Closure of 2011

Pejam celik pejam celik…we already at the end of 2011. Time flies, really.

2011 is a heck of a year for me. Relationship, Studies, Works, Friendship. Every little things in my life has been on the verge, except my Family and the Royal.

It’s like a fairy tale that i’ve been in love again, because i thought i never will. My plan was to have an arrangeĀ marriage. Being in love is one thing, being in love with non malaysian guy is one thing, being in love with african guy is a big thing. Hahahaha. So far, the love ride has been ups and downs. But i have to say, Amate is one heck of a guy. He might be less romantic, less understanding and too secretive, but his patience, consideration and tolerance towards me has been superb. I don’t know where this relationship will heads to after this. I wish i know. But, as long as we stay true to each other, this relationship deserves to have a good future no? šŸ™‚

I finally completed my 5 years of tertiary education! Uni time was a good time for me. I diversified in a lot of things, mostly the bad things, which i am not really proud off. However, throughout all that experiences, i finally learnt to know myself more, be more wiser, moreĀ appreciativeĀ and some other good stuff about me that i never knew i have. My slightest regret during uni was that i didn’t perform all out for my 3 last semesters. That’s the time i got involved with romantic stuffs, that’s the time i know people talked about me behind my back. Call me naive but i never thought people may or will talk bad about me behind my back since i was nice to everyone that i know. Those 3 semesters were the time where i don’t give a fuck about what people may think about me too. I never thought i can be that cold hearted. With all those life problem, coupled with my struggle of completing Design Project and FYP, i graduated with CWA of 69.94. Just 0.06 to get 70. But then again, those were the past that i can’t repeat and i regretted very well.

Works! Very tiring! But very interesting. I have been working for 3 months. I wish i can say more about my works but i can’t. Company Confidential. By this time, i don’t really mind whether i got a chance to go Atlanta or not because there is so many things i have to cover on 2-4-1 process, yet boss has already made his decision to put me on Cobalt process. Thus, Atlanta is still on its way but i just don’t want to put too much hope. Hehehehe. For a very young engineer, works is like a battlefield. You must get your work right if you don’t want people to question your decision or findings or works. I’ve been working on 2 major problems that we encounter on the production line now. I have to say, going on a meeting and sitting next to your boss and run the show where all those big bosses will questions you is kinda scary, at least to me. Work has not give me any trouble yet. Hopefully it remains that way until i got my own car next year. Finger crossed!

I lost 2 friends over things that start off as misunderstanding. I am not gonna say more about this. Just that, i feel sad until now on what happen, i really do. But i don’t think i can make it work anymore, the friendship. So yeah. Thank God i don’t really see them much in office since we’re in different department. I have no intention to be their friends again, for now.

There you have it. My 2011 conclusion. I hope 2012 will bring better things for me. I believe God has plan my path of life and i am eager to know what has He stored for me next year. I hope i am able to go through all theĀ challenges and life my life to the fullest, as long as God want me to.

Adios 2011, Ahlan Wahsahlan 2012. I’ll be waiting šŸ™‚