American Life 2

Howdie people.

I’m on the end of my 3rd week in Atlanta. Everything was cool over here.

I went to few awesome places.
– Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain and Rock City in Tennessee.
– Horse riding at Blanche Manor in Tennessee. My horse named DiĆ©sel. A good horse indeed.
– North Georgia Premium Outlets, twice. Hahaha
– Stone Mountain laser and firework shows.
– Six Flag Over Georgia, very cool rollercoaster rides.

Only 2 more weeks left. I can say that I don’t want to go home at all. I’m missing the family and the bf but I don’t really miss home much.

People over here is super friendly and nice. Southern charm they said. It’s a good place to raise kids too and drive big, expensive car. Hahaha.

That’s all for now. Ciao bella.

American Life-1

Hey all. It’s been awhile since I blog. I know. Life are ups and downs for me all these while. Family, works, lover. Everything have its highs and lows. I’m working on balancing all of it. It’s neither easy nor hard too, just that I need to find the right recipe for life. Hahaha Currently, i’m in Atlanta, Georgia for 5 weeks. Cobalt training. To tell you the truth, I’m afraid for what’s coming but I have to be positive all the way. I know I can do this. My journey took me 6 hours from Changi, transit in Narita for 3 hours then 12 hours flight across Pacific ocean to Atlanta airport. I can’t remember the name. Like my usual flight from Miri-KL-Miri, I slept during my whole Narita journey and another six hours on my Atlanta journey. I swear sleeping during long flight was the best because it kills the boredome. Hahaha My temporary house in Atlanta is 421, Hilton Garden Inn, John Creeks. Numero uno in the king size bed with flat screen tv is sooooo heaven. The down pic is taken from my window view.


The temperature here is like in Genting, cold and windy. I even closed my aircon to sleep at night. Hope I can go through these conditions for another 33 days. That’s all from me for now. Ciao bella. Speak soon.