I haven’t really greet 2012 with a good greetings. I don’t think I wanna do it anyway.

By the way, it is almost half year of 2012. Time do flies, especially when you work on weekends too. What a life! Hahaha. But then, I rather work than sleeping like a pig at home. Seriously, work is the life as for now.

I’m sad that for the first time in my life, I had to leave someone. Leaving Amate was never part of my plan. I do love him, until this date. Just that with he still in school and I already started working, life is just different between us. I have to think far ahead, beyond only Bf and Gf relationship. After further discussion and so many uncounted crying sessions, I finally let him go. The most hardest decision I’ve ever made, leaving a very good guy for a better one.

Speaking of better one, my new man, Mohamad Azhari Mohamad Hosni. 24 years old. 16 April 1988. Segamat, Johor. My production technician.

That’s all for now
Updating soon.
Ciao bella 🙂