. I wanted to go to University Malaya to read Law. I still keep that ambition until i was in Form 4, when i was introduced with Sciences subjects, and my favourite of all time, Chemistry. I did extra research on chemistry, what can i do with it, as in working field and everything that related to it.

The rest is history.

My point is planning is a good thing. It makes you see yourself in the future. But, my biggest concern to myself is what will i do if i have no more plan. It got me thinking about my current state of life actually. I’m 23 now. I hope by 28, i will find someone to marry me. But referring to the current situation, i don’t think i will settle down by 28. I’m not worry about settling down, but i’m worry about what i want to do beyond that age. The plan lay inside my head is until i’m 28. What happen after that, i have no clue for myself. It would be lucky if i live to that age.

Currently, 5 years plan is devoted to work life, which i hope will give me enough excitement and fun and i hope to guide me through another 5 years plan of my life.


that’s all from me today. thank you for your time.

With Love,

Rahilah Abdul Halim






Wishing Upon the Star

Good Day Readers.

I wanna share the best story i have so far. I GOT A JOB! Yeay! Alhamdulillah.

Its the same company i did my intern. They had a opening for Process Engineer in Molding Section. So, i go for the interview and i got it. Hehehe.

Job scope, not much a different from the one i did my intern before. Just that i’ve changed site from Finishing Section to Molding Section. Molding makes the contact lens. Finishing make sure the contact lens is wearable.

I will be a johorean after this, at least for 5 years, since i will be bonded to the company for 3 years because they wanna send me to Atlanta for training a new production system. Yeay again!.

Next step, must do soon is taking my driving license. A MUST! my big boss concern about me not having a driving license because there is a possibility that i might work late at night or on weekends. Huhu. Driving license is important people.

I will start working on 5th September. Cant wait! šŸ™‚


That’s all for now,

with love


the reborn (i hope)

Again, it’s been awhile since i write anything here. I miss writing, very much. Like one of my babes, Azureen wrote in her blog post. Missing the reader who actually reads my blog, missing the people opinion that i’ve got from each thoughtful post i wrote (at least i think it’s thoughtful). HAHA.

I realized i stop writing when i’m in a relationship. Every time i want to write something, it will become very personal. It comes to some extend that i don’t want people to know me very well or be apart of my personal life because to me, i need to trust that someone in order for me to reveal my personal part. I guess everyone are like that too.

I finally completed my tertiary education after 5 long and wonderful years. I realized that right now, i’m in my withdrawal syndrome. Leaving Miri is hard. I thought i won’t be thinking about Miri when i finished my studies. I was wrong. I do miss Miri, BADLY. Miri thought me to be a person, literary. Miri is a place that i wanna be again, if i can, in this 5 years time. My love is in Miri. But i think Abah was right. I love Miri because of the sense of independence that i’ve got there. Back in Shah Alam, i’m like a bird in a cage, literary. In Miri, i only have myself to think of, to take care of. I have to say, i forgot how to live as a family.

For now, i’m at home, job hunting. I hope i can get the best out of everything. It is the payback time now. I’m hoping and praying for the best.


Till next post people.

Lots of love,

Rahilah Abdul Halim šŸ™‚