The Lists

Things i’ve done so far

  • Do all the wrong things
  • Helping kids in all kind of way
  • Using my ability at the best
  • Trying hard to absorb all the important knowledges
  • Fallen for all the wrong guys
  • Fought with mom alot
  • Lied to parents
  • Try to love the family as much as i can
  • Learnt Mandrin

Things i wanna do after finish degree (must be accomplished before i’m 28)

  • Take IELST
  • Take Engineering Management or Cosmetology for Master or PhD
  • Learn one more language (preferably French or Spanish)
  • Try to get work at any of the known cosmetic company or chemical manufacturer
  • Learn Tango and Pole Dance
  • Learn Violin
  • Take driving lesson
  • Polish my Mandrin
  • Join EWB

Things i wanna do as soon as i have the money (must settle everything by 30)

  • Meet Pakar Sakit Jiwa
  • Pay for Brother’s studies
  • Pay my education loan to Daddy
  • Save money for parents’ Haj
  • Save money for a penthouse in KL and S2000 or X3
  • Save money for Mom’s house
  • Travel to all the historical places and Wonders of the World


p/s: will update this from time to time. As a reminder that i have few goals to achieve!


    2015, a year to be remembered!

    It’s 08 November 2015.

    I have not been writing for quite sometimes. I almost forgot the existence of this blog. Hahaha.

    Well, what should i begin with?

    1. I got to change department around 3rd quarter of 2014. I like the new department. The boss is giving me freedom on what i want to do and i think i’m doing good so far.
    2. I got promoted 1st quarter of this year. I clearly didn’t expect for it since the last time i requested to get promotion, my previous boss turned me down by saying ‘you are not technical enough!’. That statement enough leads to a lot of other things, subsequently. I’m glad i made the ultimatum & i’m glad i made the move.
    3. The boyfriend has been promoted to be the Fiance on 27 Dec 2014. It was a lovely ceremony on that day but before that, everything was haywire. Not really chaotic but probably i have an issue adjusting with a big family since mine is just a small one. Need to work on that.
    4. The fiance & i bought a house, here in Nusajaya area. Well, technically it is all his money. I didn’t chip in a dime at all. Hahaha. He just need my payslip to pass through the housing loan because with his name alone, we only got 85% of the loan.
    5. Currently crazy & busy with wedding preparation. I just hope to get this over with. Really! SOON!

    That’s all for me, now.

    I hope i will remember to update more, next time around 🙂

    It’s 2014 people

    Howdie all.

    I know my blog is dead but I will try very hard to make a time to write something, when I feel like writing. Hahaha.

    2013 is a hell of working year. Work everyday, extra hours and weekends too. To tell you the truth, I give up on my work now. Hence I requested to change department. Hopefully it will turn out well but still depending on my boss decision.

    Relationship wise, 2013 has been great. Ups and downs of course. But the boyfriend has been superb. I am crazy in love with him each and everyday. We been through some difficult times in 2013. He makes me wanna grow up. He makes me feel that future is hopeful and wonderful. He is such a positive man. I can’t thankful enough I have him by my side.

    Ibu and adik were hospitalized due to pneumonia. Terribble. I never been more afraid throughout my life. Losing family member are not an option for 2013. Alhamdulillah, ibu and adik are troopers. They got better. Adik got MARA loan too, like me. So he intended to buy a car. Still in progress. Abah has always been good. As far as I know, he has no issue with Azhari now. I thank God for that.

    For 2014, I have few resolutions, which are repeated resolution. Hahaha. I guess I have nothing else to aim except for all these.

    1. Try to lose weight by exercise and eat healthy.
    2. Go back home from work on time. I need to give myself a time too.
    3. Further sharpen my mandrin.
    4. Try to be a better muslimah, daughter, sister, friend and future wife.
    5. Do things that I never do.

    I hope I can achieve all these gradually by end of 2014.

    P/s: can’t wait for the proposal.

