6 of my favourite songs

I like to listen to all these songs when i’m in my mellow mood. Hehe

Christina Aguilera – Save Me From Myself

Miguel Bose feat. Shakira – Si Tu No Vuelves

Mariah Carey feat. 98 Degrees and Joe

Beyonce Knowles – Dangerously In Love

Keyshia Cole – I Remember

Sheryl Crow – I Shall Believe

Things I’ve Seen by Spook

You won’t believe the things I’ve seen
Far beyond your wildest dreams
I’ve seen chaos and order reign supreme
I’ve seen the beauty of the universe
so peaceful and serene
in seconds turn to violence and screams

I’ve seen true genius, too often to lose the meaningless
appreciation of this mediocre nation
I’ve heard the mind is repetition,
of empty words without tradition
Turned original verbs into submission
I smelled this malignerance addiction,
but I guess I wouldn’t be right
if I said the blunt was like a baby pipe
There ain’t gon’ be no revolution tonight
Half of my warriors as high as a kite
Lost and they lost all they fight
And I’ve tasted, the bitter tragedy of lives wasted
And men who glimpsed the darkness inside, but never faced it
And it’s a shame that most of y’all are followin sheep
Wallowin deeper than the darkness, you’re fallin asleep

You won’t believe the things I’ve seen
Far beyond your wildest dreams
I’ve seen chaos and order reign supreme
I’ve seen the beauty of the universe
so peaceful and serene
in seconds turn to violence and screams

I’ve seen and experienced things
that’ll push the average to the edge and swan dive to death
I’m two guys, multiplied by ninety-three guys
Evenly balanced seein evil equally in each eye now
Maybe I’m the most thorough worker on the job to you
or maybe I’m the one, who was plottin to rob you
The fear of this beatdown, the women on no cash to floss
makes most of y’all hustle ya ass off
From nothin to two mill’, in five years I’ll live to see it
vanish in six months, with no tears believe it
I’ll rock, twenty-eight years before the Feds can lay a trace
See they plan is to erase me, just to replace me

Like, Your heart is one with your brain
Emotional or reason, now which one do you obey?
Like, Somebody callin you insane
When overwhelmed and blessed, burst in tears of happiness

Yo, yo, I’ve seen relationships that’s so sick
Life long friendships so cha-o-tic
Thug cat bangin this chick but won’t kiss
Drinkin her spit, when coppin a fix for dope bliss
I got a knife and a bat, to bust your brain, put a knife in your back
“Once in the Life” I was trifle like that
like my man Troy, who lost his days
shootin dice on worldly ways
and ended up in a early grave
Because once in a lifetime is rough
Twice in a lifetime you combat the ghost of mistrust
Mentally cuffed, thrust by a cop thinkin he tough
You bust, Amadou Diallo is us, and what
now I’m on my knees, beggin’ “God, please!
Save me from the fires of hell!
Let water water soul prevail” – cos I can’t take no more
Who’s that knockin, at, my door?
Is that you, Pete from Cobb’s Creek, who died in my sleep?
We was playin for fun, now it’s keeps
Like my man Mark I beat to death wrapped in a carpet
and left in the garbage, now that’s cold-hearted
Ask Book he saw it, “Yo black I ain’t seen (shit)
Kids in the 6, they flip for nonsense”
Poke an icepick, smokin that (shit) since preschool fool
and packin a tool, (fuck you) Mom Dukes it’s cool

You won’t believe the things I’ve seen
Far beyond your wildest dreams
I’ve seen chaos and order reign supreme
I’ve seen the beauty of the universe
so peaceful and serene
in seconds turn to violence and screams

Like, Your heart is one with your brain
Emotional or reason, now which one do you obey?
Like, Somebody callin you insane
When overwhelmed and blessed, burst in tears of happiness

Bethany Joy Galeotti

Bethany Joy Galeotti, formerly known as Bethany Joy Lenz. She played the character of Haley James Scott in tv series of One Tree Hill.

I like her voice and her songs. Very raw and different for me. Most of her music can be found in the series. These are some of her songs

1) Elsewhere (Cover).

