2015, a year to be remembered!

It’s 08 November 2015.

I have not been writing for quite sometimes. I almost forgot the existence of this blog. Hahaha.

Well, what should i begin with?

  1. I got to change department around 3rd quarter of 2014. I like the new department. The boss is giving me freedom on what i want to do and i think i’m doing good so far.
  2. I got promoted 1st quarter of this year. I clearly didn’t expect for it since the last time i requested to get promotion, my previous boss turned me down by saying ‘you are not technical enough!’. That statement enough leads to a lot of other things, subsequently. I’m glad i made the ultimatum & i’m glad i made the move.
  3. The boyfriend has been promoted to be the Fiance on 27 Dec 2014. It was a lovely ceremony on that day but before that, everything was haywire. Not really chaotic but probably i have an issue adjusting with a big family since mine is just a small one. Need to work on that.
  4. The fiance & i bought a house, here in Nusajaya area. Well, technically it is all his money. I didn’t chip in a dime at all. Hahaha. He just need my payslip to pass through the housing loan because with his name alone, we only got 85% of the loan.
  5. Currently crazy & busy with wedding preparation. I just hope to get this over with. Really! SOON!

That’s all for me, now.

I hope i will remember to update more, next time around 🙂