Its been awhile.

Its been 2 months since my last post. I guess my promise of updating this blog has just remain as promise. Hehehe.

To start of this update, i will just blab about my boring yet interesting life in Gelang Patah. Yes people, i’m the citizen of small town called Gelang Patah, Johor. Current address, Pangsapuri Paya Mengkuang. Pretty nice place to live the life. Hope all is well.

5th of November mark my 2nd month of working life as an engineer. Honestly, i love the job. I do, because it is very interesting. You know alot of new things everyday. Just that i hate the paper work. I just finished validating one of the┬ámachine. Took me a week to complete the whole process. Now, the report writing. But,, i have to say, whatever knowledge i gained from uni, it is very helpful here. Just that i need to analyse more, think more, understand more. The not fun part is that you can’t say you don’t know. Work makes you become more responsible towards what you do, especially when your work might interrupt other people’s work.

Life is pretty stable now, i guess. Everything is on the good side.

There’s nothing to talk about because my life here is not as happening as Miri but i kinda like it. Work worn me out. All i want to do when i got back home is just rest and sleep. Its very different than Miri life. Adjusting the happening life to more laid back is abit hard but i will get used to it later.

That’s all from me, now. Will update soon, with more happening things.


p/s: I can’t wait for KK tomorrow!


with love,

Rahilah ­čÖé