2) Let Me Fall

3) Halo (mine and Lyanne favourite. Just the partial of the song here. Download it if you like it)

4) Quicksand

5) Feel This feat. Enation

6) I Want Something That I Want with Grace Porter

Kickin’ back the old skool

some of the songs here are cover version. I can’t listen to the old version because it doesn’t suit my taste well. Kinda like the cover version. Hehe. Have fun 🙂


1) Can’t Take My Eyes of You – Lauryn Hill feat. The Fugees


2) Killing Me Softly – The Fugees


3) Shackles (Praise You) – Mary Mary


4) Careless Whisper – Dave Koz & Montell Jordan


5) Big Big World – Emilia


6) I Will Survive – Cake


7) Sunshine – Gabrielle


8) Stay The Same – Joey McIntyre

Among My Favourite Spanish Songs

I know its abit weird….and yes, i do listen to Spanish songs. I like the melody, the lyrics as well. Although i don’t really fully understand it, i can still feel the emotion in the songs. Well, i hope you enjoy it 🙂

Contigo En La Distancia (You in the distance) by Christina Aguilera

Es que te has convertido
En parte de mi alma
Ya nada me consuela
Si no estas tu tambien

You have become
Part of my heart
Nothing comforts me anymore
If you’re not by my side.

El Beso Del Final (The Last Kiss) by Christina Aguilera

Anoche yo senti, que me besaste diferente
Y me quede sin saber que hacer
Yo te conozco y se que algo no anda bien
Ven, dime la verdad, no quiero imaginar
Que fue el beso del final

Last night, the way you kissed me felt different
I had no clue what should I have done
I know you, I am positive something is wrong
Come on! Tell me the truth, I wouldn’t want to think
This was the final kiss

Tu (You) by Shakira

Porque eres tu mi sol
La fe con que vivo
La potencia de mi voz
Los pies con que camino
Eres tu amor
Mis ganas de reir
El adios que no sabre decir
Porque nunca podre vivir sin ti

Because you are my sun
The faith with which I live
The power of my voice
My feet that I walk with
You are, my love
My desire to laugh
I will not know how to say goodbye
Because I will never be able to live without you

HayAmores (There Are Loves) by Shakira

Hay amores que se esperan al invierno y florecen
Y en las noches del otoño reverdecen
Tal como el amor que siento yo por ti

There are loves which wait for the winter to bloom
and in the autumn evenings turn green again,
just like the love I feel for you.
Escapemonos (Let’s Escape) by Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

Para que estemos solos amor
En un día sin fin
Sin preocuparnos más
Del que podrán decir
Donde durmamos abrazados
Y si entonces nos sorprende el amanecer
Saber que estás ahí
Que estamos solos

No Me Ames (You Don’t Love Me) by Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

No me ames, que comprendo
La mentira que seria
Si tu amor no merezco
No me ames, más quedate otra dia
No me ames, porque estoy perdido
Porque cambie el mundo, porque es el destino
Porque no se puede, somos un espejo
Y tu asi serias lo que yo de mi reflejo

Don’t love me, because i understand
The lie it would be
If i don’t deserve your love
Don’t love me, just stay one more day
Don’t love me, because i am lost
Because i changed the world, because it is destiny
Because it can’t be, we are a mirror
And since it is so you would be what I reflect of me

Malay/Indo Songs that i’m currently addicted to

Current Mood: Preparing to do something for work

Current Song(s): Listed below plus some other

Its kinda hard to find a really good malay songs nowdays. Plus the fact that i’m not so in Indie Pop or yg sewaktu dengannye. Haha. So, these are more or less the songs that i’m addicted to right now. Hope u guys enjoy it 🙂


2) Terima Kasih Cinta – AFGHAN

3) Aurora – ESTRANGED

4) Nakal – GIGI


6) Mengenangmu – KERISPATIH

7) Mantera Beradu – MALIQUE from TOO PHAT feat. M. Nasir

8) Malam Ku Bermimpi – SHEILA MAJID

9) Aku Stacy – STACY AF6

I know my music genre is very weird. I’m a universal listener. I can listen to anything, ranging from sappy ballad to hardcore rock. I choose my songs based on the melodies and lyrics. Sometimes, the songs just happen to be reflecting my mood or the situation i’m in. Hehe.

