It’s 2014 people

Howdie all.

I know my blog is dead but I will try very hard to make a time to write something, when I feel like writing. Hahaha.

2013 is a hell of working year. Work everyday, extra hours and weekends too. To tell you the truth, I give up on my work now. Hence I requested to change department. Hopefully it will turn out well but still depending on my boss decision.

Relationship wise, 2013 has been great. Ups and downs of course. But the boyfriend has been superb. I am crazy in love with him each and everyday. We been through some difficult times in 2013. He makes me wanna grow up. He makes me feel that future is hopeful and wonderful. He is such a positive man. I can’t thankful enough I have him by my side.

Ibu and adik were hospitalized due to pneumonia. Terribble. I never been more afraid throughout my life. Losing family member are not an option for 2013. Alhamdulillah, ibu and adik are troopers. They got better. Adik got MARA loan too, like me. So he intended to buy a car. Still in progress. Abah has always been good. As far as I know, he has no issue with Azhari now. I thank God for that.

For 2014, I have few resolutions, which are repeated resolution. Hahaha. I guess I have nothing else to aim except for all these.

1. Try to lose weight by exercise and eat healthy.
2. Go back home from work on time. I need to give myself a time too.
3. Further sharpen my mandrin.
4. Try to be a better muslimah, daughter, sister, friend and future wife.
5. Do things that I never do.

I hope I can achieve all these gradually by end of 2014.

P/s: can’t wait for the proposal.