    Dear diary day 3

    We had Skype session last night. It’s been awhile. We Skyped only when I was in Atlanta.

    I don’t know why but I’m so happy to see him in Skype. It is not that I didn’t see him throughout the whole day. We break fast together because he worked morning shift this week.

    Everything was restore back to normal. He said I shouldn’t think about anything. I guess I can let go the thought sometimes but it haunts me. It makes me become clingy because of not wanting to loss him. I’m afraid I that I will.

    I just need to stop being negative for awhile.

    Dear diary day 2

    We went to Danga Bay yesterday. That’s our normal place to talk about us, our life and direction.

    I was given an ultimatum yesterday. It was the first time I knew that he was devastated about Boboy. He was devastated about Miri. He clearly mentioned he was disappointed in me. I had my fair share too but I know no matter what I said, i’m in the wrong side.

    He was right about everything he said. About truth and honesty and trust. I did betrayed his trust after our last biggest fight (my bday), where he was about to leave me completely. I begged for a chance. But here I am, destroying it again.

    I only have until end of this year to turn 50-50 ratio to 80-20. I am still in debt with him because of what happen in Miri. I wish I was not that selfish. Yes, he mentioned I’m selfish. I just want to get myself happy and be in control. I’m totally wrong.

    He told me I’m the best in treating him they way he should be treated as a bf and I’m trying hard to be what he wants me to be (better than what I am currently) but what I couldn’t do is take care of his heart. That’s where I lost him.

    I will get back his heart. He is my life. No matter what happen, I’ll get him back.

    Dear diary day 1

    I’ll be visiting you more frequently starting from today since I won’t be having someone to be with me for my tears and cringe. You the closest friend I have so far.

    I’ll be facing challenges and difficulties in my relationship. No one say it’s going to be perfect and easy. But I’m not so sure on how strong I am to get through this rough patches. I clearly know that I’m the one who created the mess. It’s time to face the consequences.

    How hard, or terrible or crazy it would be, I promise to stay, regardless of my emotional condition. Because I was given a chance once, I must be able to give back.

    I’m going to fight for this love because it worth it.


    My blog is officially dead!

    2012 has bring me to another level of life.

    Life is more complicated when you’re older. That’s the reason why i don’t wanna grow up. It’s hard.

    Work is getting crazier everyday until i chopped my hair twice within 2 months! That’s how stressful my working life now. I’m trying my best not to wear my ‘work’ everyday but i can’t seems to do that yet. Hopefully i be able to have a balanced life in 2013.

    Committed relationship can drive you crazy too sometimes. But i’m very thankful to know and to have my current boyfriend. He’s a friend that i can count on. He’s a good listener. He’s a terrible nagger. He’s everything to me now. I hope and i wish he’s the one. I pray to God that he is. I know he can take a good care of me.

    I’ve been very grateful that i can help my family now. If possible, i want to spend more time with them this year. Maybe after Cobalt wrap up by September, i shall have my good moment with them.

    Alas, i thanked God on everything i owned in 2012 and anything good and bad that i did in 2012. 2012 teaches me about life.

    Life is a responsibility that you have to bear when you’re a human.

    American Life 2

    Howdie people.

    I’m on the end of my 3rd week in Atlanta. Everything was cool over here.

    I went to few awesome places.
    – Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain and Rock City in Tennessee.
    – Horse riding at Blanche Manor in Tennessee. My horse named Diésel. A good horse indeed.
    – North Georgia Premium Outlets, twice. Hahaha
    – Stone Mountain laser and firework shows.
    – Six Flag Over Georgia, very cool rollercoaster rides.

    Only 2 more weeks left. I can say that I don’t want to go home at all. I’m missing the family and the bf but I don’t really miss home much.

    People over here is super friendly and nice. Southern charm they said. It’s a good place to raise kids too and drive big, expensive car. Hahaha.

    That’s all for now. Ciao bella.