Love Break Love Full Playlist

  1. Aku Bukan Untukmu – ROSSA
  2. All My Life – KC & JOJO
  3. All The Love In The World – THE CORRS
  4. Andai – DIA FADILA
  5. Angel Of Mine – MONICA
  6. Atas Nama Cinta – ROSSA
  7. Beautifully Broken – ASHLEE SIMPSON
  8. Becaused You Loved Me – CELINE DION
  9. Berhenti Berharap – SHEILA ON 7
  10. Bicara Manis Menghiris Kalbu – DATUK SITI NURHALIZA
  11. Bila April – FAZLEY
  12. Broken – SEETHER feat AMY LEE
  13. Buat Sang Puteri – SPIDER
  14. Cintamu – DYGTA feat IRA
  15. Cobalah Untuk Setia – KRIS DAYANTI
  16. Could I Have This Kiss Forever – WHITNEY HOUSTON & ENRIQUE IGLESIAS
  17. Cradle – ATOMIC KITTEN
  18. Crazy – KC & JOJO
  19. Dangerously In Love – BEYONCE KNOWLES
  20. Dari Kekasih Kepada Kekasih – HATTAN
  21. Dealova – ONCE
  22. Do You – NE-YO
  23. Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know – BRITNEY SPEARS
  24. Elergi Sepi – AZHARINA
  25. Everywhere I Go – KATHARINE McPHEE
  26. Far Away – NICKELBACK
  27. Foolish – ASHANTI
  28. From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart – BRITNEY SPEARS
  29. Gantung – MELLY GOESLOW
  30. Gone – N’SYNC
  31. Halaman Cinta – MISHA OMAR
  33. Hanya Kau Yang Mampu – AIZAT
  34. Harapan – FAZLI ZAINAL
  35. Hate That I Love You – RIHANNA feat NE-YO
  36. Hati Terluka – BILLY ZULKARNAIN
  37. Have You Ever? – BRANDY
  39. I Believe – TATA YOUNG
  40. I Promise – STACIE ORRICO
  41. I Surrender – CELINE DION
  42. I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You – MARC ANTHONY & TINA ARENA
  43. If I Ain’t Got You – ALICIA KEYS
  44. I’m Gonna Be Alright – JENNIFER LOPEZ feat 50 Cent
  45. Impossible – CHRISTINA AGUILERA
  46. Insatiable – DARREN HAYES
  47. Izin Ku Pergi – KAER
  48. Jangan Pisahkan – PHYNE BALLERZ
  49. Janji Manismu – Terry
  50. Jera – AGNES MONICA
  51. Jika Kau Kekasih – LINDA NANUWIL
  52. Jujur – RADJA
  53. Kekasih Gelapku – UNGU
  54. Kenangan Terindah – SAMSONS
  55. Kesetiaan – SITI SARAH
  56. Kesilapanku Keegoanmu – DATUK SITI NURHALIZA
  57. Lacrymosa – EVANESCENCE
  58. Lithium – EVANESCENCE
  59. Loving Me 4 Me – CHRISTINA AGUILERA
  60. Maha Karya Cinta – FAIZAL TAHIR
  61. Memori Luka – HEADWIND
  62. Menanti Sebuah Jawaban – PADI
  63. Mengapa Perpisahan Yang Kau Pinta – FLYBAITS
  64. Menunggumu – PETERPAN
  65. Mimpi Yang Tak Sudah – IBNOR REZA
  66. Mungkir Bahagia – HAZAMI
  67. My All – MARIAH CAREY
  68. My Baby You – MARC ANTHONY
  69. My Boo – USHER feat ALICIA KEYS
  70. My Heart – THE PERISHERS
  71. Never Again – KELLY CLARKSON
  72. Never Ever – ALL SAINTS
  73. Over – LINDSAY LOHAN
  74. Pintaku Yang Terakhir – DAYANG NURFAIZAH
  75. Running Away – MIDNIGHT HOUR
  76. Salahkah Ku – THE MUFFINS
  77. Salam Untuk Kekasih – NADIA
  78. Selamat Tinggal – BROERY MARANTIKA
  79. Selfish – N’SYNC
  80. Semua Tentang Kita – PETERPAN
  81. Sepi Sekuntum Mawar Merah – ELLA
  82. So Far Away – STAIND
  83. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word – BLUE feat ELTON JOHN
  84. Stuck – STACIE ORRICO
  85. Tak Bisa Memilih Mu – 6IXTH SENSE
  86. Takkan Ada Cinta Yang Lain – DATUK SITI NURHALIZA feat AHMAD DHANI from DEWA 19
  87. Tangisan Dalam Kerinduan – FARAH
  88. Tercipta Untukku – UNGU
  89. Unbreak My Heart – TONI BRAXTON
  90. Unbreakable – WESTLIFE
  91. Wait For You – ELLIOT YAMIN
  92. Warkah Berlagu Pilu – FELIX
  93. What Am I To You – NORAH JONES

p/s:  the bold part is my all time favourite. I know all the songs are quite old.