Congratulations Kelkatu FC!

After 2 years = 5 semester waiting, finally my beloved team at least in the top 3!


I am so proud of each and everyone of you, whether you are a new player in the team or even the veteran player who played since the GROUND XERO time…

All of you make this possible for this semester. Good job to the manager on handling the team. The captain as well but my most love go to the players. Yes, you guys make it!

I am proud to be part of Ground Xero, Ground Zero and Kelkatu journey’s of football. I know that my contributions does not give any impact to the team but i will always be there at the field as the die hard supporter. I am sorry because this semester can’t really support u guys. Being part of the CFC committee, i need to be neutral. Hehe. But i realize most of the time, when it comes to Kelkatu match, i just taking side weh. Sorry committee. It runs in my blood 🙂

Keep up the good work!

May you guys be champion next semester!

without wax,

Die hard supporter

The usual weekend

Both matches on Saturday were awesome!.

1st match, Crazy Stone against Borneo FC. A really tight match eh. Both teams are equally strong, attacking and defending at almost the same rate. Really nice match to watch 🙂 . The match ended draw, 2-2. Crazy Stone had the opportunity to win actually. The player really played their heart out there. Same goes to Borneo FC.

2nd match, Kelkatu FC against D Eagles FC. A comeback match for Eagles since their last match ended up with fight. To my shock, Eagles did not gave any attitude problem that day. The subtitute players ran from the other side of the field to give me the substitution form. I think the punishment really give them the wake up call that they need. Eagles is a good team actually but when you have players with attitude, its gonna be difficult to handle. To me, one person that can really handle a team with attitude players would be Hadri, Sabah FC Captain. He really work as a captain all the time. The match ended up draw as well, 2-2. Kelkatu had the chance to win when Salim scored 1 goal to equalize Ablaze’s goal on the 2nd half. Azam scored for Kelkatu’s 2nd goal but equalized by Nadum’s simple chip through deflected ball from Hafiz, Kelkatu keeper. All and all, still a really interesting match to watch. Most of the supporter cheered for Kelkatu to win the match.

Only one match was played on Sunday, which was Galacticos against Crazy Stone. Borneo FC should go against Trinity FC but they bailed out, so Trinity won the match by walk over 3-0.

Again Crazy Stone really went all out for the match but lost to experienced and stable Galacticos. They did held Galacticos for 1-0 in the 1st half but Galacticos just too strong for them when 5 goals was conceded on the 2nd half, which gave Galacticos a total win of 6-0. Dinesh lost his bet to PeeChee and Godwin. Haha. The crowd had fun as well. We screamed like hell also.

Another 3 match to go before CFC Football League ended. I just can’t believe we almost come to the end of the season.

without wax,

yours truly

CFC League – Saturday, 21 March 2009

1st Match: Trinity FC vs. Eagles FC

Result: 0 – 0

Man of the Match: Mmediong (Eagles FC)

Comment: It started as a moderate game but end up as the most interesting game. From start until the end, the ball possession were more towards Eagles FC. Eagles FC had few nice chances to score but Kuda, Trinity’s keeper was too good. Most of Trinity’s main player was a bit fatigue because they involved with the Touch Rugby Tournament at Kelab Rekreasi Petroliam. Both of the teams are strong and has their own tactics and style. All and all, a really entertaining game. The NEW contender for the league title: Eagles FC.

2nd Match: Kelkatu FC vs. Crazy Stone

Result: 12 – 0

Scorer(s): Safiq (5), Mamat (4), Chendoy (2) and Salim (1) for Kelkatu FC.

Man of the Match: Salim (Kelkatu FC)

Comment: Again like last week, having Crazy Stone on the field was like a team training. Its shown again this week. Kelkatu FC was expected to win big and they proved it. Mamat missed 4 nice chances of open goals but he managed to score 4 as well. The hottest event was Chendoy, who played Centre Defender for Kelkatu FC scored 2 goals in one match which by far, his first time ever! Congratulations! Again, a boring match because it was expected to have many goals but Crazy Stone does gave some fight especially from the defenders and keeper. As many attack as Kelkatu had on Crazy Stone, same goes to the tries that has been saved by the Crazy Stone keeper.

For table and statistics, click this Statistic Sem 1, 2009

p/s: still weak on reporting the match due to my lack of technical terms on football. I will try to make it better 🙂

CFC League – Sunday, 15 March 2009

1st match : Kelkatu FC vs. Galacticos FC

Result: 3 -2

Scorer: Kelkatu FC – Safiq (2), Salim (1).  Galacticos FC – Vee (1), Aeron (1)

Comment: Nice 1st half game. Ball possession more to Kelkatu FC. Kelkatu FC is not a new team, rather a new branding with a hell of better players. Communication between the Galacticos FC abit lost on the 1st half. 2nd half, most of the Kelkatu FC players injured, maybe lack of stamina. Its noted by the assistant coach, Mr Hafizi @ Gapam. 2nd half was a shine time for Galacticos FC by brought in their secret weapon, Marko as the keeper, replacing Jojoe. Ball possession were more to Galacticos on the 2nd half. Kelkatu FC played more defensive strategy on the 2nd half. Today, 1st red card was issued by the referee on Vee due to his tackle on Hafiz, Kelkatu FC keeper. All and all, a really interesting game i would say. Now, people are really taking Kelkatu FC for serious. Good Job my fellow players.

*i sucks as a manager…long time…haha

2nd match : Trinity FC vs. Crazy Stone

Result: 15 – 0

Scorer: Trinity FC – Keith (5), Sean (4), Philip (1), i can’t remember another 2 scorer. sorry.

Comment: It’s more like a training instead of a match for Trinity. Keith scored for the 1st 30 second of the game. Almost all of the goals was a really nice shots. Crazy Stone had abit difficult time to manage their players and the game tactics. At least, its a good starter for Trinity because Sabah scored 12-1 against Borneo FC yesterday. Goal differences is a big matter to Sabah and Trinity. It was a boring game (no offense ya). Hopefully Crazy Stone can make it up for the second game, which is against….SABAH!

p/s: sorry for the quite boring report. Will tried to do a better one, especially on the technical part. U guys might wanna catch up the interesting report from Abby Chu. Check out for her link at my Curtinian list.