My blog is officially dead!

2012 has bring me to another level of life.

Life is more complicated when you’re older. That’s the reason why i don’t wanna grow up. It’s hard.

Work is getting crazier everyday until i chopped my hair twice within 2 months! That’s how stressful my working life now. I’m trying my best not to wear my ‘work’ everyday but i can’t seems to do that yet. Hopefully i be able to have a balanced life in 2013.

Committed relationship can drive you crazy too sometimes. But i’m very thankful to know and to have my current boyfriend. He’s a friend that i can count on. He’s a good listener. He’s a terrible nagger. He’s everything to me now. I hope and i wish he’s the one. I pray to God that he is. I know he can take a good care of me.

I’ve been very grateful that i can help my family now. If possible, i want to spend more time with them this year. Maybe after Cobalt wrap up by September, i shall have my good moment with them.

Alas, i thanked God on everything i owned in 2012 and anything good and bad that i did in 2012. 2012 teaches me about life.

Life is a responsibility that you have to bear when you’re a human.